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SC Recommendation Archive: Vote FOR 'Commend Marrabuk' | OWL


'Commend Marrabuk'

Background Information

Proposal title: 'Commend Marrabuk'
Author: Andusre
Purpose: To award Marrabuk a badge of commendation for their extensive contributions to the East Pacific's community, prominently their accomplishments in diplomacy and a successful defeat of a coup.


Vote .For.

The Office's Analysis

The at-vote resolution, "Commend Marrabuk", mentions the nominee's important contributions to The East Pacific. The draft is very well-written and well-researched, describing many of Marrabuk's contributions to the region. The proposal mentions several commendable feats, such as the nominee's effective response to the 2019 coup attempt of TEP and various other lasting contributions as part of the region's executive. Many of these contributions were in the aftermath of the coup, helping boost activity within TEP and rebuilding TEP internally and externally. While there were some concerns about Marrabuk's contribution being limited to one community, their actions to benefit TEP, a major player on the world stage, inevitably ended up impacting other regions as well. Thus, OWL recommends a vote FOR the at-vote resolution, "Commend Marrabuk".

Supplementary Opinions


From TSP Citizens

Concrete Slab is a member of the Coral Guard of the South Pacific and a WA author.

Concrete Slab wrote:While I was initially hesitant to vote For when I saw the nominee, the draft is well-written, well-researched, and overall just very solid. Having Maowi's signature on the bottom also helped to allay my concerns.

Arvan Irawer is a citizen of the South Pacific.

Arvan Irawer wrote:I think that the points mentioned are well deserving of a commendation, and the proposal is well written.

From the World

Boston Castle is a Deputy Minister of the North Pacific.

Boston Castle wrote:Kind of on the fence, truth be told. I certainly think Marrabuk is a good person and all, but is it worth the commendation when he only seems to have done things in one community (even if it's a GCR). While I'm not 100% convinced, I think this is about as compelling a commendation for him that we can hope for. Tentative For.

EmojiTheft, also known as HumanSanity, is a Member State of Refugia and a legislator of the South Pacific.

EmojiTheft wrote:Broadly, I believe Marrabuk is a commendable figure. Fedele's coup of our embassy partner The East Pacific included 12 months as Delegate where he strategically hollowed out and diminished activity within the region to make it easier for his group to cling to power and, if needs be (as it did end up needing to be), couping the region. Marra did about as much as imaginable in 8 months to revitalize TEP's activity and reputation, not to mention a pretty extensive career doing other things before that. The writing reflects Marra's efforts in TEP's MoFA, role playing community, FA projects during Marra's term, and his leadership of TEP as Delegate after the coup.

Some critiques of the writing raised on Discord were that some of the MoFA reforms cited in the draft were eventually rolled back. My understanding may be inaccurate, but my understanding was that the reforms were built upon, not rolledback. If someone else has additional insight or understanding about that, I'm open to it. Additionally, I think something can still be Commendable even if the future Delegate un-did the action. Another critique was of the closing line crediting Marra for building "NationStates as a whole" when most of his contributions were to TEP. I think this is valid but not alone enough to result in rejecting the Commendation.


From TSP Citizens

At the time of writing, OWL had not found a solid opinion against the resolution from TSP citizens. You can make your own opinion heard by posting it on the Regional Message Board of the WA Voting Center!

From the World

At the time of writing, OWL had not found a solid opinion against the resolution from the rest of the world. You can make your own opinion heard by posting it on the Regional Message Board of the WA Voting Center!