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GA Recommendation Archive: Vote FOR 'Blood Donation Safety and Equality Act' | OWL


'Blood Donation Safety and Equality Act'

Background Information

Proposal title: 'Blood Donation Safety and Equality Act'
Author: Crowheim
Purpose: To ensure the safety of donated blood and prohibit unnecessary discrimination against blood donors.


Vote .For.

The Office's Analysis

This proposal ensures that blood donation is safe by preventing the donation of blood that is contaminated with blood-borne illnesses. This ensures that the sometimes life-saving procedure of blood transfusion does not have any undue risk for the receiver of the blood. Additionally, it bars discrimination against blood donors for any arbitrary reason that does not pertain to the health of the donator or the health of the receiver of the blood. Notably, many places have restrictions against men who have sex with men with the justification that they are more likely to carry HIV. However, it is fairly easy to quickly detect HIV presence in one's blood, and the discrimination only reduces the available supply of blood with no clear benefit. As discriminatory measures based on characteristics other than the safety of blood itself are both morally wrong and ineffective, making them illegal is a step in the right direction. Thus, OWL recommends a vote FOR the at-vote resolution, "Blood Donation Safety and Equality Act".

Supplementary Opinions


From TSP Citizens

Concrete Slab is an OWL staff member and legislator of the South Pacific. They posted this on TSP's official discussion thread:

Concrete Slab wrote:Looks like a solid proposal all around that adds regulation to an important industry.

Imperial Dodo is an OWL senior staff member and legislator of the South Pacific. They posted this on TSP's official discussion thread:

Imperial Dodo wrote:Overall good proposal, establishes necessary guidelines, although a little short and could be expanded upon.

From the World

Chimes is the delegate of the Rejected Realms. They posted this on TRR's forums:

Chimes wrote:Sensible proposal. For.


From TSP Citizens

Auphelia is a citizen of the South Pacific. They posted this on TSP's official discussion thread:

Auphelia wrote:Oh yes, this proposal seems all well and good. Equality for all, you say. What claptrap! Who will think of the needle-phobic homosexuals? Those who faint at the sight of blood and die at the feel of a needle's pinch? What will happen to their excuses, reasons to not be peer-pressured into giving blood? Right now they can use the perfectly valid excuse of unfair persecution and remain on the high ground, bemoaning these damnable laws that deny them the right to give their blood to others, safe in the knowledge that they will never have to follow through on their implied promises and false intention of charity. But if this were to pass? What then, to keep up this charade? Passing this resolution would be a threat to the pain-averse people everywhere!

From the World

Cretox State is Vice-delegate of the North Pacific. They posted this on TNP's forums:

Cretox State wrote:There's also nothing to stop a corrupt/racist organization from discarding donated blood once it's been donated. This is like mandating that a hospital not discriminate in patient admission without also mandating that the hospital not discriminate in standard of care given. Against.