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Bonzolia - Japerlasa Match

There's already visible tension in the stadium as viewers start to fill in the seats. Japerlasan fans are easily distinguishable by their team's merch they're wearing. The teams come onto the field and take their formations.

The match begins.

06.43: JANE misses the opportunity to score a goal after Winger Sam Fort's shot bounces off the pole. Taunting among the Bonzolian fans is heard but cut short.

07.02: JANE scores it's first goal after Striker Jim Harvey performs an overhead kick. The cheering from the Japerlasans is almost deafening.

23.38: A Bonzolian player somehow manages to break through the defenses of JANE alone and scores a goal. Massive cheering by the Bonzolian side. Some people can be seen fighting, but eventually stop.

The rest of the half is uneventful.

78.09: JANE scores another goal thanks to Striker Jim Harvey. His name rhythmically echoes throughout the stadium.

88.56: NightGeckos almost score a goal after their Attacker takes a shot, but the ball is caught by the Goalkeeper, Fred Smith.

The match ends.

The stadium is filled with JANE fans' cheering. Some JANE players can be seen visibly taunting and insulting the NightGeckos. The situation doesn't escalate, shockingly.