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Book of Krëä

In the Beginning, there was a man named Eshëfarter, Eshëfarter was a great man who did great things for others, but it was hard as he had to travel the vast expanse of space to find another person to help, the grand god Saman decided to help Eshëfarter by giving humans a planet, he did this with the assistance of two people: Yalia & Grüvis, They were given free reign to design the planet, Yalia gave goodness and light to this planet, Grüvis gave darkness and evil, Yalia was rewarded and became Saman's assistant, Grüvis was punished and locked in Hä-bairo, however Grüvis managed to land one final dunk on Saman by severely weakening him and afterwards began getting weaker, Ëshefarter ran to Yalia who was at the side of Saman's dying human form, Ëshefarter tried to heal him, for that he became a prophet and was renamed Drew, while Yalia became a god when Saman died.