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Since the olden days when our ancestors
were struggling to keep warm in this rough
eastern region, they kept loyal to the pig god
Schwein. Since this time we have
evolved into more modern times and adjusted
to the modern day pantheon gods, but have
stayed loyal and true to our origin God. Schwein
is our ancient god and we offer sacrifices to him
daily. Due to its deep root in the cattle life, we
offer sacrifices of cattle to show our supreme respect
towards him. We also have a yearly tradition called
Schweinestall where we round up all the pigs
in our farms and lands. We then put all the pigs into
one great large pin. The reason we do this is to celebrate
them since they are believed to be Schwein's
favorite animal. We feed these pigs very well and the festival
lasts over a week until we feel they have been properly celebrated.
After the celebration we do the traditional feast. This feast includes
the slaughtering of half of the pigs. We do this to show gratitude
that Schwein has granted us pigs as food. We pray before and after
the slaughter that we may have a prosperous year. We then very
meticulously cook the pigs. We boil the pigs meat for 15 minutes, then roast
it over a fire for 5 minutes. If we have cooked the pigs correctly then the meal
is amazing and we give thanks to Schwein for a great meal. If the meal
is not good then we pray to Schwein that we may cook it better
next time. There are harsh consequences if we do not pray. The consequences
include a bad breeding year and bitter tasting meat.