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GA Recommendation Archive: Vote FOR 'Reducing Microplastics' | OWL


'Reducing Microplastics'

Background Information

Proposal title: 'Reducing Microplastics'
Author: Scalizagasti
Purpose: To largely prohibit the use of not biodegradable microplastics, ensure that member states take more action in reducing microplastic pollution, and further research on actually preventing such pollution.


Vote .For.

The Office's Analysis

The at-vote resolution, "Reducing Microplastics", tackles the important environmental issue of microplastics in an effective and well-written manner. Its direct mandates, reaching from the basis of outlawing purposefully adding microplastics to non-medical final products, over requiring member nations to track and minimize microplastic pollution, to educating citizens on this topic, are reasonable measures, and areas where detailed scientific expertise is needed, such as the actual research on effective pollution prevention, are sensibly delegated to the WA Scientific Programme, an already existing international committee. Passing this proposal would therefore be a sound step for the WA to take in ensuring environmental sustainability, and in turn better health for member nations' citizens. Thus, OWL recommends a vote FOR the at-vote resolution, "Reducing Microplastics".

Supplementary Opinions


From TSP Citizens

Anatasha is a Citizen of the South Pacific.

Anatasha wrote:This is a great way to save the environment and prevent pollution in our world. This will not only benefit the environment and atmosphere but also the health of people.

Arvan Irawer is a Citizen of the South Pacific.

Arvan Irawer wrote:This proposal will make the environment better, microplastics are in a way 'silent killers'. They are easy to miss and still are very damaging. Furthermore I can't find any loopholes, and it is well written generally.

From the World

Junitaki-cho, WA resolution author and Refugia's Councillor of the World Assembly, argued in Refugia's vote recommendation:

Junitaki-cho wrote:On its face, there's not much here to dislike. If you accept that microplastics are an environmental concern - which you should - then this proposal targets the matter in very specific, productive ways, touching on everything from creation to commercial availability to pollution and spills. You could argue that it leans too heavily on the WASP, but I don't think that's a bad thing here. It's not overreaching given the narrow scope of its concerns, and it won't ban any genuinely useful products. The biggest weakness here is that it only targets microplastics which are produced, with none of its strongest mandates concerning the breakdown of macroplastics into microplastics. But this is deliberate on the part of the author, leaving room for future legislation to be tailored to that issue, and this would be a great foundation for that.

Outer Sparta is an Issues Author from Europe. They posted on the NS forums:

Outer Sparta wrote:Ambassador Tavoularoglou: I'm thrilled to see some more attention given to environmental matters especially with microplastics. We don't tend to notice those annoying, degraded, synthetic compounds made of petroleum polluting the world, so I love to see legislation on that front. Provided our delegation doesn't find any potential loopholes that polluters could exploit, I will give my full support.


From TSP Citizens

At the time of writing, OWL had not found a solid opinion against the resolution from TSP citizens. You can make your own opinion heard by posting it on the Regional Message Board of the WA Voting Center!

From the World

Ackuzay is a resident of Thaecia. On the NS forums, they stated:

Ackuzay wrote:Ackuzay is for section 2, section 5, but no other and as such; cannot in good morality vote for a resolution that requires all WA member nations to immediately ban a microscopic material without proper research into how that extremely difficult, complex, and expensive task will affect their homes at the national scale.

Further, some nations may lack the scientific capability to comply with this resolution let alone identify a micro plastic. This resolution would leave those nations outside of compliance with WA law and in the spirit of good will we cannot support a resolution that would move nations who simply have not yet developed the capability to remain compliant.

For the stated reasons, Ackuzay is against this resolution and urges all others to vote against [REDUCING MICROPLASTICS].