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Religion at it's Finest

The great Democratic Republic of Osii follows a monotheistic pagan religion. The main god of the great Democracy is Aelius the Great, and he helped found the democracy by leading Rowan Osii to the current location of the estate (this can be read about in the creation myth). There are many altars dedicated to Aelius the Great, found throughout the five provinces that make up the great democracy. Every single full moon, ritual offerings are given up towards the gracious falcon god. Since Osii is a sack and salvage type of nation, Aelius the Great leads the raids against Rome. Also, the opinions towards Rome are taken very seriously during religion. About 453 years after the founding of Osii, the Romans came and explored the nation and tried to convert all the Osiians to become Catholics. At first, the claims were ignored and after a few more attempts, the Ossians became tired and killed all those who attempted to convert them.