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Atufahi MNT Embarrassed As Russia Wins 0-9

MOSCOW - The Atufahi National Team suffered their first big loss in the FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifiers. After falling to Iraq by a 85' goal, the team was still optimistic heading into their match against Russia, scheduled for 2 March 2021.

Unfortunately for al-Atufah, the match did not go as planned, as the Russian national team was able to put up 9 goals against al-Atufah, with 4 goals and the man of the match going to Aleksey Miranchuk. After the game, manager Mohammad al-Assad
had this to say:

"It's embarrassing. It's a game that we should have easily won. Their last two games, they have lost, and this is also a team that has managed to lose to teams like Serbia, of all countries. Embarrassing!"

Reports from this afternoon's training state the manager ordered the squad to sprint laps around the practice facility for the first half of the session.

In an effort to try and catch up in qualifying, al-Atufah will play Vietnam on 4 March, and South Korea on 6 March.

As for Russia, they snatch their biggest victory since the 5-0 victory over San Marino in 2019. They remain hopeful for their upcoming match against Malta on 24 March.