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Zintroth Revivalist Painting Group Officiates Threefold Contemplation Gathering

On the excuse of celebrating the spreading popularity of Seeker pattern-designs spanning a wide range of Diamonil history, the Seekers of Zintroth have organized another event of the occasionally moribund Threefold Contemplation meta-faith. Requiring every attendee to wear the number of the year of their design upon a beaded bracelet, the result was a heavily attended showcase crossing faith, fashion, and historical literacy in Diamonil.

Unusually for their tradition, though perhaps understandable in light of recent popular mimicry of Seeker designs, the Seekers of Zintroth did not supply feather-painters to the event, nor did they offer on-site touch-up; instead, the Seeker contingent appears to have been wholly a supply of artists in other media and art critics painted in recreation of obscure, yet fantastical old designs.

The Daughters of Teyzaw sent apologetics to the event, attired in somber humble featherpaints of past years, and ready to argue for their defense of the public weal against recent public concerns. Given the ambiguous semisecularism of the Daughters of Teyzaw, their import in the nation's psuedotheistic government may have increased stress levels around their section; conversely, and despite an unusual decision to head the apologetics with a male peacock gryphon, there's been little use doubting that what they brought was a stress of gravity.

"We do not believe that Teyzaw's Eternity will arrive by our power, and in our concern for the righteousness of those who dissent, we have organized to give every challenger the chance to defeat us. We are for our cause and we are against our cause; we are even aware that it is possible to err and be exceeded in our cause. I believe that an astute student of history will notice that the same can be said of the entire Threefold Contemplation, and though history has carved a mudded line, there has been some capacity of justice on the balance," attests a widely reprinted excerpt from the speech given by the Son of Teyzaw who lead the apologetics mission from the Daughters.

The Flame of the Myriad sent the largest and most loosely bound contingent, with the largest fraction of miscellaneous avians, leaders of the faith having apparently recruited for the event entirely on the basis of whoever seemed likely to enjoy it. The traditional firedances and rocketry exhibition went off without a hitch, and the Iron Pavillion supplied by the Myriad held a miniature holographic museum of featherpaint designs by year. Myriad featherpainters were available at the event for attendees wishing to repair a design or try a new look.

Such events as these are by no means unique in the occasionally appearances-obsessed peacock gryphon society, but unusually successful Threefold Contemplation events tend to be widely-noted by those who wonder where the future will go in their society. When the Threefold Contemplation is not in the news, it has occasionally dispersed, yet it reforms without rancor. As it was once said that we are sometimes all upon the way to Zintroth, so it is that there have many times been those faithful in Diamonil who believe that love must be true.