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SC Recommendation Archive: Vote AGAINST 'Condemn The Communist Bloc' | OWL


'Condemn The Communist Bloc'

Background Information

Proposal title: 'Condemn The Communist Bloc'
Author: Kazakhstan 3
Purpose: To condemn The Communist Bloc for its leftist ideology.


Vote .Against.

The Office's Analysis

The at-vote resolution, "Condemn The Communist Bloc", tries to hide its obviously only anti-communist intent behind an incredibly weak wall of arguments, such as the citing a few individual nations' subjectively poor World Census scores or attacks against The Communist Bloc that are simply factually incorrect, seeing as TCB is in fact a free and democratic region. Even if one would support a proposal condemning a communist region for its ideology in principle, the horrifyingly bad writing of the proposal at hand render it more than just unworthy of passage. Furthermore, the author's conduct on the forums, particularly their continued and aggressive refusal to withdraw and rewrite the proposal, which incited multiple rule breakings, ultimately required moderation to lock the original thread. This unacceptable mockery that was made of the SC and all WA members, in addition to the shameful fact that the proposal even reached quorum in the first place, can now only be mitigated by decisively and collectively voting down the proposal with the largest possible force. Thus, OWL recommends a vote AGAINST the at-vote resolution, "Condemn The Communist Bloc".

Supplementary Opinions


From TSP Citizens

Storalia is a Citizen of the South Pacific.

Storalia wrote:This is a garbage proposal and is clearly low effort. I say we vote for it. Better dead than red, yeehaw.

From the World

Ohpistan is a resident of Free The Cheese. They posted the following on the NS forums:

Ohpistan wrote:I think it's time we consider the intentions of this resolution instead of psychoanalyzing every smalll aspect. Commending the simplicity of this bill, the author (while I also agree could have written this better) has made clear their intentions without hiding behind complicated words and phrases. The intention is simple - to comdemn the communist bloc. This warran may be bad, but it's finally time we do something right.


From TSP Citizens

Concrete Slab is a multi-time WA author and member of OWL junior staff.

Concrete Slab wrote:The delegation from Concrete Slab is speechless. For the Security Council to fall so far to allow a proposal of this caliber to reach the voting floor? It is truly a shame. During the drafting period, the author was unresponsive to criticism, and even though the proposal is only three lines long, it still contains grammatical errors. This is a dark day for the World Assembly and all who are a part of it.

Neazland is a Citizen of the South Pacific.

Neazland wrote:This is probably the worst WA Proposal I have ever seen and definitely the worst I have seen that has reached the voting floor. There is only 3 lines. This proposal is lazy and has not had much effort put into it. Kazakhstan 3 has a population of 10 million so probably does not know how NS works. It is probably a proposal that a new player made when exploring the WA and found a region that s/he did not like and write a few sentences why. It is a wonder how this has reached the voting floor. Enough with the criticising on how badly written it is. I am also voting against because the reasoning is not good enough so I do not think The Communist Bloc should be condemned.

Carrelie is a Citizen of the South Pacific.

Carrelie wrote:The very fact that this reached voting is unacceptable and a mockery of the esteemed Security Council. The claims made in all 2 of its paragraphs are unfounded and it seems as if this was proposed out of spite rather than goodwill. If this proposal is to pass then I will be sure that the once great Security Council has fallen from grace.

From the World

Westinor is a SC author and The North Pacific's Minister of WA Affairs. They posted on TNP's forums:

Westinor wrote:Against. What even is this? A low effort, burning trash heap of a proposal written by a character that does nothing but sabotage their own efforts by attacking others and claiming that there's tons of support for the proposal. Why is this even here?

Eastern New England is the Foreign Affairs Secretary of 10000 Islands. On XKI's forums, they stated:

Eastern New England wrote:This is a poorly written, short, joke proposal that wants to condemn the region for having "communist" in their name. Strongly against.