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Illirican History Remaster


[b]Rise From the Ashes[/b]
[spoiler=Chapter 1][box]The [i][b]Illiricii[/b][/i] tribe was a peaceful civilisation that liked to stick to itself. They where regularly harassed by other more powerful civilisations which froced them to search for a new home. In [b][i]579 BC[/i][/b] Illiricans migrated to the north reaching the [b][i]Illirican Islands[/i][/b] and colonising them. The climate was perfect and the Illiricans where finally safe from any danger. The Illirican civilisation in [b][i]475 BC[/i][/b] split into [b][i]clans[/i][/b] which where a form of [i][b]''Proto-Illirican Nations''[/b][/i]. Most strongest and most influential where [b][i]Illirica[/i][/b] and [b][i]Pacifica[/i][/b]. For hundreds of years clans lived in relative peace until [b][i]St. Pavle[/i][/b], Duke of [b][i]Illirica[/i][/b] started the [b][i]''First Great Island War''[/i][/b]. The [b][i]''Great Peace''[/i][/b] was signed in [b]Alexandria[/b] in [i][b]310 BC[/b][/i], it lasted for 5 years until [b][i]Illirica[/i][/b] and [b][i]Pacifica[/i][/b] formed an alliance and conquered smaller nations leaving only [b][i]Voivodina[/i][/b] and [b][i]Zorian[/i][/b]. In [b][i]296 BC[/i][/b] [b][i]Illirica[/i][/b] and [b][i]Pacifica[/i][/b] form the official and glorious [b][i]''Kingdom of Illiricium''[/i][/b], that same year [b][i]Illiricium[/i][/b] would end up annexing [b][i]Voivodina[/i][/b]. The Kingdom would have frendly relations with its neighbours contacting the Mainland nations and civilisations.


[b]The Great Collapse[/b]
[spoiler=Chapter 2][box]The [b][i]Illirican civilisation[/i][/b] for hunderds of years stayed isolated and safe from any invasion and [b]Illiricium[/b] entered a [b][i]''Golden Age[/i][/b] of science and culture. Other than the [b][i]Royal Guard[/i][/b] military was nonexistent making it easy for any invasion to happen. In the year [b][i]456[/i][/b] [b][i]Illiricium[/i][/b] and [b][i]Zorian[/i][/b] where attacked without a warning by the [b][i]Enadian Kingdom[/i][/b]. [b][i]Illiricans[/i][/b] fought a 10 year brutal war for survival but it was hopeless. The [b][i]Illirican Civilisation[/i][/b] fell... fell to be inslaved for more than a thousand years. The [b]Enadians[/b] brought with them many illneses that killed off [b]80%[/b] of the population. Illiricium fell...[b]but not forever...[/b]


[b]New Dawn[/b]
[spoiler=Chapter 3][box]The [b][i]Enadian[/i][/b] rule saw [b][i]Illiricium[/i][/b] getting divided into [b]5[/b] [b][i]Autonomous Regions[/i][/b]. Not many migrants came, those who came to live in [b][i]''The Colonies''[/i][/b] would usualy get killed or harassed by the population. As [b][i]Tarra[/i][/b] reached the [b][i]16'th[/i][/b] century, many Illiricans studied in the [b][i]Mainland[/i][/b] just so that they can come back to [b][i]The Colonies[/i][/b] and open up their own schools and universities. The [b][i]Illirican[/i][/b] population would get smarter and smarter dush end up seeing in what state was the [b][i]Enadian Empire[/i][/b]. That knowledge led to the formation of many radical movments, most promenent being the [b][i]Illirican Broderhood[/i][/b] led by a young and educated man and a hero named [b][i]''Marko Ćosić''[/i][/b]. He would travel all across the [b]Colonies[/b] radicalising people and arming them for an upcoming revolution. In [b][i]1715[/i][/b] came the time to revolt against the tirany of the [b]Empire[/b]. All over the nation in major cities the [b][i]Red Flag[/i][/b] with a [b][i]Black Cross[/i][/b]in the corner would end up rising. It took [b]5[/b] years for the [b]Broderhood[/b] to liberate [b]Illiricium.[/b] In [b][i]1720[/i][/b] the heroic nation finally got its independence as a [b][i]Free Republic[/i][/b]... but everyone knows that peace and Illiricium dont go hand in hand and a new enemy would rise... this time... [b][i]from within...[/i][/b]


[b]The Rise of Evil[/b]
[spoiler=Chapter 4][box]Many where unhappy with the [b]New Republic[/b] especailly when it reopened relations with [b]Enadia[/b] and other nations, they wanted to remain pure and isolated... [i]''No longer shall [b]Illiricium[/b] work with those who brought injustice to our people''[/i] is what they said. Whenever the [b]Republic[/b] passed a progresive law they would riot and clash with the military. They called themselfs [b][i]''Fascists''[/i][/b] and they wanted nothing but pure [b]Illiricium[/b]. Just [b]15[/b] years after the [b]''War of Independence''[/b] the [b]Fascist Barbarians[/b] would rise up in [b]1735[/b] starting the [b][i]''First Illirican Civil War''[/i][/b]. In [b]1736[/b], [b][i]Alexandria[/i][/b] would fall into chaos and with it [b][i]The Republic[/i][/b] would collapse into [b][i]Anarchy[/i][/b], the only thing that stood against the [b]Fascists[/b] where small untrained militias and the [b]Republics Loyalists[/b] led by [b][i]Marko Ćosić[/i][/b]. They where easily defeated and [b][i]Marko  Ćosić[/i][/b] would end up being executed in [b]1737[/b]. [b][i]Jovan Ilić[/i][/b] would end up becoming the first [b]Fascist Dictator Illiricium[/b] would have... but there was still hope for the young nation. A illegal [b]socialist party[/b] would be formed and their goal... the destruction of [b]fascism[/b] forever...