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2024 Neom Bay Conference

2 0 2 4N E O MB A YA T M AC O N F E R E N C E

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Abessinienreich wrote:
          | 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐓𝐮𝐫𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐡 𝐒𝐮𝐥𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐞 | 𝐓𝐫𝐤 𝐒𝐮𝐥𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐥ığı |

            Ministry of Foreign Affairs

          May 2024 | Neom Bay Airport, Saudi Arabia

        The Sultan arrives at NEOM BAY Airport

The Sultan is headed to Saudi Arabia in regards of the current tense situation in the Middle East and Africa.

The Sultan lands at the airport with the Turkish Royal Airbus A340, the airport crew quickly attaches a stair case, first coming out is a group of classic black suit in sunglasses guards, then ceremonial guards with fezzes came down with multiple Turkish advisors with the Sultan, he continues through the press as they were taking photos and films. The Sultan is wearing is royal uniform, with a Fez on his head, he continues on the red carpet to meet a Saudi official.

Alzarikstan wrote:Standing at the end of the red carpet would be King Talal al-Saud wearing his white and gold thawb and his pure white thawb along with Minister of Defense Prince Nasser bin Hamad al-Khalifa al-Saud and National Security Advisor Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud wearing similar outfits. With the sun reflecting off his aviator glasses, King Talal al-Saud would flash a smile and provide a nod to the Sultan as he approached. Extending his hand for a firm handshake, Talal would begin:

l King Talal al-Saud l:

    "Sultan. It is very gracious to meet with you this beautiful afternoon. I hope that your flight was well yes? I am truly looking forward to our discussions today as we continue the Turk-Arabian Partnership and further communication and prosperity between Riyadh and Ankara."

Abessinienreich wrote:
    | Hamid smile's back at the King, once approaching him the Sultan shakes Talal's hand, smiling he would say; |

| Sultan Abdul Hamid III | "My flight was gracious Talal, great afternoon it is. I am too is looking forward to continue our Turk-Arabian partnership, may success and security prevail in the middle east. Our alliance that has been made on April 2014, singed as the Arab-Turkic Muslim Alliance or ATMA, hopefully we can continue further corporation without damaging our interests. "

Alzarikstan wrote:King Talal al-Saud:

    "Yes indeed the ATMA has brought great development to the Peninsula as Ankara has demonstrated itself to be a reliable partner. With ongoing tensions in the Middle East, I think that it is imperative for us to renegotiate this ATMA to make it more modern, reliable, stable, and productive for both of our countries."

King Talal and Sultan Abdul would walk into the palace and to the throne room, where there would be two thrones placed facing each other with a long polished redwood table in the middle of both individuals.

King Talal al-Saud:

    "Sultan Abdul, I will not waste time. With the new reconfiguration of the Middle East, we have found ourselves in quite the predicament and I would like to know personally and truthfully where Ankara's true interests reside in the region."

Abessinienreich wrote:| Sultan Abdul Hamid III | "Well..."

    | Hamid would Sigh |

| Sultan Abdul Hamid III | "As you know there is a current arms race in the Middle East, Turkey is more directed against Egypt but the Galla, an ally of the Sultanate and Turkey since 1900s has seemed to be concerned about your expanding power and has sided with Egypt. This is where international relations go complicated and can lead to misunderstandings. ATMA was a great alliance between us but now Turkey is being forced to one side. The Sultanate is trying to remain neutral regarding this, but as the Galla is getting more closer with Egypt, and as Turkey is against Egypt it has become a mix-up of matters. The ATMA should be more modern I strongly agree with that, but I also dont want the Galla deciding to go full on Egypt's side as if we betrayed them."

Alzarikstan wrote:King Talal al-Saud:

    "And yet if the Sultanate continues to increase their cooperation with Galla, who is knowingly anti-Arab and anti-Islam, the Sultanate will push itself not only away from Saudi Arabia but also potentially from the Persian Gulf Pact members, who collectively represent the 3rd largest economic market in the world and robust military capabilities both individually and collectively...more than the Galla can ever muster let alone contribute to security measures if it wanted to. Yes there is history between Galla and Turkey but there is also history between Arabia and Turkey going back to the 1800s and prior. Galla going to Egypt is a simple pivot because of Egypt's manpower and their positioning of the Suez. The desire of the Galla to acquire the Bab el-Mandeb Strait is to solidify both their positions and demonstrate a chokehold on global trade if matters do not go their way in accordance to their national interests and policy. Ankara. Saudi Arabia possesses the largest deposits of natural gas and oil, of which you need in addition to direct access to the Indian Ocean, of which you also need.

    Understanding that the recent pivot of Syria to Iraq may have Ankara rather on edge, think of it this way: through pivoting back to a friendship with Arabia and managing economic deals with the Persian Gulf Pact, Turkey is placed in a much better position than continuing to keep an alliance or partnership of a sizable degree with the Galla, who clearly wants tensions to boil over toward war with Arabia. Not once has Saudi Arabia sought discord or tensions with the Galla let alone Egypt. Saudi Arabia has not done anything but to ensure the utmost security of its own people and the peninsula. Your country is predominantly Muslim Sultan Abdul. How would your people genuinely feel is Turkey is found to militarily support a country who not only despises Arabs but also is clearly growing anti-Muslim. Abdul, you are a Muslim sovereign....hence your title of Sultan. There should be no question where you should place your cooperation further. I do not care for the words, rhetorics, or actions of Egypt as Saudi Arabia has contingency plans such as a Red Sea A2/AD (Anti-Area/Access Denial) framework that stretches from the mouth of the Red Sea to the Bab el-Mandeb Strait. Egypt is the least of my worries and neither is the Galla."

King Talal al-Saud would take a sip of tea.

King Talal al-Saud:

    "The 2014 Alliance between our countries demonstrated recognition of Arabia as the leader of the Arab World and continual leader of the Muslim World in conjunction to bilateral understandings and coordination of policies that are mutual beneficial to both countries. This Ankara pivot to a country that seeks the subjugation of Arabs and the grotesque mockery of Islam is quite abhorrent and it is not a fire that I would play with in any regard. It is within your best interest to really prioritize your security and political commitments to the Galla but the firing of a missile or the firing of a gun will be caused by the negligence of Gallans and their antiquated disillusions of grandiose destiny acclamations instead of the real reality of the current times."

Abessinienreich wrote:
    | Hamid straightens his Fez, and thinks about Talal's response...looking at the vast ceiling on the top, then he would look down to the floor. He looks back at Talal and says; |

| Sultan Abdul Hamid III | "I will negotiate to the Gallan officials about the Musilm community in Galla and their foreign policy regarding Muslims King Talal I shall assure that for you. If the Galla does not agree to the Turkish terms I shall take on your side on the protection of Muslims. And also I must remind you, Turkey is not against Saudi Arabia at all, most military buildup is against Egypt. Hopefully the Galla would change its ways, they have been an important and strategic ally of the Turkish, and so has been the Saudi's and hopefully soon the Iraqis and Iranians. I also do not largely support the Gallan expansion in the middle east. I will be heading to Galla after this meeting to make sure Addis Ababa and Ankara are on the same page. The protection of Muslims must be an important policy of the Sultanate, thank you for prompting that subject King Talal. I do not want to outright leave the Gallans, that would be unfair and hurtful, so let us make this meeting as a warning to them, surely they would understand their wrong doing. But also I'm sure Galla's region at Somalia is where most Muslims are allowed to worship God freely."

"The Iraqi expansion into Syria does not concern me the at the greatest as long as they keep the region stable and do not attempt to nationalize the Turkish Oil mines and infrastructure there, Ankara shall not intervene. Now, economic deals you say? What is your proposal? Oil will not last forever so perhaps mutual technological research regarding civilian energy and products?"

Alzarikstan wrote:l King Talal al-Saud l:

    "I thankful to hear this from you Sultan Abdul and I am confident as will all Arabs in this Saudi Kingdom and across the Muslim World. Regarding economic deals, you are correct that oil will not last forever; however, what we have realized is that the global transition is to natural gas as well as civilian energy and products with nuclear power plants and solar. I can agree to mutual technological research projects between our two countries in this matter. I can allow for this to happen."

Abessinienreich wrote:| Sultan Abdul Hamid III | "Wonderful! I propose we begin with Saudi Arabia to join the Turkish-Iraqi joint Project regarding green energy. And my proposal regarding mutual technological research could start with the making of a grand cooperation via hydrogen fuel, they could be the worlds new energy source that does not cause any pollution of sort, if we could create technologies that process and mine Hydrogen much more efficiently that future could be achieved."

Alzarikstan wrote:l King Talal al-Saud l:

    "Saudi Arabia can commit the $2 billion toward hydrogen project and we will commit a $1.7 billion to the green energy project. I am sure there are some public and private energy companies as well as universities who will like to partake in these endeavors as well."

Abessinienreich wrote:| Sultan Abdul Hamid III | "I certainly Agree with this, anything else you propose? If not I will be going then, good evening Talal, this meeting was pleasant."


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