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The Fenzia Tale: The Emperor's says.... (Pt.2)

Miklozia wrote:

Mr. Jacob BlackwaTer of The Great Plains Nation
Mr. Andreas Bodin of Goose Hell
Mr. Ian Camal of Ocelomen
Mr. Julius Claudia of Smolstadt
Mr. Jobska Danuvik of Miklozia
Mr. Xu Fenzia of Yue Xian
Mr. Viseslav Leon of Kitwinchise
Mr. Pavel Marsk of Central Aucerosa
Mr. Almon Moryra of Kalamvir
Mr. Alfred Mullen of Greater Niagara
Mr. Frank Renzuli of Caloy
Mr. Francisco Rovere of Vranastrova
Mr. Himmler Schinz of Exoa
Mr. Sven of East Skirsburg
Mr. Martin Van Stotanham of Iserk
Mr. Nagata Yachi of Calarim

The Devil Acts

Boris Mayvik stared back at the Vranan, raising his eyebrow in suspicion waiting for an answer. In the Vranan's silence, Mayvik became irritated and began looking around in a dramatic urgency. He stopped his gaze at the fireplace and ran toward it. The thing was burning hot, in fact, it may have been the most alive fireplace Boris had ever seen. "And this!" He yelled, drawing the attention of some of the passing guests. "What if one of these embers flew onto the floor! You've got a fire on your hands!" He imagined an ember dancing onto the ground, and the whole building collapsing. This thing was a ticking time bomb.

"And the floors!" He bent down, falling on his knees and pressing his ear against the floor, before pushing his hand onto it with desperation, hearing the creaks in the floorboards. "These things are set to collapse!" He then very quickly got up and hugged against the wall between the Main Hall and the Library. His eyes widened. "Termites!" He yelled. "Termites EVERYWHERE!" He then ran toward the center of the hall, all of the guests now outside to witness this breakdown. He stared up at the chandelier hanging on the ceiling. It was pristine, but it shook just slightly, rocking back and forth in minuscule motion. "Aha!" The bureaucrat yelled. "This is a disaster waiting to happen!" He then jotted quickly on his clipboard and pointed to Francisco. "You call this a Hotel, I call this a death trap!"

Jobska Danuvik, standing at the end of the room, watching the scene unfold from afar, felt that something was wrong. The overpowering smell of the ocean was at once overpowered by the smell of sand... and blood. A bit of dust danced across the floor, and then Boris brought his foot down against the floor.

At once, the lights flickered, before settling off. The room became quiet, save for a "Hrmph", so quiet that Jobska barely heard it at all. The silence was followed quickly by a tremendously loud crash of glass, with shards exploding across the room and shooting through the guests' clothes, creating hundreds of cuts in those closest to the center of the room. This was followed by a scream, the worst scream the guests had ever heard. One of the maids screeched in response.

The lights slowly flickered back on and left the guests with a horrid sight. At the center of the room, where Boris Mayvik once stood, the chandelier had crashed into. The glass had completely destroyed him, his arms hanging out from the side of the amalgamation in defeat. The maids screamed at this sight, at the same moment realizing that had a pool of blood had traveled out from the sight of the death and even speckled their uniforms.

One of the suits of armor at the front of the room was missing its lance. And tracking up from the crash, a lance had situated itself on the back wall by the ceiling, cut through the wire holding the chandelier in place, and dooming Boris to his death.

There was a murderer amongst them.

The Fenzia Tale: The Emperor's says.... (Pt.2)

A Murder just happened. Everyone in the room were shocked, aksing to each other whay just happened. Xu... That creepy man, smiled. Smiled and Smiled, no one seems to have noticed him, but in his head he... or whoever is in his head at this point... was laughing, laughing hard.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! He died! HE DIED!" he think, If Someone could hear him, they would probably have suspicions on him: everyone was shocked... but he ? He just laughed. Yet Again, for his benefit (maybe), the 'Emperor' spoke again.

"Xu! Behave yourself!" he shouted in his head. Fenzia immediately started to behave himself: stoped smiling and started 'acting normal'. The Room, shocked of the murder, didn't notice him and Xu knew that... this wasn't a accident, a Traitor were among them. In a Effort to protect himself from the crowd, and the murder, Xu Knew that he needed to exit that room...

He Saw a door on the right side of the Room, the door leaded to the Library of the Place, he walked slowly trying to not make any noise and not be noticed towrads the said door. He entered the Library, he found a table, he puted his briefcase on the table and sited at the table.

He opened the Briefcase and... odly enough, started reading what seemed yetr a other Paper on his situation...


Ministry of the Interior
Subject: Assasination attempt on your person.

Mr. the Ambassador, the Ministry received a notice... SIPI-114 escaped from containement, the Medical Institution forwarded us a notice claiming that SIPI-114 Ultimate goal was to asasinate you on the order of a certain 'Emperor'. Be Aware, since SIPI-114 Breached the quarantine, the XRG is hunting him but we suggest to the Ambassador to not visit SIPI-878 meanwhile the hunt is still on.

I Repeat, do not visit SIPI-878 under any circumstances for your own safety, SIPI-114 may still be in the area. The Institution will send you a copy of the Medical Dossier of SIPI-114. The Ministry of foreign affairs will reach you and propose you a overseas transfer so you can be safe for the time being.

Yǐ gnghgu de mngy!,
- Comissar of the Interior Wei Weitan