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Book of Messengers

Drew did not personaly condemn canoodling so it bwcame widespread, only blocked by fringe denominations, so it's unsurprising that Drew had 7 Children, the first one Naya brought 4 holy laws, the next one Sabėl was a messiah, the next one Dźxolondrč brought 5 more holy laws and spread the religion through Nasserblex (Holland-Zeeland), the next one Kaabe-Kalod'r began to spread the idea that clouds can predict the future (spoiler alert: that worked it's way into Yalianism) the next one, Kaabe-Estellan stared a career of math, believing ireational numbers to be bad luck and imagined a world where irrational numbers were gone, so he probed that no number is irrational because infinity is not irrational and believing in the fact that all things have an end ir a border, the final child Kaabe-Sicyl tought ways to hone sin and tabooness and lock it away.