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The Cult of Midoris, an introduction to the biggest Church in Skrelex

Since the Revolution, Religion Membership has been on a steady decline, one Religion has survived this wave of Atheism though: The Cult of Midoris.

Makeup and worhsip:
--The Cult is a mix of most old religions, that all have one thing in common, worshipping a goddess named Midoris. Midoris is believed to be the god of fertility and war, making the Cult more progressive than other religions that existed.
--Main events in the Religion are the Blessing (an event at the age of 8-10 where Midoris is believed to bless the young followers with her godly powers), the Rinsing (an event where the worshipper is sprayed with water, which is believed to cure them of past and future sins) and the Conformation (an event that has only been recently established in the Cult, with its completion Followers are officialy members of the Church).
--Worshippers meet every Wednesday in a Midoris-Church to pray to the Goddess and get rid of their sins.

Status and Members
Althought there is some internal conflict on how to practice worship, it seems like the Cult will stay for a long time before also disappearing into the history books. It currently has around 23,5 million Members and is the only decently sized Religion in the country of Skrelex. About 28 million worshippers are spread around the The North Pacific.

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