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Issues with vehicle people...

February 27, 2021

This is Chief of the A.I manufacturing unit of Impel Down, Dalten Miller.

Our scientist team has been recently working on a small experiment. We were trying to make artificial A.I. out of car parts for a start. They became sentient very quickly, and became somewhat communistic and rude towards humans. These creatures are disgusting, honestly. The science team who did this to them have been demoted. The car-human things, or whatever you want to call them, figured out how to clone each other. We quickly exiled them to an abandoned island, full of other car parts and engines. Our leader decided it would be best for them, since they are somewhat alive anyways. Hopefully they wont be a nuisance. These weird Vehicle People are better off away from us.

April 14, 2021

Update from Dalten Miller.

After our success from producing A.I and eventually giving them citizenship about a month ago, life has been good. Today Vehicle People has requested a treaty, and our leader, King Astora, has finally granted it. So we are now in peace with the country, even though I despite the nation still. Not going to lie, their furniture are pretty well-made and we appreciate them. Even if they are literally talking cars.