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"Do you hear the ponies cheer?"

Halifax, West Heisen
09:48 HST - 27/5/2389 ALB

The city of Halifax was where the uprising that collapsed the West Heisenian State took root. With a populace who were familiar with the ideas of communism and social democracy, total oppression and repression wouldn't work. Thus, the MineLegotiponyians called upon its Commonwealth allies in order to help occupy the West Heisenian land. Those with more of an even hand in occupying unruly populations, that didn't end in extermination of rebellious sentiments with the help of an A-10 Warhog. Thus the East Maconians, Calavarians, Equestrian Imperials, and even MineLegoEquestrians were requested to help assist in the occupation.

With the capitulation of the West Heisenian state, anarchy had taken place instead of law and order in the lands. And the MineLegotiponyian soldiers weren't helping the panic. But with the overwhelming force of the Trans-Commonwealth Occupational Force (TCOF), order was slowly being restored even if the Heisenians looked at them with suspicion and fear. Which was understandable. Seeing a griffon walk around next to an equine size bug properly caused that. The MineLegotiponyians for their part ignored the fear, and instead began assembling an interim government, laying out its plans in a nice little document. Called the Plan to Reconstruct West Heisen Economically, Socially, and Politically Under A Moderate and Proper Government System. Was it long and pedantic? Yes. Was it a good plan? Well the MineLegoEquestrians and Senator Tailspin certainly thought so. They did hire three professors from the University of Crystallia to help with the plan, so it probably was.

The flag of the older West Heisen state was raised upon the city of Halifax's town hall. Becoming the seat of the interim government. Two generals, Three Bureaucrats, A Professor, and two Representatives from the local populace conscripted into this mess of a ruling body. It sounded like a bad joke, and it probably was.

General Forward had been promoted upon the end of the war, whilst Mandra still stayed as a Lt. General. Seniority reasons they said. But Mandra had shrugged it off. So that wasn't a problem. That left the problem that they were to be temporarily part of the interim government until order and compliance was restored to West Heisen. Which probably meant years. And he wasn't looking forward to spending a decade in West Heisen. The weather was dreadful, and it rained a bit too much for his liking. The populace was angry and riled up, and the militant trade unions still lurked about.

Professor Christiaan Snouck von Hurgron was a human. Crystallian for the fact and had taught in the University of the province, before that was being requested with help in occupying West Heisen. Forward's eyes flickered to the three bureaucrats appointed to the occupation. One was Seksitianprodusenfurher Mareinka Lavis von Legien, who had been appointed by Her Highness' to be the head of the interim government. The other two's names alluded him, but he knew they weren't nobodies. The two pegasi flanked their earth pony leader with a sense of duty and jealously. It was probably going to tear the government in half if he didn't do something about them...

Finally, his eyes turned to the two trade union leaders that the MineLegotiponyians had quickly captured and appointed to the government. They weren't of any of the large trade unions, but rather the ones most dominant in Halifax. Richard Levx and Turkov Laisk were their names. And they looked at the rest of the interim government with sneers. And the bureaucrats returned them along with Mandra. The situation was tense, and the air was tense too.

"Alright then, since we've all started sneering, what do you want?" Mareinka said, turning to the two natives with a glare. "You obviously think we're foreign imperialist, here to advance the goals of the capitalist and bourgeois plans. What do you want to do then? Since we can goddamn tell you aren't going to listen to us."

Richard made a sneer before speaking. "The liberation of West Heisen from your imperialist hands-"

"Hooves," Everypony in the room interjected.

"-and the reunification of it from the grasps of all the other capitalist hordes! The working class shall not be oppressed once more under the boot of the capitalist pigs!" He announced, slamming his hands on the table and propelling him into a stand. "Leave! And let us be free!"

The room was quiet, and one could just hear the comedic sound effect of the sweat rolling of Richard. The imperialists all looked at him with either sneer, a bored look, or just a thin line reminiscent of a poker face.

"You do realize we're the least worse of occupiers right? We have a goddamn Ethics Committee for f*cks sake!" Exclaimed Mareinka, flinging a pen onto the floor with a click and a clack. Glaring at the trade union leader. "In which nation do you think going to have an Ethics Committee in helping to occupy your land? Tell me, Richard, tell me!"

"I-well the other communist nations of the Confederation would surely-" He was interrupted by a louder slamming of hooves on the table, as Mareinka knocked his seat onto the floor.

"Those Communists are spineless? They surrendered before they got hit? You'd think they can come to help your sorry hind? No! They can't! And we're the best of the worse you're gonna get!" He exclaimed, gesticulating with a hoof dramatically to the air. "The New Englanders are New Englanders, that's already bad! Have you seen New Englanders? And they're gonna exploit your land! The Cryptonnians probably aren't gonna listen to you! And we're the only ones, who have advocated for Ethics Committees on your land, actually asked you lot what you want, and everything else! So sit down, forget those fantasies of liberating West Heisen. The Interim Government is here, and you better help us if you actually care about your populace. Now, sit back down!"

The union leader sat back down with a humpf, and Mareinka looked around the room again before sitting back down. Drawing a breath in, and letting out sigh, he adjusted his tie before turning to the professor in the room.

"What's our best course of action, professor?" Christiaan let out a hum before speaking.

"Well, certainly providing the basic amenities and enforcing the law upon the land. After that, probably the deradicalisation of the populace. Calm them down, and the such. Before allowing them some form of basic governance, and allow democracy again," The Professor shrugged. "They have to see us not as the threat, but as the re-constructors."

"Good luck doing that," Turkov spoke up for once. "The populace is convinced you're gonna be murdering us all, despite your colourful exteriors."

"And we won't be doing that, no reprisals I promise, because the Ethics Committee will hound me before I get to even sign the order, and will lead to my death after falling down a flight of stairs," Mareinka deadpanned. "So we have to win over an angry populace? Any thing new? Is there like a broken pipe?"

"We're in a state of anarchy, basic supplies aren't even reaching the places required. If you can deal with armed trade union guerillas than go ahead!" Richard huffed. Mareinka shook his head and turned to Forward.

"Get on with it."

"Understood sir."