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All Kantrian References in my book that I will end up not publishing

Oh yeah! So remember this?
Too-Technical Japan wrote:Is it book character design time?

Yes, yes it is.

(I had forgotten that I had meant to tell you all this stuff and then Kolron posted something like this so I'm really sorry that I kind of copied you, but the characters themselves look nothing alike.)
You can easily pick out which one I am. The girl with too much yellow in her design. This book is going to be full of Easter eggs, random references to Kantrias, and old names I am reusing.

The girl on the far left is Alex. She is my friend’s OC, and has the power to put people to sleep by touching them. This is only transmitted through touching the skin, so gloves prevent her from randomly making those she hugs fall asleep.

The one next to her in the middle left is me. Ichika. She has telekinesis, and it can be shown through blue energy I randomly threw in there. Very different from Rose, eh?
Speaking of Rose... I reused her power for a girl named Aria. She has wings (obviously) and is on the opposite side (there are two sides, ASTO (American Society of Talented Others) and NNB (New Natormy Base)) or ASTO. (Our heroines are on NNB.)

Back on track, Naomi (or EC) has the power of charm. She can basically manipulate anyone to do their bidding. Her younger brother, Charles (who is not featured in this photo but the next one and is Antarctical Nordic Lands), has the power of luck. Pretty self explanatory.

Cathal (the one in the wheelchair) is the paralyzed mashup of Erik, Uclosa's design, and Cathal (or Sulter and Ulm's characters) from the first book I showed to you all, Don’t Feed the Freaks. Cathal has the power to fight really well and his left arm turns all scaly when doing so. His power activation can be shown by his eyes glowing orange. Of course, I didn’t really know what he would look like so I messed around with his appearance. He looks way different than he does in this photo. He also has prosthetic legs now! Yayyy

Terra (Who is not in any of these photos) is the mashup of Sulter’s design and Timmy from DFF (don’t feed the freaks). Terra looks exactly like Cathal, but shorter, and has a grayish-blue trench coat. His powers are manipulating plants. Also shown by orange eyes.

Where is Page, or Seraph/Tuskena’s character from DFF?
Good question! He is on the ASTO side, similar to Rose’s reincarnation. He goes by John or something now, but I dunno he might have rock arms or have the power of sight but I just remembered him a few weeks ago so he’s not a very well developed character yet.

Hooolllldd up you mentioned Mihai and Kolron a few weeks ago! What’s up with that?!
Ah yes. I loved including them into this book. Truly a wonderful time I had confusing my friend with Zoygarian. If you’re wondering what I did,
Mihai and Kolron Avarí Kaschak are father and son. (Adopted I think, but I made them have the same eyes so maybe Mihai is Kolron’s uncle? I don’t know) (In this world everyone has powers but it’s super unique so some people’s powers only work when their counterpart is around.) Mihai has the power to stop time temporarily in a small area, or at least make everything sluggish. Kolron’s works best when Mihai’s is in affect. When they blink during that stopped time period, they stop the energy that fuels the present people’s powers and basically erase their powers until Kolron blinks again. If Kolron doesn’t use their power while Mihai stops time, then they can pick one person and drain their energy, causing them to fall unconscious. Also Mihai is still Zoygarian, they use Zoygarian regularly to accompany their English. But Kolron is ✨Italian✨.

Who is the pink girl?
She is the character of my friend, she lives in an AU where I kill the current squad and leave Charles all alone. Oh yes! And Ichika is currently being blackmailed by a reincarnated Erik! He can read minds and is really annoying and kills the current squad. I know. Not a very good reincarnation.

What are the colorful masks on the characters?
Those are the way that we can distinguish NNB from ASTO. ASTO has codenames you refer to your fellow recruits as, and NNB uses your real name and hides your face. Did I mention that ASTO is American and NNB is the rest of the world? It was a coincidence I’m sorry

Why did you tell us all this?
In summer of 2021 I will hopefully be finished with this storyline and publish it to Wattpad! I'm already sort of some with the first book I just need to transfer it. It's gonna be super unprofessional and lazy because it was done over roleplay, so it will look bad and its pretty cliche but I had fun while making this stuff so its fiiiiine.

I think I covered everything. Whew! That as a lot to type. Hopefull ythat all makes sense

I think I'm not going to publish it, sorry.

But! That doesn't mean you don't get to see all the references I sprinkled in and confused the HECK out of my roleplay partners.

Oh yes! Speaking of which, since this was done on roleplay the style of writing will switch every "entry" or paragraph. Just a warning. Two people wrote this part (one of them being me) so I will distinguish them and such.

(...) = notes while writing
{...} = notes from me to you all

Person 1's writing, or the person who created Alex: Three days later:
I had finally learned the true location of the NNB headquarters: Lake Komo, Italy. (that's where my dad's side of the family comes from, hope it's okay that I added it) It was under the lake itself, a glass dome being the main ceiling, and there was always a beautiful view. The entrance was a building of traditional Italian architecture, which was already beautiful on its own, and the pink bougainvillea crawling up the side made it that much more awestricking. We were on the roof of said building again, being more careful, but having had an easier time getting up. Everything was easier since Cathal got legs.
The burst of energy I had accidentally sent out had only just worn off, and people were finally readjusting to their old sleep schedules. Terra had grown a bougainvillea dome about us, so that we wouldn't be seen, and we were so busy laughing, we didn't hear the airship.

Me, my writing - New POV:
Mihai Avarí Kaschak

“Papa! Papa!” I turned around to see my son, Kolron, running towards me. He was in a hurry, his eyes wide and trench coat hastily thrown on to meet me outside. The fog was quite thick, it was almost as if the scene around us was from a movie.
“Yes, (I hope you don’t mind that I use different languages, this is Zoygarian.) amiko? What has happened?”
“Father, they’ve come. AGAIN. This is the- the 4th time. I believe.”
“Who? The museum critics? Or one of those, ‘Karens’ as you call them?”
Kolron laughed dryly. “I wish. It’s those ASTO soldiers again. They want to check. AGAIN. I’ve already locked and secured the entrance to the base and collected an old friend to tie together the act.” I smiled at him and ruffled his hair. “You’re so smart. Always ahead of everything. Now, I will greet them at the gates. Adió!”
His disappearing silhouette waved back at me, and the horrible noise of an airship I knew too well filled my ears. The fallen leaves were upturned from their resting places, forming a sort of tornado in the area. Someone of high rank stepped forwards with a group of soldiers behind them.
“Ah. Mihai. Greetings.”
“Salutations. ...May I ask the reason for your visit? And how many people are with you...?”
“Ah, you know. The usual.” They smiled, the brim of their hat hiding their face.
I chuckled awkwardly. “Right then. This way please.” I turned on my heels and opened the doors of the museum. “Remember, please be careful.”
“Oh, we will. Don’t worry, dear friend.”

Alex - As we sat on the roof {we had the characters take refuge on a roof for some reason. Dunno why, honestly}, a head popped up through the trapdoor that we came from. He was about 13, Italian-looking, and had a thick accent. I understood what he was going to say, but when the words came out, all I heard was silence. I knew what was happening. The ASTO was here. The boy pulled us down into a storage closet, and handed us each a Rantsar mask, trading then in for our full masks. Mine was green, Ichika donned a blue one, and Naomi had a burnt orange one. Everyone had a mask similar in color to their real masks. He poked his head out of the closet, making sure no one was there, then pulled us out after him. We were instructed to act like normal museum guests. We split up, Naomi, Charles, and Terra going in one direction, varied enough in age to pass as a family, Ichika and Cathal going to observe a large painting depicting a past hero. I headed off to the corner closest to the door, hoping to be able to put the agents to sleep. As they walked in, however, one of them glanced at me... And recognition split his gaze.

Me - I felt kind of bare without my full face mask. I was grateful for the Rantsar mask that covered half my face, but it still felt different. This was no time for making it all about myself, we need to succeed as a team and pull this off. I naturally started pouring over the quality of the art.
“The shading! LOOK AT THE SHADING. Cat {I also reused nicknames if that's okay} are you looking?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Eh, I guess so.”
“Oh my gosh! How small do you think the brush had to be to paint those tiny snowflakes?”
“On the Iodkranian {not a Kantrian reference but still a NS one} Morning one? Hmm, maybe as tiny as an ASTO soldier brain.”
“Hush, don’t say that we’re supposed to act neutral.”
We heard footsteps behind us, and turned around to see two figures. One, tall, and had the same eyes as the boy who gave us the masks. However they didn’t look too similar, maybe the boy was adopted {BECAUSE 4th WALL BREAKING}. But that’s not my business to investigate. The other was even taller. They had a hat that concealed their face, but I couldn’t see anything else besides their long coat.
“Ah! Hello, you two. Enjoying your visit?”
Cathal and I nodded.
“Good, good. And—“
“Mihai, we have matters to discuss while the search is ongoing. No time for another one of your tours. And certainly not enough time right now for chatter. Goodbye.”
The hat-man nodded briskly to us, and walked down the hallway. The kinder man, apparently named Mihai, followed them. They were adjusting their glasses {I wrote this in October. Little did pat me know that glasses are now a part of Zoy's design} and fidgeting with their red scarf nervously, it made me feel sorry for them.
“Kiki, look. It’s a flying pig. From PastelCloudz Land.”

Alex - "Alex? Is that you?" I turned, meeting the eyes of my once-friend.
"I'm sorry, I don't know who you are talking about. You mistake me for someone else." I muttered, glancing down.
His look of confusion shifted, turning darker, angrier.
"Hey! Over here! It's Alex!" He shouted, calling the attention of the other agents. I spun, trying to run, but tripped, crashing to the hard marble. "What are you doing here, Alex?"
"I... You wouldn't understand."
"You Turned, didn't you? How could you, Alex? We trusted you!" The other agents were running towards us, and I recognized all of them, too. William, the one standing over me, had the Talent of sight. Aura, the tall girl with wings flying over, could, well, you can probably guess {Rose reincarnation!}. Paul could control rocks/earth {Page reincarnation!}, Hazel could manipulate shadows, and Sierra could read minds. My Rantsar mask had slipped off, exposing my identity for all to see, and now I was in trouble. See, the thing about Sierra's power was that she knew what everyone was planning, so she could stop them. Every move I tried would be countered, so there was no way to win. They had all pulled out black gloves, and were slipping them on, presumably so that I couldn't put them to sleep. I started crawling away, but rammed into someone. Ria. She had the same power as me: sleep. She reached down and touched my forehead, and as I fainted, I saw Ichika and the others turn.

Me - I panicked, seeing Alex’s unconscious body lying on the tiled floors of the museum. Cathal and I glanced at each other, reading each other’s thoughts to act as museum guests. I kept my mouth shut, I had turned only 4 years ago. Cathal on the other hand had turned 11 years ago. No way they could recognize him.
“Ehhh... hah. Hi?”
A girl with wings moved forward to inspect us better.
“You two look familiar.”
“You look a lot like our friend. Except without the purple eyes and white hair.”
I was getting more nervous and shrinking behind Cathal.
“What’s wrong with her?”
“She’s mute and had a bit of trauma. Speaking of which, we should get going. It’s close to dinner time anyway.”
I nodded, going along with the act. A short girl with her dirty blonde hair tied in braids was about to chase after us, but a boy with rock arms stopped her.
“They won’t be useful. They look weak anyway.”
“I’m taking that as a goodbye. Dobranoc. “
We casually walked into a garden with stone statues of notable Italian figures. I began pacing, my shoes spraying up water on my leggings from the damp grass.
“What do we do what do we do WHADDAWEDO?!?”
“Ah. Not mute. I figured.”
The same girl with braids leaped down from the tiled roofs, and a dark-skinned girl with her black frizzy hair tied back in a ponytail stood up behind a bush.
“Eh?! What- how?”
“See, Ria? Dumb as rocks.” The girl with the braids cackled.
“Oh suuuure.” Cathal seethed.
“Calm down big guy, we don’t want to drag your dead body anywhere.” The girl with the ponytail jeered behind us. I turned to face her, my head spinning wildly with all the things that just happened and the outcomes.
“Who said it would be his?” Terra’s voice came from the doorway. The strands of grass began to move, and they braided themselves forming a huge dome around the frizzy haired girl who was apparently named Ria, trapping her. Cathal charged at the girl with the braids. For once with his powers activated, he seemed clumsy. The girl darted about, dodging and blocking like it was nothing. A cry came from behind me, and a boy with rock arms tackled Terra to the ground. I spun around, and imagined hands reaching out and putting pressure on the muscles where the boy’s neck reaches his shoulders. Soon enough, he was wailing from the pressure and pain, and he passed out.
I found myself being choked by a shadow. I’m not exactly sure how a shadow could grab someone, but hey anything can happen. And if it was solid enough to be grasping someone’s neck, then it would certainly hear Charles’ voice. And feel a sudden volley of paint buckets that came out of nowhere hit its head. The shadow fell immediately, crumpling onto the ground and transforming into a small girl with brown hair and golden eyes.

Alex -"STOOOP!" Mihai yelled, and time slowed {FINALLY you get to see his glorious powers}. Everything felt sluggish, in the weird half awake zone time had stopped me in. Mihai walked towards me, and I felt my conciseness restored.
"Thank you."
"Ní da za ço. You're welcome."
I walked over to Ichika, who smiled, then said, "Multiple blackouts can cause amnesia, you know."
"Thanks. I'll keep that in mind next time we get attacked."
"Haha. Now, how do we defeat these guys?"
"Umm... I don't really remember. I think that William can see the future, but is only right half the time, and Sierra moves to intercept strikes before they happen, so if you can tell what she's doing, you can do the opposite. Other than that, I don't remember. Sorry."
Just then, Kolron strolled in, and blinked. Everything stopped {IF IT WERE A MOVIE SCENE IT WOULD BE SO COOL}.
Not frozen, but the flow of energy, constant and true, vanished. It was like he had sucked my powers out of me, and, by the looks on everyone's faces, them too. He had given us a fair chance! Cathal was the first to attack. His Talent was focused on fighting, and even though it was gone, he could still pack a punch. He knocked Paul over, and tackled Aura, shoving them both into a janitor closet. Terra joined him on the battlefield, holding a foil blade from Ichika, who was busy throwing ninja stars that had just been constructed. I wasn't the strongest fighter, but I could still jump on top of someone. I ended up sprawled on top of Hazel, holding her down as Ichika tied her wrists. Once all ASTO agents had been contained, Kolron blinked again, and our powers returned. He took off down the lawn, only pausing to say "Arrivederci! Goodbye!"

Me -
POV: Mihai Avarí Kaschak

“Yes. Sadly, those who harm the exhibits are prohibited from the museum from now on.”
My ‘dear friend’ glared at the kids the other, more colorful group, both by appearance and vocabulary, beat up. I could recognize Cathal from when Kolron befriended him, and shot a small smile at them.
“Fine. Arrivederci.” With a tip of his hat their group boarded the airship, and disappeared with a horrible noise into the fog.
“GRAĆI DAKU!!” I yelled after it, smiling all the while. The colorful group cheered. Kolron returned from the closet, and handed the kids their New Natormy masks.
“I say, we all deserve a nice cup of tea. Ví?”

After that we kinda discarded the Mihai and Kolron characters and tossed in one of my other friends to write with us. So yeah. That's pretty much all the references for now.