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[2021] Ocelegate Campaign

[font=century gothic][color=#DE09BA][b][size=118]Foreign Affairs | Internal Affairs and Culture | What Changes? | Department of Cute Animals[/color][/size][/b][/font]
[box][color=#560059][font=century gothic][size=120][b]Platform[/b][/size][size=100]
[hr]I have to admit, I did not imagine that I would ever have to write a campaign platform for The Pacific, having joined a region known for autocracy rather than democracy. I have not run for Delegate since October 2014, in the aftermath of a foreign affairs crisis in The East Pacific. Since the expectation for this is that it be a mostly serious endeavor, I will address critical points that are the focal center of any Game Created Region delegacy. 

We can begin this platform in the Foreign Affairs department. The New Pacific Order is not presently in a foreign affairs crisis, but we do have some areas in which we can improve. Foreign affairs is a very difficult job that requires a certain set of skills to master. Very few people even manage to achieve that mastery in their NationStates careers. For foreign affairs, my goal will be to establish better relations with regions with which we have not historically cooperated and bring us to a state of reconciliation. Our best path forward is through a state of diplomatic balance and cooperation. My choice to manage this department will be [nation]The Seeker of Power[/nation], who has ample experience in this area and has served in the role before. Military policy will continue in line with the foreign affairs objective and we will remain committed to fighting fascism and maintaining our own individualistic presence in military Gameplay.

We now arrive at Culture and Internal Affairs. Culture has been run wonderfully by CaveDweller/Cookie over the last year. It is presently overseen by Marinas Island, who is known for running events such as Think Same/Different. What I desire for Culture is that it begin to branch out and hold events for more than just The Pacific and allies. The best way to share knowledge and experience is to share it with a diverse array of regions. I also wish to expand Internal Affairs to manage elections and facilitate more such events as we presently have. Internal Affairs will also in the future be involved in World Assembly nation integration and bringing new members from Gameside to offsite. I will be keeping [nation]Marinas Island[/nation] in this position, with [nation]CaveDweller[/nation] remaining the Deputy of Culture.

The last major area to address is how much will change. The answer is that a great deal of things will remain the same, such as the endorsement cap. No current Senator will be displaced, save for Elegarth’s transition back to Foreign Affairs and the change of the Regent position. Lord of Darkness will remain as an influence bank, as befitting of a trusted member and to keep the elected position in check. The Senate titles will remain the same, and they will remain appointed except for Vox Populi. The difference now is that we will have an elected Delegate and Secretary selected for their platform. 

My favorite area to address is that The Pacific has a wonderful aura of general camaraderie, but it lacks a certain cute aspect. As a result, I will create the Department of Cute Animals, run by [nation]Airengard[/nation] and co-managed by [nation]Nullity[/nation]. The titles for this position are Minister of Cute Animals and Minister of Graphic Design. These officials will be expected to present a monthly dispatch of cute animals in Pacifican theme for our populace, so that we can spread the joy across the region, and even the world. The mascot of this department will be our favorite Chihuahua in a tank suit, [nation]End666[/nation].

Delegate elections are largely popularity contests, but the expectation is that the most capable nominee should be at the front of that popular vote. Whether or not our first major election in history will achieve this remains to be seen.
Good luck to the other participants and may the [strike]memeiest[/strike] most qualified candidate win![/font][/color][/size][/align][/box]