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Trophies and Awards


Military Service

Flags Flown Under

Imperial ChinaSovereign Sword TWPirates

Ranks and Insignia

Enlisted in The West Pacific Armed Forces (TWPAF)
16 October 2019

Promoted to Private by Kawaii Schoolgirl
25 November 2019

Promoted to Corporal by by Kawaii Schoolgirl
April 2020 (est.)

Promoted to Lieutenant by Overthinkers
19 September 2020

TWPAF revived the Pirate theme of days gone by. Rank renamed Gunner.
19 September 2020

Promoted to Sailing Master by Nrevyw
24 September 2021


Operation Boom Beach
January 2021

Xedas Campaign Ribbon, presented by Land of Kings and Emperors
April 2020

Genua Campaign Ribbon, by Teralyon
May 2021

Osiris Delegate Transition, by Teralyon
June 2021

Events and Festivals

For participation in Z-Day 8
30 October 2019

For leading Comet to victory in the Reindeer Deathmatch
December 2019

For submitting material to The Festival of the Three Perfections
March 2020

University of The West Pacific Diploma
Inaugural class, 2020

For participating in Burning Marsupial II
April 2020

For going above and beyond during N-Day
September 2021

For participating in Burning Marsupial III

For winning the TWP Spades Tournament
July 2021