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by The Corvus Rčjk of Porymonia. . 19 reads.

Di-On (moon)



original picture taken of Di-On
taken at the NP-system, second astroid belt

Di-On is a small moon orbiting Earth. it is owned by the Corvusian corporation and a few private companies. it was originally an astroid home to the second astroid belt in the NP-system, but it was moved to the solar system by the Corvus Rčjk for better trade oppurtunities. it orbit isn't perfect, it can be as close as 403.000 kilometres from earth and as far as 489.000 kilometres from earth. it has a diameter of 726 kilometres. it's name comes from the position it used to have in the second astroid belt at the NP-system. it was originally located between the two bigger astroids called D12-I324 and O2-N666.

the astroid is rich in resources. it is most likely made out of bunch of smaller astroids which collided with each other. it's very rich in Horamite a material originally found by Horacellum. it's known for it's radioactive capibilities and currently the Corvus Rčjk and The Wires Empire hold an olargipoly on it. the soil of the moon are made from a few different materials. the largest part of the planet is made out of a yellow-ish soil. it is very mineral rich. some parts of the moon are a combination of ice and frozen soil. the rest of the moon is mostly made out of a purple-ish crystal. the core is made out of molten iron and gold. in the soil there is platanium, cobalt, gold and iron. there is also coal and a few diamonds. there moon only has a bit of gasses in it's atmosphere, which are mostly toxic. the moon has a few astroids around it, probably from a fairly recent colition. the Corvus Rčjk is currently removing these for safety of the moon and Earth.

The Corporation is in charge of the moon. they have almost full control over it. they entirely control the resource on the moon. the governor of the planet is Madaam Luytha. a high ranking officer in the hive and corporation. She used to lead the astroid mining sector of the Corporation. the Corporation has it's headquarters settled in the moon's capital Huya. apart from the Corporation there are a few other small companies located on the planet. some are branches of the Corporation and some are separate from it. most of them are originally Porian, but there is some room for foreign businesses. the other businesses hold very little power