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by The Demokraktic▀anion Vassal of Astolfotopia. . 54 reads.

(OOC) open letter to the mods

mods, this isn't flaming

Hey y'all! Mont here
im gonna talk about how the mods have wronged me!

First one
My finale appeal's reply
Let me put the telegram here
Please focus on the bold parts

re: Astolfotopia's Help Request (#300857)
To respond to this message, please click here.
Your Final Appeal has been reviewed by a panel of moderators, including at least one senior moderator, not involved in the original deletion or First Appeal. Your appeal has been unanimously denied.

Your posts and field violations addressed at the mods were barely a blip in your record. It is (and will continue to be) your propensity to burst into flame at slight provocation. In simplest terms, if you keep losing your temper over actions in this free web game, you will continue to lose nations until you are eventually banned from the site. Get yourself under control, or find somewhere else to play.

That bold part, was completely not needed
I've been struggling with short temperedness my whole life
And it's an insult to my face to say this
NationStates has become a 2nd home to me, it's like real life to me
And i have been trying to get myself under control
It was hurtful, and completely unnecessary

still this telegram
It was wrong right?
And you refuse to admit it
that's low