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The Rising Sun— A Dispatch on Kantrias's Ray of Sunshine

Today, on the 3rd of March, 2021, we celebrate. Virtual hand in virtual hand, we commemorate the one year anniversary of the founding of one of our dearest compatriots. This dispatch is a Eulogy, though not in honor of a deceased comrade, far from it— it is a celebration of the wonderful person that has filled our lives with joy for an entire year now. 2020 was irrefutably a crisis of a year, but if there was one person who made the year that much better, it was our own TTJ. Without further ado, let us begin.

Japan, TTJ, Ichika, she goes by many names. However many titles and aliases she possesses, there is one that will ring true for all who interact with her— friend.

On the 3rd of March, 2020, the nation Too-Technical Japan was founded, soon after relocating to the region of Kantrias. In the beginning, her activity was rather sparse— a post here, a post there a dispatch every now and again, but not much else going on. However, this would quickly come to change. No sooner or did she change her flag to the pixel-bearing Japanese flag did her activity on the RMB increase tenfold, and the user we dubbed TTJ was truly born. She is easily one of the most recognizable faces on the Kantrian RMB, and is often the first to welcome new recruits with open arms.

The first of the Kantrian generation known as "the Shinies," TTJ is the pseudo-ringleader of the generation, watching over them and serving as a sort of big sister for many in the group. Carrying on the legends of "please do not triple post" and "Sealand," she brings a new level to Kantrian culture, expanding upon it in ways that the old Kantrias could only dream of.

Whenever morale is low and sadness is rampant, TTJ is usually not far away, charging forth with an arsenal of hugs, chocolate, and goodwill. Armed with a seemingly endless supply of cute owl posts, she rushes forward to tend to and comfort any and all experiencing the woes life can nonchalantly toss our way. The two-time Minister of Culture, the ever present fountain of kindness, Kantrias's little ray of sunshine. Here's to one year, and to the years that shall follow.

Comrade, daughter, Minister, friend.

Iczika Avarí Zobieska/Ichika A. Zobieski, TTJ, Dziaponja, Szvitkraína, Iodkrania, Pan, NNT—