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Welcome to Skyreach!

What is Skyreach?
Skyreach is about roleplay in a world where the discovery of a lighter-than-air crystal, Arium, has lead to the rise of flying battleships dominating the skies, while the nations controlling these powerful warships contest with each other for dominance in a pre-WW1 quasi-Europe with steampunk elements. It is a nation-based roleplay, focused mostly on politics and warfare between nations vying for dominance.

Note- While the region has some steampunk elements, it is important to note this is not a true steampunk RP in the common sense; a lot of things normally found in steampunk aren't found here. So if you were looking for clockwork automatons and victorian-era magic, you will be disappointed.

What genre is this region?
Good question. This region doesn't really fit any definite label; it's loosely described as extremely low fantasy with a hybrid blend of steampunk/dieselpunk elements and inspired by Ghibli films. Even the founder is not really sure.

What time period is it set in?
Loosely? It's set pre-WW1, in the time when the European powers were engaged in a massive post-Industrial Revolution arms race and the Old World was a hotbed of nationalist tension.
However, a lot of technology from that time is missing, and some tech and ideas from the future are present. But generally, it's pre-WW1, roughly 1890-1910.

It's an imaginary world in which flying warships are a thing and an element that can't possibly exist does. The dates aren't going to match up well if at all.

Where do you guys chat and hang out?
In our LinkDiscord server. This is where most of us talk OOC.

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