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Golderism is the national religion of the empire of Bok Choi. There are two titans that protect the faith and two that are warriors that o out and spread the word of the faith. All of the great titans fought vicious and vigorous battles to defend the faith for this great land. All four of these great servants at that whim and command of the great one Gallo the Phantom.

One of the Titans that is a great warrior is named Dralik. Was on the great conquistador for the Phantom. Dralik greatest weapon was a two-sided ax that legend has it could never be stopped. Whenever Dralik was sent out to spread the word of the faith and there was ever a resistance his ax showed no mercy. Dralik stood to be about 12 feet tall in height and had the strength of an elephant and the ferocity of a Tiger.

The next great warrior is named Harek. Harek was an excellent swordsman that could not be defeated. Harek was sent more secret missions by the Phantom. Since Harek was only 10 feet in height and the speed of a cheetah, was the perfect Titian for those missions. When provoked Harek can be vicious and victorious like his fellow titan Dralik.

The protector Kobar was the titan that was all ways around the Phantom. Kobar had staff made of wood and forged steel and rock of both ends to make a great weapon. Kobar was the one titan that used words before violence. Unless grave danger or threat was made before or towards the Phantom Korbar would not attack for become violent.

The other protector named Alina was always seen as a second-tier to the Phantom. Since Alina was only 9'5 feet in height, Alina was smaller than all the other titans. Alina tried her hardest to prove herself to the phantom, to no avail she hardly ever succeed. Alina was the titan that guarded the great house where the phantom lived. Her mighty sword was always sharp but hardly ever used by order of the Phantom.