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518 AD

In 518, an event occured that took every person on the continent by surprise. In the early days of the year, the Heldrada Empire officially collapsed under pressure from it's revolting population, ruined economy and inflated army. From the ashes, many other nations were created, that seeked to reclaim the prestige and fame of conqureing the center of the late Heldrada Empire.

The Empire of Keinerland was the largest successor of the Heldrada Empire. Ruled by Queen Anastasia I, it's land stretches from the Balkans to Egypt and to Persia. Neighbouring their biggest rival, the Gharavid Empire, potential war was never out of the question. However, with them concentrating on internal matters such as industry while the Gharavid concentrated on building up their forces for a potential conflict, the queen made a call to mobilize the legions to go to war. In April, 518, Keinerland and Gharavid went to war (Aras War), which resulted in a Keinerlandian victory and an immediate tribute from the Gharavid Empire. In the meantime, the two nations signed the Treaty of "Eternal Peace".