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Book of Hualst

So now lord Yalia was trying to make the world good, but unfortunately the people of Çaharnus (Anatolia) wouldn't listem and still practiced anything but Yalianism, Drew was blessed with eternal life so he tried to spread the word, but after Älmatus (Jesus) was crucified he quickly had to go into hiding as his teachings were regarded as devil worship, but then a Roman Emperor Kaikerö (Cicero) permitted Yalianism and the teachings spread. As Yalianism evolved it began to adopt rituals like daily sacrifice accompanied by daily prayer, which started in a Denomination of Yalianism called “Mosal Yalianism” which spread throught all of Yalianism uniting it once again, unfortunately that didn't last long as Yalianism became European diaspora like Judaism, it developed uniquities, Unkuat Yalianism, practiced in Southern Finland and Sweden believed that it was actually Yalia who was the prophet of Saman and that Drew was a false messiah, Bar Yalianism was practiced in England, it believed that both Saman and Yalia were gods, they also ban Alcohol, Wierr Yalianism was practiced in Italy, it believed in a more Animistic type of Yalianism, they also believed Yalia was always a god and finally Rëchnya Yalianism which was practiced in Belarus which believed Saman and Drew Were gods and believed Yalia to be a disciple, they also believe Ëshefarter and Drew were different and believed Ëhsefarter to be a prophet