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GA Recommendation Archive: Vote AGAINST 'Repeal Digital Network Defense' | OWL


Repeal 'Digital Network Defense'

Background Information

Proposal title: Repeal 'Digital Network Defense'
Author: Saint Tomas and the Northern Ice Islands
Purpose: To repeal previous legislation for blocking possible new proposals better protecting citizens' privacy.


Vote .Against.

The Office's Analysis

The at-vote resolution, "Repeal 'Digital Network Defense'", is an updated version of an identically-named proposal (on which OWL recommended to vote FOR) that, after first looking set to pass, got discarded by the General Secretariat for rule violations at the end of the voting period. Whereas that original version made an elaborate and convincing case for repealing GA 378 "Digital Network Defense", the removal of the illegal parts of it has made the current version relatively short; the now sole argument left is to make place for a new resolution specifically addressing citizens' privacy rights (that, as it stands, would currently be illegal for contradicting GA 387, which contains a small note granting WA members relatively large authority for carrying out digital surveillance). While a separate replacement for GA 378 without this problematic provision is indeed being drafted and a repeal might be necessary in the future, this doesn't fully compensate for the lack of further convincing arguments in the current proposal. Thus, OWL recommends a vote AGAINST the at-vote resolution, "Repeal 'Digital Network Defense'".

Supplementary Opinions


From TSP Citizens

At the time of writing, OWL had not found a solid opinion for the resolution from TSP citizens. You can make your own opinion heard by posting it on the Regional Message Board of the WA Voting Center!

From the World

The Ministry of the WA of Europeia has issued the following rationale:

Europeian WA Headquarters wrote:This repeal seeks to remove General Assembly Resolution #378, a resolution that regulates cyber security in member nations. The repeal notes the importance of the World Assembly's protection of data privacy through other passed resolutions; however, it also highlights issues of personal privacy and possible justifications for digital security threats on member nations that would infringe on the rights of their citizens. The author, Whatermelons, also a citizen of Europeia, has prepared a replacement available on the NationStates forums. The replacement specifies the differences between cyberattacks and cyberterrorism, and does not mandate that member nations protect their citizens from cyberattacks, leaving protection to their discretion, and allows preemptive cyberattacks. The replacement may undergo some changes, but has addressed the points raised in the repeal. Additionally, citizen of Europeia and respected World Assembly author, Greater Cesnica, has drafted a proposal that protects citizens from unwanted digital surveillance and would be eligible for submission if the repeal passes. This repeal, while not incredibly well written, has a good aim and justifies its points when noting the flaws in the target resolution, and with a replacement ready the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs would recommend a vote FOR, in favour of this resolution.


From TSP Citizens

Podunkia is a Citizen of the South Pacific.

Podunkia wrote:Appreciate that they took out the bit defending theft of banking details (that was weird), but the language is still too dramatic for me. Cyberattacks are an actual problem, which they do not acknowledge, nor do they suggest what might replace this that would be "better." .. Admittedly Digital Network Defense does seem to have some loopholes (provisions?), one of which nations could potentially exploit (utilize?) to alleviate fears of overreach - on the national level one could try disallowing the monitoring of private networks as per that last part where it, "Reserves the right of member nations to monitor networks for digital security threats, should national law allow them to do so."

Amerion is a former Delegate of the South Pacific and a member of the Council on Regional Security.

Amerion wrote:The use of 'willy-nilly' is itself a reason to vote against the proposed resolution.

From the World

Castle Federation is a WA author and a Citizen of the North Pacific. They stated on TNP's forums:

Castle Federation wrote:A bit simple and one dimensional for a GA proposal. More argument or at least more reasons for repeal would be helpful.