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Vanderbilt family

Vanderbilt family is an old and influential family in Nieuw Amsterdam that has a large degree of social influence. They own various wealthy companies and thus keep their wealth and are seen as one of the key families of the upper class of Nieuw Amsterdam.

Heiress of Vanderbilt
Catherine Vanderbilt

Catherine during her more stately session

Heiress of Vanderbilt


Formal Address Heiress
In-Formal Address My Lady


2009 2011 (2)




7th of April 1996 (26)


Not married


Not Applicable

Full Name

Catherine Eleanor




Mark Vanderbilt


Lillian Vanderbilt


Nieuw Amsterdam University (Graduate)


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Rank (Current Status)

Catherine Vanderbilt is the second daughter of Mark Vanderbilt and his only daughter and the middle child of two. She was born in 1994 on the 7th of April in Nieuw Amsterdam. She grew up in the wealthy of the Vanderbilt family and got the most prestigious education and everything she ever wanted. However, despite being the only daughter or because of it she was often left to her own with her father at work and her mother at her parties. It was thus that she got the habit of parties and doing what she wanted only changing due to her being arrested at a party once by a sympathetic detective. Wit who she has had a on and off relationship for the past 5 years.

Catherine is a willowy brunette who wears a lot of eyeliner and eye makeup (usually smudged due to her wild ways), short dresses, and platform pumps. She is very thin. Catherine is described as a "wild party girl." Before she met her half-brother she used casual partying and drug use because she could, however, she was arrested by the Justice Department and happened to be arrested by her half-brother. After using some personal influence she got out and started to straighten her life out. All the while starting to see her mother even worse due her revealing that she cheats around often and enjoys the party life more.

Catherine has a tough shell but is vulnerable and lonely beneath her mask. Despite that, she is someone who spends a large part of the trust fund on charities and trying to make people's lives actually better. She is the patron of around 18 charities and actively does work for them from the soup kitchens in the districts to raising money. She is also a great supporter of her on and off friend career having somewhat used her influence to get faster into the Detective exam. She is thus seen as someone that is quick-witted open to helping others and a truly unique individual within the high society of Nieuw-Oranje, which is often seen as cold and elitist.








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