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2070 Map and RP
This is a link to the nation states RP thing some of us are doing. It is set in 2070. Nations Included so far: The Prussian-German Reich, Transcontinental Union, The Northern Lights Empire, The Seventh German Reich, Aether Inc, Rei Khan, Pervincia, Napolean the great, Flygonnia, Avrav, Little austria, Hockeyyekcoh,Omaribernard, Varque, Daraln, Jeconia, Notrasia, Novo Reslas, and Wallowis. Feel free to telegram me if you want to join. make sure to tell me what you want the name of your nation to be. It would be better if the name of your nation is relevant to it's location on the map and that nation's history (like how my nation name is The Seventh German Reich and I'm located in Germany). Along with that, try not to ask for puppets or colonies. I want to keep those to a minimum so there is as much space as possible for new players to join.

Aggression pacts, economic alliances, and military alliances: non-aggression pacts basically mean you guys won't go to war with each other, but you can still attack their allies (like if Me and Prussia are in an alliance, and NLE and I do an non-aggression pact, we cant attack each other, but NLE can still attack Prussia). economic alliances would mean that you help each other boost your economies and trade, and military alliances would mean that you defend each other from attacking nations (like the allies and axis in WW2, or the Entente and Central Powers in WW1). Economic alliances and military alliances would automatically count as non-aggression pacts, and it is possible to be all three, but usually it would be one or the other. New features that have been added are Stability and War support. You can read more about those in the RP region.

2070 RP Region
This is the region to discuss and play RP
Make a puppet nation with the name of your nation in the RP, add "2070 RP" at the end of the name, and then have it join the RP region. We have started the RP, so if you are thinking of joining, do it sooner rather than later!