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Timeline of Montanity (Canonical)

30BCE- First signs of Montanity's culture
1202- Montanity is founded in Sicily
1309- Loafism is founded
1399- Montanity lands on the coast of Italy
1400- Montanity makes their first flag
1700- Montanity gets invaded by Italy
1787- Montanity revolts and forms again in Sicily
1807- Montanity becomes a Commonwealth
1899- Montanity celebrates the end of the 1800s
1900- The Montian Golden Age Starts
1930- Montanity gets invaded by Italy again
1989- Montanity Revolts
1999- Montanity gets invaded by Spain
2001- Spain gives Montanity independence
2008- Montanity colonizes Ancapstands
2009- Montanity gets colonized by Middle Vers and Accipitridia
2011- Montanity gets independence
2020- Montanity gets colonized by Middle Vers and Santamar
2029- Santamar gives Montanity independence
2070- Montanity gets ejected from The North Pacific
2099- Montanity bans comnunism
2100- Montanity enters Modern Tech (TP)
2109- Montanity makes a Non-human policy
2222- Montanity's Dictatorship ends
2223- WarPeace123 puts a treaty on Montanity and alot of land is loss
2225- Montanity builds the Uktqz Ana Tower
2238- Third Soviet Union Puppets Montanity
2239- Korolk buys Montanity from the Third Soviet Union
2256- Montanity gets freedom
2356- Montanity is colonized by Middle Vers and German Fomee
2370- Montanity breaks off from Middle Vers and refounds itself
2400- German Fomee Colonizes Montanity
2456- German Fomee turns to Pan European Union
2678- Montanity leaves German Fomee
2689- Montanity is colonized by Middle Vers
2710- Montanity Refounds itself in San Francisco
2712- Montanity is colonized by Middle Vers
2720- Montanity allows access to WWW
2735- The NWMI is shut down
2741- Montanity becomes a Versian Protectorate
2769- Montanity joins the Ancap-Versian Union
2801- Montanity is Free!
2809- Montanity reopens NWMI
2818- The Sicily Nuclear Disaster happens
2826- Montanity is annexed
2830- Unannexed lol
2857- Jolkma is killed
2859- Huipsk is elected as president
2867- Montanity turns into a Monarchy
2909- Montanity leaves Earth/ Huipsk dies
2912- John Perkins is elected Prime Minister
2923- First Montianitie sent into space
2931- First Montianitie satellite in orbit
2947- Montanity becomes socialist
2986- Montanity becomes a dictatorship
2997- Montanity becomes a Parliamentary Monarchy
3000- John Perkins dies and Ujiok Queki is elected
3001- Ujiok is killed and Qwueki Oipal is elected
3002- Montanity turns 1800 Years old
3047- GravTest is put into orbit
3051- Montanity turns capitalist
3069- Montanity reached T10 SA and D5 DF
3077- Montanity becomes independent
3078- Montanity goes communist
3103- King Yolpi Perkins is Killed, Maroi Perkins his child becomes king
3121- Maroi Perkins dies, Lukas Ouaia becomes president
3122- Montianitie Civil War happens, Montanity gets colonized by Middle Vers
3125- Montanity gets freedom
3135- Lukas Ouaia commits suicide, King Wasjsh 11th gets elected an installs a Monarchy
3136- Montanity gets colonized by Middle Vers
3137- Montanity introduces Capitalism
3140- Montanity gets independence
3143- Montanity gets coup'd, overthrowing the Monarchy
3144- Current Year