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by The Futuristic Principality of Too-Technical Japan. . 15 reads.

Seraph and I’s wonderful roleplay (this is to keep track of what happened in a condensed form instead of having to scroll through pages and such)

Keep in mind that this will be updated after a session of one or more RP posts. I hope this helps, The Seraph Foundation :D

The Seraph Foundation wrote:Ok TTJ, rp time.

Seraph Mother Base, Northwest Atticus Sea
A man and a woman in Seraph uniforms walk into the office of General Erik Obshchiy.
"Ah, good to see you two." He says. The others nod.
"I understand you have a mission for us?" The man says.
"Yes. Have you ever heard of Blackdog?"
"Yes sir, it's a state of exhaustion that causes hallucinations isn't it?"
"Correct. And what about the Singing Girl myth?"
The woman's eyes widened. "I have heard it personally sir." She said.
"Well it's seems there's a connection. In a small unclaimed area south of Zoygaria, some of our operatives picked up these recordings."
*He proceeds to play several recordings of basically nothing.*
"They reported seeing several vicious black dogs, hearing a little girl singing, and then her running away. It's not normal for ten people to experience this at the same time."
"I assume you want us to investigate?" The man asks.
"Yes, you are my most capable three."
"Agent Cerberus will be joining you."
The woman hid a smile and a laugh. "Yes sir." The man said, reluctantly.
"Good then, you'll be leaving in an hour."
The two others salute and the meeting ends.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Yay!! I'm sorry for the late reply, I didn't see this :P

Is Agent Cerberus a doggo!?! Awwwwwww


The small unclaimed area south of Zoygaria, classic setting for a horror movie
Ichika (humanized version of TTJ, or forum person :P) looked around at her new surroundings. She didn't understand, one moment Kolron and her were reenacting "When mom isn't home" but with the microwave. And now she's here.

The tall grass that was meekly alive poked her and made her jump, the place already gave her a bad vibe. It was incredibly cold, the damp ground made it seem like it had just rained. Kiki had spawned near a writhing tree trying to reach to the sky as if that would relieve it from its suffering here. The melancholy clouds seemed to hang over everything like a weighted blanket, normally she would have enjoyed the weather. But she was inside, not outside. However, there was a house. Perhaps she could find shelter until she could figure out a way to get home.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:Unfortunately no, he was given the name for various reasons: His tracking skills, sense of loyalty, strength (Physically and morally), and senses, etc.

Several yards behind them, a white glowing door appears and two figures step through it. One is a woman with short silver hair (half shaved), and the other is a taller man with dark hair and a strange yellow object on his right eye. "Look, I know you don't like him." The woman says. "But you need to suck it up." "[i]I need to suck it up?!" Says throwing his hands in the air. "He's the one who's to stubborn to take orders!"
"That's why he's coming."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"We're dealing with some kind of mind game, he can generally get past those."
"So he's here so if I go nuts he can kill me? Is that it?"
"Pretty much." Says a voice from behind them, where a man is leaning against a futuristic motorcycle. "If you two are done arguing you'll kindly notice that a child just appeared in the front yard." The other two whirl around to see a dark haired girl in a grey sweater staring at them. [/i]

Too-Technical Japan wrote:(A child though? Wowwwww but FAIR. And I love the door detail :D)

Ichika seemed to be quite shocked at the three who were hosting a slightly restrained gawking-fest. Of course, she participated.

Alé, I would usually remark on your very rude comment and for your information I am 12-nearly-13! But, you seem to be as confused as I am. Also, I like your hair!” She beamed at the woman. She was very pretty. Not the other two though.

Naturally, her eyes snagged on the motorcycle and uniforms.
“Are you… military?” She seemed intimidated by their appearance and fiddled with her Szostó pin. It was a bit chilly, but she didn’t mind. It cleared her thoughts, and without the cold she probably would have lost the ability to speak for a few seconds riddled with confusion.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:
"Eh, kind of." He says as he pulls back his long white hair. The grey haired man takes a few steps. "Look kid, you'd better take off, this house isn't safe." The woman gives him a dismissive wave. "Hey, are you Zoygarian?" She asks.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:
“Oh… really? I’ve heard about this house before from pen— or thumb pals? But whatever’s going on is just wind supposedly…” she looked to the house, then back at them. She produced a periwinkle sweatshirt and tugged it on. “Oh! Yes, I am. What about you— or should I not be asking that?”

The Seraph Foundation wrote:I figured just whenever we got around to it.
"Indeed I am. Name's Arristok Kaschak, Nice to meet ya" He takes a flask from his bikes and sticks it in his coat. "Listen, we're gonna go inside and check some stuff out. Don't follow us." He and the others walk past her and into the house. "Great, she's probably going to follow us now." The grey haired man complains. "Yep."

Too-Technical Japan wrote:

“And THAT is what I think is situational irony is according to my English teacher. A character becomes veeerrry stubborn against the circumstances or something.” Ichika rattled off, stepping over the splintered doorframe. The house wasn’t really a house, it was more of a corridor you’d see in pyramids containing hidden booby traps waiting to snatch any unsuspecting people just masquerading as a house. The booby traps were visible however, the spiky wood jutted out in all frayed directions waiting to reach out and bite clothing, and the floorboards creaked as a warning croak to stop and nope the heck out of here. There weren’t many spiderwebs strangely, and flora had to confidence to grow here in any available spots between the floorboards. They were reaching high to try and soak up any water or sun, but they were still the sickly shade of green the grass was. It was pitiful to see. She was glad she took good care of her little aloe Vera plant back at home. “I can’t go anywhere else other than here anyways, I was brought here by accident. I’m not exactly sure why, but at least I finally have something to talk about with others.”

The Seraph Foundation wrote:
As the room got darker, she realized that each of the adults had several robotic implants. The woman's left arm and eye, Arristok's right arm and eye, and his left leg were all robotic. "Oh yeah, don't freak out. We have a "skin" hologram for when we deal with civilians." Arristok said." doesn't seem to reach in here thou-" An unknown voice out of the darkness cut him off. "I knew you'd come for me. Why didn't you come? I've missed you." It was the voice of a little girl. Arristok's face went as white as his hair, and the woman's eyes widened. "Ari, it's okay." She said grabbing his shoulder. "It can't be her, it's not real." The color slowly returned to his face. He turned to the girl that followed them in. "You might actually not want to come kid." He said shakily.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:
“That’s cool. But the voice said she’s lonely. She missed… us? Maybe we can find a way to make her happy!” She tried hard to keep the quiver in her voice away, but her wide eyes were locked on where the voice came from. Ichika continued to stare at the darkness, her eyes searching for anything else she could register. After digging around in a small backpack, she withdrew her phone and turned on the flashlight.

(I didn’t know what to have her do sorry :P)

The Seraph Foundation wrote:
Where the voice came from, was a wall, and nothing else. The wall was limestone, like a pyramid. "That's...........not what she meant." The woman said. "That voice belonged to someone we.....knew." The grey haired man pointed his gun around the room, and a light shone out of it. "Guys the door's gone." Arristok whipped his head around. "@#$%! Mara, don't let her out of your sight." He said. "Guess the only way left is forward?" The grey haired man said. "I think introductions are in order first." He extended his hand to the girl. "I'm James, this is Mara and Arristok, just call him Ari. We're members of The Seraph Foundation."

Too-Technical Japan wrote:
She took his hand and shook it, “I’m Ichika, or Kiki, KitKat, Calamari, whatever you prefer. Nice to meet you! The Seraph Foundation sounds familiar, but I can’t place it. Do you get that sometimes? But cool! And …oh. At least the path is clear though, no hidden passageways and such…” Ichika followed them, running her hands through the cracks in the limestone. “Don’t you think the limestone is a bit… neat for a shabby place like this? It’s too well kept. It would have been caked in dirt with it’s surroundings…”

The Seraph Foundation wrote:Rp stuff:

Mara turned towards Ichika slowly. With the skin holo gone, several electricity shaped marks appeared on the left side of her face. "Ichika huh? Cute." She said with a smile. She handed her a small cylindrical device. The was a red and a blue button on the side. "Blue button is for a radio, and the red one is a plasma sword. There's a really old movie called Star Wars, ever seen it?"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:She seemed to light up at the compliment. “Mara... like Meringue! That is your new nickname.” Ichika smiled gleefully. Glancing back down at the device in her hands, she answered Mara’s question. “Enough for a basic understanding.” She had the urge to flip it like a coin, but it would most likely damage it.

The Seraph Foundation wrote: Mara gave a small laugh. "Sure, you can call me that." Another voice came out of the darkness ahead. This time it was a deep one, and it sounded crazed. "Hehehe, welcome children, to my home. I hope you're not afraid of the dark. OR ANYTHING ELSE!!!!" A fit of crazy laughter followed .
"Dang." Said Ari. "I hate these." James gave him a look.
" These what?"
"Fear Traps."
" Fear traps? The heck is that? "
"It's built to trap people who are afraid, some things feed off of fear."
" Great, any idea how to get out? "
Ari shook his head. "I've only delt with two, and both were very different."
He looked back at Ichika. "You might see things that scare you, even when you close your eyes. Just remember, none of it can hurt you, and none of it is real."

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“Thank you, I needed that.” Ichika murmured, then turned to Mara again. “What do I do with this thing?” She gestured to the small device still in her hands. Ichika made sure to handle it with care, she did not want to break it. “Do I put it in my ear?” A pause. “Or my mouth?” Gears seemed to turn inside her mind, and then Ichika gasped and said in-between giggles, “Yes! My mouth! Then I can be a frog with the plasma sword and produce ASMR.” She laughed gleefully, “People will come up to me and eventually I will tell them I am a frog. They will ask me what kind, and I will turn on the plasma sword and say PLASMA SWORD FROG!!” Anything she said after that was lost in a sea of laughter, she found herself hilarious. It was a remedy that always worked when she was scared.

The Seraph Foundation wrote: "Uh.........right." Mara chuckled. "I wouldn't do that though, unless you want a hole in your head." The entire hallway suddenly lit up, and a door appeared at the end. It was made of dark wood and had several large gashes in it. Red liquid was oozing from the bottom. The voice came again. "Let's see how you fair my little ones." James bent over at the sight. "Please tell me we don't have to go in there." Ari helped him back upright and injected something into his neck. "Fraid so. You're not afraid of blood are you Ichika?"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:”No, unless there’s gore...” As the group entered whatever was behind the door, it was noticeably silent. What Ichika hoped to be regular blood was trampled by 8 pairs of feet, but that was muffled for some reason. She turned around, the door was still there and the hallway lit. So far so not so scary. But she knew that wouldn’t last long...

The Seraph Foundation wrote:The room they entered was made entirely of wood with a metal portcullus on the far side, and even though there was no fire or windows, everything was illuminated. Behind the portcullus was a pair of glowing eyes and white teeth, a low rumble coming from them. "Be on guard and remember, just because they probably can't hurt you doesn't mean you're untouchable. " Ari said as drew a katana from basically nowhere. Slowly the portcullus opened, and what emerged was horrific. It had the face of a bear, with glowing green eyes. It's legs were thin and birdlike, and it's arms had huge spikes sticking out of them. And finally, it's torso was bare muscle. It had a mace in one hand and a cleaver in the other. Ari ran towards it and slashed several times. The monster smacked him aside and walked towards the others.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ichika squeaked at the sight of working, bare, MOVING muscles and ducked to a corner. ALL THAT SHOULD BE COVERED BY SKIN OR FUR AT LEAST!!! The creature was big, and it’s shoulders probably wouldn’t let it reach her. She saw James groan and Mara begin to say something, but was lost in the creature’s roar. Looking down at the creature’s legs, they were shaky and unbalanced. Bird legs were not suitable to carry all that weight probably. She remembered the plasma sword hidden in the red button, and an idea popped into her head. She shuffled around the perimeter of the room and stopped until she was one way or another facing the back of the creature, somehow going unnoticed. It was busy thrashing and turning about. I It seemed to have a blind space for everything underneath their shoulders. As she pressed the red button, it unsheathed like a lightsaber. Ichika took a breath, and poked, then hacked at the knees of the creature. According to a graphic novel she read, knees hold EVERYTHING up. And they’re VERY easy to break.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:James and Mara started shooting at it, and Ari dashed past her, taking out the other leg. The monster fell to the ground and disappeared in a black cloud. "Well done my little ones " The voice came again. "Keep goiiiiiing!" Ari walked over to Ichika and grabbed her hand. "You're a smart kid" He said with a smile. "James, Mara are you two ok?" Mara holstered her gun and nodded. "We're fine. Can you tell us what exactly this is before we go?" Ari put his gun and sword back one there places. "Well, you already know its a Fear Trap. Long before society came in to being, the prominent species on earth was a race of creatures that fed off of fear. At first they didn't bother with 'stupid humans', sticking to scaring animals. But they learned that humans were more susceptible to fear than any other living thing. So they made these farms, now known as Fear Traps."

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ichika nodded and smiled to serve as a thank you, and let go of Ari's hand to turn around and promptly vomited.
She wheeled around to face them and straightened up like nothing ever happened, "Sorry. There aren't many Fear Traps left, at least from my limited knowledge. Is there some sort of way to deactivate them? Or do we defeat villain after villain like a video game?" After a moment, she added, "That actually sounds like a lot of fun."
With a small rumble, the pools of dried (mostly fresh) blood from other previous fights with whatever that thing was before the four killed it turned to water. It felt magical, but the sour taste that they are not in a wonderful place flooded and demolished that feeling. The water started flowing into the darkness of the room behind the portcullis despite no angle to allow it. The four shared a glance.

The Seraph Foundation wrote: "I'm not exactly sure." Ari said with a frown. " the first one I was in was very weak, and all I had to do was stay calm until his hold over me broke. The second one was strong, but younger and less experienced. He kept me for a week though, I managed to psych him into facing and I killed him. None of them are the same and this one seems pretty smart. " A deep chuckle came from nowhere. "I'm flattered boy, I truly am. If I recall you killed my grandfather. But not before he got her. Veronica was it? " Mara put her hand to her mouth as tears came to her eyes. "You sunuva-" Ari's voice cracked. "Now now, there's no need to get angry. It doesn't taste as good." The water flowed into the room faster. The only way out was the room begind the open portcullus. Ari grabbed Mara and Ichika by the hand. "Come on, I see a hole in the floor!" Mara staggered. " is it big? "
" Aw %$&#"
James got to the hole first. "The water's not flowing in, Mara go first and make sure the kid gets down safely." Mara nodded and , reluctantly, she slid into the hole. "You're next kid. We'll be down in a minute." James said. Ari yelled and kicked the wall.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ichika silently followed Mara. She held onto the rim of the hole, watching James and Ari for a moment. They were fighting. Her arms burned with discomfort, and the rushing water shoved her down like that scene from Lion King. The water was Scar and she was Mufasa. Falling less gracefully than Mufasa, Ichika landed in some sort of Spider-Man pose but with less ...finesse? The air was thin down here, and the repetitive dripping of water was the only sound. Something was there though, otherwise she and Mara— where did Mara go? would hear it more clearly.
“Mara?” She called out, shivering. Ichika wiped the water from her eyes and face. It was dim. There was white light being refracted by was seemed to be colored glass, and it was really, really bright. She bumped into something.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:That something happened to be Mara. She held a finger to her lips. "Shh." She pointed across the open field they stood in. Standing there was a clown blowing up a balloon, and releasing it into the air. It didn't go far and instead drifted a moment and then went completely still. She noticed that the dark sky was full of them, all exactly the same. A slight gust came from behind them as James and Ari appeared. "Which one of you is afraid of balloons?" James asked, despite Mara's attempts at silence. She and Ari both shrugged and looked at Ichika.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ichika followed to where Mara was pointing. Whatever air that was in her lungs was sucked out. Or in, as she gasped. She didn't know. Everything seemed to slow down, enhance.

No, no! The opposite of that! The little operator at the control panel inside her brain mashed random buttons in a panic.

Flee! FLEE!!!

No, no! Where to go??

While this was happening, her gaze remained fixed on the colorful, bobbing, weightless figures. She stared at the balloons, her stance rigid and unchanging. Her hands a system of clench, unclench over and over and over again. The strings. They were carried by the helium. The helium inside the stretchy... plastic? Rubber?

She could feel the strings wrapping around her neck. They looked like snakes the way they moved towards their prey. In a graceful dance she was airborne, the colorful once-joy associated devices lifting her into the whirring blades of a ceiling fan-

She blinked. The strings did not move. Ichika whimpered and rubbed her eyes.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:"I'd say it's you huh?" Ari said with a concerned look. James walked over to the closest balloon and reached towards it. As soon as he touched it it popped and red liquid sprayed all over him, and knocked him down. He sat there for a moment, his face pale and his eyes wide. He stood up and looked down at his clothing, which was now covered in red. "I hate this place." He said shakily. Sweat poured down his face. "No one touch the balloons. " Ari drew his gun and shot one of them. It screamed.
"Oh, $%&#." Ari said. The scream was the same voice as the girl they heard before. The clown's head whipped around towards them, and he gave a creepy grin. Smoke began to swirl around him, blocking him from view. It dissipated and where he was standing was now a huge black goblin. It's claws were roughly three feet long, and huge spikes stuck out of his back. It gave a booming guttural laugh and began to slowly walk towards them.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ichika dove behind a few balloons and thought of bunnies, chickens, lollipops. Anything to distract her. The spikes were honestly a bad choice for the clown. Spikes are very pointy and sharp. They can pop balloons very fast.

To be honest, clowns are silly. They probably had very bad skin underneath all that makeup, it was probably not very healthy for their pores.

It must be hard to wade through the balloons.

Wait, what would scare the clown? What could come out of the balloons they pop?

Only one way to find out. Ichika racked her brain for the most annoying song she knew and ran in front of the monster hopefully distracting it and averting it's attention. She filled her lungs with stale air and began to yell, "BAABY SHARK DO DO DO DO-DO-DO" and ducked to avoid popping the crowd of balloons she dove into.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:The clown monster gave a shriek and quickened his pace, but this time toward Ichika. Ari drew his sword and made an impossible leap onto it's back, barely making it. He grabbed one of its spikes and held on. When Ichika looked above the balloons again she saw Mara standing in front of her, facing the incoming monster. She spread her feet and braced herself. She raised her left arm (the metal one), and fired a huge arc of purplish-pink electricity from her hand. The monster crossed his arms in front of him, block the incoming electricity. "ARI! LIGHTNING SLASH ATTACK!!" She yelled, still firing. He climbed up behind the monster's shoulders and stood up. He then unleashed a flurry of quick slashes with his sword. It didn't even break it's skin, but it did make the monster swing his arms behind him. This allowed the electricity to hit him. It gave one final shriek and fell over backwards. The electricity stopped and Mara fell to her knees, breathing heavily. The monster went still and disintegrated, revealing a bloodied form of Arristok. "Arristok!!" Mara yelled struggling to stand. James had apparently been shooting, and was now sprinting towards Ari, trying to avoid the balloons that were still in the air.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ichika covered her mouth in horror.

No, no no!

Rushing to meet Ari and helping Mara up first they gathered as the balloons began to disappear. They deflated with a whine and shriek of defeat and zipped around the room with fury.

Oh no, this was her fault.

"Ari I'm so sorry!!"

Judging by the look of his wounds, he was slightly crisped. His skin might look weird for a while. A... harsh electric burn?

The Seraph Foundation wrote:He gave a groan. "Someone tell me we killed it, or at very least that I died and didn't go to hell." He sat up very slowly as Mara staggered over. She threw her arms around him sobbing. "You said they couldn't hurt anyone." James said. " Not to be rude, but I'd say it did. " Ari waved it away. "I also said I didn't know what this one was capable of. I guess he is strong enough to cause damage." He looked at Ichika . "It's okay kid, are you injured at all?"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Relief crashed over the four like a wonderful tidal wave. Ichika laughed and swiped her face free of tears.
"It's gone. And don't worry about me! All I did was scream the lyrics to an old song and such." She was afraid to hug him, it might cause him more pain.

The faint chirps of crickets suddenly stopped, and the tall grass withered and snapped turning a horrible gray color. The Fear Trap was probably loosing power to keep this appearance going. The stars above them stopped twinkling too, and it became clear that they were in a square room with a painted lovely sky. It was crude with the stars being literal circles, but better than whatever Ichika could do.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:"It is fun to play with your food, but I suppose I shall have to eat it eventually." The voice boomed. "And besides an illusion this big is unnecessarily trying." The ground rumbled. "I guess I'll have to separate you." Huge stone walls came out of the ground between them. Ari tried to jump the wall towards Ichika but failed. She could hear James yelling something for a moment, and something splashing? She was alone in the dark for about two minutes of silence. She heard something loud to her right, it sounded like pounding or stomping. There was one last boom, and then Mara's hand shot through the wall. The rest of her stumbled behind shortly. When she stood up she was breathing very heavily, and dripping with sweat. She looked up to the ceiling. "I said no." She said, apparently to the voice. And then, she passed out.

My sincerest apologies TTJ, it's been a pretty hectic week.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:No worries :D

Ichika scrambled out of her position and yelled, "MERIDA-- Wait no, your nickname is Meringue. MARA!!" Light, weak light, was filtering through the hole Mara made. Her slumped figure was definitely horrible for her back, and Ichika, with many failed attempts and probably a lot of pain for Mara, propped her up against the wall. She was against the right or left wall of the painted room. From what she could see, all the color drained from the paint and pooled in large puddles oil and water. It smelled... interesting. It was making her dizzy. Not very good. Not good at all. There was already a slight blur to the corners of her eyes, and there was a faint, annoying buzz. Was it a bee? Or a mosquito? She flapped her hands around in attempt to drive it away with no success. Everything was so confusing!!

The Seraph Foundation wrote:Mara's eyes flitted a little and opened. She groaned and sat up. "Are you ok?" She asked rubbing her head. The buzzing noise was becoming a bit too much to handle.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ichika glanced at Mara, nodded, then put a finger to her lips.
“Is James screaming?” She could barely hear her own voice above the buzzing. She was talking at a tolerable level, wasn’t she? So why did Mara… flinch? She felt bad now, maybe she yelled. The buzzing sounded very much like a lawn mower. Or a cicada. There was a faint yelp every now and then, with the fire of some sort of gun. It was hard to make sense of everything with the colors waving to-and-fro, and the horrible horrible headache! What the heck! No matter how many times she blinked, Ichika couldn’t dispel whatever was poking at her eyes and making them dry. Wiping them hurt. Too much. Her feet ached as well, but she hadn’t stood for a while? She was sitting, wasn’t she?

The Seraph Foundation wrote:The noise, she realized, was the hole that Mara had made closing. And then, it ceased. Everything was silent and dark. The area they were in brightened up a bit, and took the appearance of a cave. Mara groaned when she noticed this. "I hate caves." She let out a sharp yell, and clutched her arm. She removed a black canister the crackled with electricity and threw it. She gave a sigh of relief and leaned back against the cave wall. Ichika realized the Mara was probably exhausted, and was covered in bruises and scratches.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Oh my gosh the silence, normally terrifying, was AMAZING. Everything cleared up, and she could think again. Like sitting down after standing for a while! A faint rustling made Ichika look up, there were bats. Sleeping ones. They looked like burritos. Fluffy burritos. The said-burritos were clearly irritated by the rattling canister from Mara's arm. Now looking at Mara, Ichika dug around and handed Mara some Neosporin (ointment to prevent infection and jumpstart healing) and a few bandages. They had emoji patterns. Ichika cringed at the memory of her being SO EXCITED to buy this pattern for some reason.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:"Why..........did it have to be a cave?" Mara buried her face in her hands and sighed. "Please talk to me Ichika. I don't care about what, I just need to think about something else." She noticed that it was more of a bubble than a cave. There wasn't an opening on either side of it. She also noticed that the bats were still hanging there.

My apologies TTJ for the VERY late reply.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ichika smiled. Finally! Someone who can appreciate her ramblings. Talking in a more hushed voice to not disturb the fluffy burritos she began, “So this one time, my classmates and I were in Core or English and History taught by the same teacher. It was REALLY fun, the teacher was really nice and all my friends and I were her favorites I think and we got to write inspirational quotes on the board and she didn’t mind. We also got to tattle on the popular kids who caused trouble during class. But then again, nobody cared. But anyways, my friend, she’s my height actually if that’s believable! We were doing an activity with a website that helps us memorize meanings to advanced words to pass some sort of test, and one of them was “inevitable” so of course, us watching those movies with the really rich engineer person and the strong guy with the shield and the oversized purple Nerds candy with a fancy glove, she turns around and says, “I am...” and clicks a pronunciation button and the robot voice to help us pronounce it says, “inevitable.” AND I WISH-“ There was a rustle and a squeak from above, the fluffy burrito council demanded an inside voice. Okay. “...and I wish that I had caught it on video or something, because it was very funny!” She giggled, then her eyes snagged on something in the distance. “Hey... Mara, look. What is that?”

(No problem :))

The Seraph Foundation wrote:She looked to the end of the tunnel. "It's an opening." She said jumping to her feet. She quietly made her way toward it. She let out a groan. "It's always gotta be a frickin tight fit doesn't it." She looked back at Ichika. "What do you want to do then?"
Dons party hat
This requires cake.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ichika poked her head through the opening. It was actually a pretty tight fit, about the size of a 3/4 blown up exercise ball. The ragged edges were searching for something to bite, and she watched them closely. It was unbearably bright in the next room the hole opened into. Maybe the Fear Trap was refusing to show their victims anything for fear of spoiling anything. Regardless, it was useless. “Hmm, can you open holes again? Or will you pass out? I don’t want you to pass out again, but maybe it’s a way to reach the others.”

YEAH!! I have yellow cake with chocolate frosting. *slams tupperware’s down*

The Seraph Foundation wrote:"I should be able to without blacking out. But on the off chance." She pulled a small blue coin-like object out of the pouch at her side. "Put this on my forehead and flick it." She gave Ichika a thumbs up. "Alright here goes." She took a deep breath, and the pink marks on her face started glowing. She went to the other side of the cave and put her foot on the wall for a little boost, then she drew back her fist and ran for the wall. As soon as her fist hit the cave wall, dust and bright flashing light went everywhere. After a few moments it cleared. "YES!!" She yelled, forgetting the fluffy "burritos" on the ceiling. "Bout time we got out of that cave. Woo!" She turned to Ichika and frowned. "Aaaaand out." As she said this, she fell strait over backwards into the...............sand? Where did sand come from? The cave they had come out of was gone, and everything was terribly bright.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ichika bounded after Mara with a giggle, it was so hard to walk. For once Ichika longed for a hat to block the unbearable light from her face so she could see. Luckily the sand was soft, the only surprise is that it was blue. It wasn't an overwhelming blue, a periwinkle shade. But slightly darker. Wow!! So cool!

Mara and Ichika were in a circle of blue sand. It was flat, and once she walked to the edge she couldn't walk any further. It hurt on the inside as you got closer, like a buzzing that would flare up once the Fear Trap would notice you're about to step off the edge.

It was really cozy here. The sand was warm, comfortably warm, cozy enough to sleep in. Maybe she could dig herself a hole or something and fall asleep there.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:Mara sat up and looked around. "I wonder why it wants us here." She said examining the circle they were in. "Well." Came that voice again. "There's this thing called quicksand. Try it sometime." As soon as the words were out they both began to sink.I have to agree with Zoygaria here, these are pretty great.Hold up, I sense a potential rival.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Her mother and father would understand why she cursed at that moment. James’ influence was probably rubbing off on her anyways. Only the bottoms of her sneakers had sunk so far, but soon her (still) untied laces were devoured. Aahhh. So that’s why the Fear Trap wanted us here, to finally stop ‘playing’ with us two and feast off our fear.

Oh gosh. Is this really the end?

Wait. DuckTales reboot episode number I can’t remember, Webby had a grappling hook and latched onto something on the ceiling after they had sunk and pulled those she was traveling with out. What do we have that is similar?

The Seraph Foundation wrote:"Fear? Oh no child, I've found something better. I've tasted something far sweeter than childish fears and useless angst." There was a creepy laugh. "Despair. The loss of all hope, knowing it's the end, being permanently stuck. Quicksand usually captures that well." Mara dropped quickly, the sand now up to her stomach.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:(Well gosh frigging oh dear?)


The sand was now at her ankles. She seemed to be sinking more slowly than Mara, who was strangely quiet. Wait, she was sleeping. Right.

Hm. There's got to be a flaw in the system. Like when the fear trap devours us. It's all about the end product. So maybe we have to be as far from their desired 'taste' as possible. Maybe get angry, or make the Fear Trap angry?
Ichika unfastened and started chucking random things from her backpack at the ceiling, where the voice boomed from. It was all ruined by the water anyways. She began to recall all the angry thoughts of the past. The time where the mean lady wouldn't let her friends see what was happening on the stage. When the PE teacher did not let her write her name on the board with all the others when her TEAM got the highest number of points.

A spare water bottle was lost. It hit something with a dull thud, and something that felt like a shudder echoed throughout the room. Perfect. This would definitely tick the Fear Trap off.

Socks. She doesn't remember putting those there.

A bathroom pass from her previous school. Might as well put the stolen blank detention slip with it.

A final fling of Altoids. She had made sure to snag some, the really spicy kind, and jam them into Mara's mouth. All hands on deck, at least the ones available, were needed.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:A hand reached out of the abyssal ceiling and caught the tin and crushed it. It was a dark purplish-black color, and looked almost alien. It had clawed fingertips and small spike-looking things on it's wrist. "How stupid to you think I am girl?" He did sound a little angry. "Do you think throwing things at me is going to change anything?" He dropped the tin and the arm disappeared. Mara's eyes popped open. "AH! What the @#$%?!" She was caught off guard. " She looked around frantically for something to grab. "Ichika, try and walk to me!" She said. Ichika felt something grab her leg. "Ah ah ah, no cheating." This creature was starting to get more annoying than anything else.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Her triumph of annoying the Fear Trap was spoiled by the no cheating thing.

"Wha do you think tests or quizzes were invented for?! This is a test, is it not?" Only her left leg was anchored down, so she sort of flopped towards Mara. This was probably the most awkward thing to witness, but she got a bit closer to Mara. Surprisingly, her feet were able to move somewhat. Good. Once her left leg was high enough or a bit more far away from her original position, it showed a similar hand to the one in the ceiling. It... looked really ...human-like. She guessed that's what happened to the remains of those who didn't make it. Ichika made a promise to hopefully not become one of those.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:Two more hands shot out of the sand. One grabbed her other ankle and the other grabbed her arm. Several others grabbed Mara and pulled her under. Just as they started to do the same to Ichika, a white crack appeared in the "sky", and Ari dropped through. Three quick slashes of his black sword, Ichika was free. He didn't even say anything, instead he ran over to Mara and helped her as well. The sand stopped moving and became solid. "I said no cheating you little imps." The voice came again. "Maybe we should have a little chat, face to face." Mara was gasping for air. "Hey guys, how's it going?" Ari said with a grin. They noticed several more bruises and cuts on him.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:I think her brain did a literal keyboard smash. All that came out of her mouth was some gibberish as she processed what happened.

Then there was a group hug. There was blue tinted glass instead of sand now, it was really pretty. But murky. The hands were also impossible to get off, while limp and dead they still had a firm grip. Luckily there was no blood coming from the open wounds of the hands, just sand that would leave a trail.

When she regained the ability to speak, Ichika croaked out a, “Hi.”

The Seraph Foundation wrote:He gave a light chuckle, and realized Mara was still gasping. "Are you ok?!" He helped her to her feet. "When we...get out of here...I'm going... to live on a mountain, AWAY FROM SAND AND STUPID CAVES!!" Yelling was not the best idea as it made her gasp more. They heard a noise as another crack opened. This time James fell through, also gasping for air and drenched with blood from head to toe.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ichika nodded with agreement. Her voice was still weak, so she spoke in a hushed voice. “Though, mountains might have many caves. Maybe a city away from beaches and mountains? Like a farm! With all these little fluffy baby chickens... Oh! James, are you okay?” She helped him up the best she could. There was a packet of portable tissues, and she handed a terrified James the noisy plastic package. The sand hands were now dissolving quickly, so yay.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:James took them and wiped the blood off of his face. "Thank you. " He said shakily. They noticed that Ari was the only one that didn't seem shaken. "I had to drown in an ocean of blood three times, where the @$%# have you been?" James asked him. " I had to experience some things I'd rather not discuss right now. " His tone was very serious, and for a moment Ichika could see a silent rage in his face. The voice laughed. "Oh, what's this? Not going to tell them are you. That's right, hide like the coward you are." It laughed again as an arena appeared around them.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:This arena is not historically accurate... there should be barf buckets. Well, for that era. More like water troughs, but for vomit. Ichika thought to herself as the glass became crunchy gravel.

And then there was the noise.

It sounded like microphone feedback, but magnified and projected tenfold- no, more! It hurt! So so so so much! Ichika crumpled to her knees, even the ground was rumbling! Or was that- aghhh she didn’t know! She couldn’t even hear her own scream. What was happening?!

The Seraph Foundation wrote:It slowly morphed into a screeching laugh that was just as unbearable. "You FOOLS!!" The voice roared. "Do you know how many have faced me and lived?! THREE!! And all of them are rotting in there own fear!!" It cackled again and everything went silent.
Yes guns, not for you though.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ichika slowly unraveled herself from her curled up position and removed her hands from her ears. Looking around and standing up, she brushed off the gravel from her pants. She turned to the adults and declared, "We'll make that seven! And hopefully we will not... rot, whatever the Fear Trap means by that."

The Seraph Foundation wrote:Ari and Mara both gave a nod and drew their weapons. James stood staring at the coliseum around them. A giant iron gate on the other side began to open, and made sound like blood-curdling screams as it did so. A figure stepped out into the light. It was at least 8 feet tall, and it's skin was a dark purple with glowing blue veins all over it. It had two bat like wings on it's back, and every joint had red spikes protruding from it. It laughed, and she realized that this was it, this was the Fear Trap. And it was horrifying. "Idiots." He said as he charged towards them.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:The Fear Trap was now unleashing everything it could with its stinted power. Random bursts of ugly energy used for offensive it seemed, and confusing arrays of screaming. Ichika dug into her pockets and withdrew the circular device, jamming the part that would be a radio into her ear. Hopefully that’s how to use it.
“Does this work?” She whispered, activating the plasma sword and somewhat blocking and running from the random blasts of energy. Mara seemed to wince at something in her ear, so yeah maybe. The coliseum seemed to crack on impact, kind of effecting the Fear Trap and making his posture falter, but the wounds healed quickly.
“Maybe direct the Fear Trap’s energy blasts to hit the walls of the coliseum? It seems to exhaust whatever they are and cause them pain. It probably won’t defeat them, but it’s a start!”

The Seraph Foundation wrote:"Hmm, it seems you're not the imbeciles I normally feast on." He stood and grinned. "I guess you'll have to wake up now." He laughed hysterically and energy exploded from him. Everything went blue and then black. Their hearts were pounding and she felt like someone had just run her over with a truck. She woke up on grass, next to a cliff. "This my pets, this is real." The voice sounded different this time. It was less distorted, and actually sounded more terrifying.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ichika stood up, then looked around in horror.

Where is everyone? Are they safe?

“Helloooo?!” She called out desperately. Ichika had never felt more alone when all the company was suddenly ripped away. The grass and bugs and everything else was all real, it would be too complex and exhausting to make all these individual things.

But... if this was real, could this mean he set us free? Into the open world? There could be some sort of barrier to keep us in.

Okay she was officially confused. Help was most likely out of the question, and they couldn’t cheat again otherwise they’d have to pay.


The Seraph Foundation wrote:She realized she wasn't as alone as she thought, when the others stood up out of the tall grass. Dark smoke swirled up from the ground across the field. The creature came out of it, and was more terrifying than last time. She thought she saw a black dog run past her, but when she turned there was nothing. It happened again. "Does anyone else see the freaking gigantic three-headed dog running around?" James said as he drew his gun.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:(OH MY GOSH
She smiled briefly at the arrival of her friends. “Is that what that is?” She called back. The dog was daring apparently, and it ran past much more closely. She could hear it’s snarl. Ichika found herself more closer to Mara on her left, and James on the far right. Ari was nowhere to be found. Based on where they were in the coliseum, he would have been in front. Ichika drew her plasma sword thing, trampling the grass and searching for Ari. “Can you see where Ari is?! You’re taller than the grass, I can’t see ‘em!”

The Seraph Foundation wrote:(Yes, it is.)
She saw another one, but this one was different. It only had one head and looked a lot more demonic. It's eyes were also purple, whereas the first one's were green. Mara gave Ichika a grin and pointed at the first one. "This is what happens when you get depressed and let a bunch of scientists do a ton of freak-@#$% tests on you." The Cerberus snarled at the fear trap's hound. James drew his gun and blue axe similar to Ari's sword. "We'll take care of the freak over there! Come on!" He yelled to the others and charged the Fear Trap itself. The two hounds clashed with teeth and claws.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“OH MY GOSH ARI WHEN YOU’RE DONE YOU HAVE TO LET ME PET YOU YOU LOOK SO FLUFFY” she giggled with joy as the three ran at the purple dog. It was hard to trample and get through the grass, the plasma sword helped to clear a path but not by much. There was a lot of growling and whining and landing blows in the fight ahead. To her right James’ gun sounded a lot like some from those old movies, Star Wars. With the pew pew kind of sound. It was also very loud up close, which as expected. The purple dog hissed when the bullets or whatever hit their back and neck, but it didn’t seem to phase them too much. Luckily Ari took this chance to lock onto their neck. WITH ALL THREE HEADS. Ari looked really. Beat up. He was bleeding.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:Nevertheless, he fought violently. He bit and scratched and head-butted the beast, along with the other's attacks, until it couldn't stand up. Slowly, they both reverted to their humanoid forms. The Fear Trap had grey blood running from his mouth, several huge gashes, and his torn wings, and Ari had similar injuries. "Well well well." It croaked. "You don't like losing do you? Hehe." It rose to it's knees. All of them were exhausted and he could tell. He studied each of them and grinned. Then he started to laugh this creepy psychopathic cackle. His eyes settled on Ichika. His hand extended toward her at lightning speed like some sort of freakish snake. She flinched and heard a sickening thunk and a slicing noise, but nothing happened to her. When she looked up she saw the Fear Trap's severed hand sticking out of James' chest.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:(OH NOOOOOOOOO)

Whatever happened to the Fear Trap wasn't really relevant anymore, Ari and Mara after a second took care of it. She heard its corpse or at least something hit the ground.

But she had just killed someone since her instincts were too slow. She hadn't realized that she was crying until her sleeves were soaked.

James was still breathing thank gosh, but he was on the ground now. He didn't sound right, the hand was near the middle of his chest. Probably aiming for his heart, maybe missed maybe not. It definitely hurt. Ichika flipped him onto his back and sat him up for maybe breathing easier.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, James!!" she muttered/wailed. Mara was beside her now, also crying.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:He tried to rasp out an "It's okay", and failed in a bloody coughing fit. The field around them faded away into a very different field. This one was greener, and the cliff was gone. There was also a large amount of people and animals of all ages and races. They must have been the other victims of this Fear Trap. She also noticed a huge helicopter surrounded by soldiers and bearing the same sword and wing symbol as Ari, James, and Mara. One of them, a dark-skinned girl with blue eyes, rushed over to them. "What-what happened?!" She said as she saw James' wounds. "Oh no....... is he...?" Mara shook her head. "He will be if we don't hurry though." The other girl nodded and ran back to the helicopter. She said something to two of the people there, who came to them running. They carefully lifted him onto a stretcher and whisked him away to the helicopter.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:”Did- did the Fear Trap swallow that helicopter too?” She asked groggily to Mara, who was watching the helicopter. Ichika felt so tired, she didn’t know why. Maybe she used too much energy. Then again, it was a long day. It seemed that at least 2 hours had passed, the sun was beginning its decline and when Ichika stepped over the threshold it was around 10 AM. Children called out for mother’s and names that were familiar to them, but they might not find them again. Some of their clothes seemed to belong to a different era. Cool.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:"No." Ari said. "I called them before we went in. The others though...." Several of the people around them were crying and panicking, and many others seemed insane. The people from the helicopter were trying to calm them and get them on board, as another chopper landed. Mara wiped her tears away and extended a hand to Ichika. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up and home."

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ichika smiled and took Mara's hand, walking with her towards another chopper. Many of the people passing were rolling on the ground, screaming and crying for someone to save them from a danger that had already passed. At least physically. Boarding a helicopter along with two friends with their hands locked together were not screaming surprisingly, but the looks on their faces made it seem that they were far from the end of their suffering.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:She noticed two things when she stepped in onto it. First, it was huge. It was nearly the size of a small house. And second, it looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. It was mostly white with some glowing blue outlines, and the sides were lined with padded benches. The dark woman came through a door at one end, and directed people to seats. "They want you two, sorry, three in the cockpit." Ari nodded and gestured toward the door. This was a very different look, buttons and switches were everywhere, but it was still large enough for them to stand in and not be cramp. In addition to this, there were also four chairs in it, three of them occupied. A brown-haired man stood up from one of them and shook Arristok and Mara's hands. "Good to see you guys again. I take it you terminated the creature?" He glanced at Ichika. "Oh, my apologies. Who might you be?" He said kindly.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:“No worries, I’m… a friend. I suppose. Ichika. What about you?” She replied automatically. It was hard to keep eye contact, the helicopter alone kept her drawing her attention. Pretty much the definition of spacious. It was also bright. Her eyes were used to the dark corners of the Fear Trap, and it was far from dark here. The doors shut behind them, and she jumped. That was new.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:"I'm Levi Flanagan. You must be the one that went in with them huh?" He said with a smile. She noticed a hint of Irish in his accent. "Well, you're safe now, and we'll be back at the base in about ten minuets. You can get cleaned up there so you can go home." He gave a slight nod to Mara and Ari. "I've got to go attend to the engine." And with that he walked out the door. "Speakinng of home," Ari said "Where exactly in Zoygaria do you live anyway?"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Yes please :D She smiled in Levi’s direction to serve as a wordless thanks or goodbye, then turned to Ari. “Southeast-ish. Nearer to Japan. On the lower corners. Luckily the winters aren’t as harsher! Hahah… but I can show you.” She pulled up a GPS app and the destination was set to a bus stop. “If it’s possible maybe I could be dropped off there. I know the way to home after that.”

The Seraph Foundation wrote:Ari chuckled. "Well, the base is about a three minute flight from there. The Council will have a basic set of questions for you, and then Mara and I can take you if you want."

Too-Technical Japan wrote:She beamed. If this were an anime or comic of some sort, there would be at least some stars in her eyes or in the air visible. “Awesome!! Our town’s a bit boring though, but there’s some landmarks no less! But... questions? Like a test?”

Also little reminder the Kantrian photo thing? Did you want to submit anything?

The Seraph Foundation wrote:"Hmm, not quite." He replied. "They'll ask you about what you saw and make sure you're mentally stable. It should only take about 20 minuets." Mara tapped both of them. "You might want to see this view." She said pointing at the front window. Upon looking outside, she saw a military base nearly 2 square miles. Half of it was an airfield containing similar aircraft to the one they were in. Many of them were taking off or landing. Each of them had a red owl with a white sword on it. She also noticed thousands of people on the going to and fro on the ground, some were pilots, others were soldiers, and a few of them looked like ground crew. Before she had time to take it all in, they had landed and were ushered off of the chopper. Mara grabbed her hand so she wouldn't get caught in the massive flow of people. "Sorry." She said, still walking. "I hope you don't mind, it took me a year to learn to get around this place by myself. Everything just moves so quickly."

Too-Technical Japan wrote:Ichika had to lightly jog to keep up, and held a firm grip on Mara’s hand. She was holding the metal one, it was cold, as expected, but humming slightly as Mara moved. “It’s no problem, it’s a lot of metal and concrete I’m bound to get lost even with guidance…” Looking back at the symbols all over the place she asked, “What does the owl stand for?” They were now in a metal corridor, with hissing glass doors and official-looking doctors yelling or chattering with one another. There wasn’t as many ground crew here, but pilots and soldiers were still present. Everything was either gray or a darker gray with stubs of shining metal, nails maybe, with boxes painted blue with different colored buttons all over them.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:They walked into one of the huge buildings. It was grey like concrete, but looked more like metal. "It's called Sova." She said. "Think of it as a flag. The members of our foundation are divided into factions of where they're based at, and each one is named after an animal." They passed a huge window, and on the other side was a gigantic mecha that looked like it came strait out of an anime. "Oh yeah, Sova is Russian for owl." As she said this they turned into a rather small room compared to the massive hallways they had just been in. Inside the room stood a very odd looking machine, a desk and a man and woman in lab coats. The woman ran to them and hugged Ari and Mara. "I suppose now's as good a time as any to say this." Ari said grimly. "We were trapped in that thing for three weeks Ichika."

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"Th- three weeks?! But- the sun! And the weather- they looked the same! I missed a math test! And a history one!!" she began panicking, then pulled out her phone and checked her reminders and calendar. With the way she was scrolling this only took a few seconds. "Oh, good, Elikan's birthday party is next week... and school has been delayed and closed and all that... that makes sense..." she looked up cheerfully. "I'm good. I'm okay. But- how? And since this is the owl branch are there real owls??"

The Seraph Foundation wrote:
The man looked up from the paper he was holding and adjusted his glasses. "Well for starters, yes there are a few owls. And second, we'll talk to your parents and school." He looked back down at the paper. "Arristok, can you demonstrate that?" He said, pointing at the machine. He nodded and placed his hands on two grey ovals on it. They glowed a light blue color and hummed a moment, then faded. The woman at the computer clicked a few buttons and sighed. "No signs of traumatic brain injury or ptsd indicators for you sir. Other than normal." She said with a smirk. He rolled his eyes and stepped back , and Mara placed her hands on it. "Nothing for you either." The woman said. Ichika realized that the girl was wearing a name tag that said Cora on it. "Can you put your hands on the circles please?" She asked in a sweeter tone.

Too-Technical Japan wrote:She nodded towards Cora, and rested her hands on the ovals. “Can- can we see the owls? Just for a bit- I love birds. Also- about the calls, thank you.” She said with a smile.

The Seraph Foundation wrote:"Well I don't see why not." She said clicking at the computer once again. "Gone for three weeks and she's worried about owls." The man said sarcastically . "Be nice Hiroshi." She waved in his direction . "Alright three questions for ya: how bad are the aftereffects of what you saw, did the creature attack with personal fears, and how did Mara bust her friction [quote=too-technical_japan;43887744][i]After a few seconds of silence, she decided that the questions were probably directed at her. "Well, like all the other times you get spooked you just become more aware and mildly paranoid I guess. My aunt once took her husband to a haunted house after he came back from war, and he had to refrain from punching and destroying everything. So kinda like that! But it wasn't as nice as a haunted house because you didn't know where it would end. And yeah, the first one was a really gross hybrid... thing which didn't faze most of us. And then there was balloons," she felt her voice quiver for a second, sheesh that was new, then forced herself to continue. "...which was mine, I hate clowns with an even more burning passion now, and then we were separated from each other for a while. That's when Meringue-- Mara broke her friction converter breaking through the walls we were rudely interrupted with and passing out before I could say thank you-- Oh yeah thanks for that!."

The Seraph Foundation wrote:"You broke a wall?" She turned to Mara in surprise. "Heh heh, I wasn't exactly happy at that moment." Arristok laughed. Hiroshi rolled his eyes. "Well try to break less of them, they're not easy to build." She gave him a quick glare and turned back to Ichika. "Speaking of which, is that thing I gave you still intact?"

Too-Technical Japan wrote:"Uhh..." Ichika rummaged through her pockets, then withdrew the small circular device. "It was stuck on my shirt, thank gosh! I thought I dropped it and lost it." She laughed as the thing was returned to Mara. For once she longed to see grass again, usually there were bugs associated with grass, there wasn't a spec of green anywhere. Other than on clothing. Just metal. And fancy, confusing stuff. Maybe there was food and water somewhere, she felt hungry, thirsty, and more tired all of a sudden.