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The Great Religion of Hellfire.-Written by Father Zlock, priest of Hellfire.

Hellfire was founded by none other than our glorious leader Lucifer. The main ideology is complete worship and loyalty to his powerfulness, wisdom, and greatness. I myself as a citizen at Lucifism worship Hellfire, and enjoy the ritual burnings of crosses and those who dare question his almighty words. To join one must simply worship Lucifer, bath in the blood of a goat, attend our weekly bingo meeting on wendsdays at 2:pm, ( Snacks such as Lucifer's grandmas milk and cookies will be provided, and sweaters also knitted by her will be passed out at the end ) and always wear a dark ominous red robe that slightly covers the face,(and since most people follow it, it explains the need for an ID database on every citizen in Lucifism.) We would be very happy to accept new believers, so visit and revel in the pandemonium! ( Robes sold at Gary's Cult Emporium )