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Imperial Aid Association

The Imperial Aid Association
"His Majesty's Imperial Reign"


The Imperial Aid Association is a patriotic political party in the Vincence Empire, being made up of Monarchists, Conservatives, and the Old Gaurd, to protect the image of the Monarchy and to prevent Radical Changes, as well as embracing the Imperial History of the Vincence Empire and the Vincence Kingdom. Our goal is to prevent Radical Changes, keep focus towards the Monarchy, as well as return political power towards the Emperor.

Government Policy

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Vincent, is the Head of State and Soverign of the Vincent Empire

The House of Commons, the lower house, will be elected by the people, holding four seats

The House of Commons is able to propose laws and rules for the Vincent Empire

The House of Lords is appointed by the Emperor himself, holding four seats

The House of Lords inspects legislation proposes by the House of Commons

The House of Lords and House of Commons join together to form the National Council

The Political Party holding the Majority of the Seats in the Commons appoints a Prime Minister

In an event of a tie, a poll will be held to see what the majority of the population wants as PM

The Prime Minister will be able to appoint RO's as Members of the Cabinent with Imperial Approval

The Cabinent Includes a Minister of Defense, Roleplay, Foreign Affairs, and National Survey

The Emperor will be able to appoint a Judge (Or Minister of Justice / Law) which controls the Surpreme Cour

The Judge will also be able to nominee a Jury to provide a Verdict on the Defendent if nessecary

Roleplay Policy

The Minister of Roleplay will be able to appoint one or two Roleplay Admins

Roleplay Admins are responsible for enforcing RP Rules and verifying Posts

The Roleplay Admins will also nominate a Cartographer to create the Map

Roleplay Admins are also responsible for creating Roleplay Events

Roleplay Events include, Olympic Games, Natural Disasters, ect

The Emperor can void any descision by the Roleplay Admins

Goddmodding, Metagaming, and other rule breaking is stricly prohibited

Roleplay Admins can ban you from the Roleplay with Concent from the Emperor

Bans from the RP have four levels, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, and forever

RP Admins can remove a RP Ban early with concent from the Emperor

Volunteer Imperial Corps

The Volunteer Imperial Corps is a Paramilitary Organization within the Party

Its Responsibilities are for the protection of the Emperor and the association

In times of conflict and invasion, the Corps can be used for Civic Defense


In conclusion, the Imperial Aid Association is supportive towards the Vincence Monarchy, granting the Emperor more authority within the Government, by concent of descisions and appointments, and Roleplay, by serving as the final nay-sayer in Bans and Voisds. We also support his general rule over the Vincence Empire. The Volunteer Imperial Corps is for civic defense of the Nation, the Association, and of His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor.


Ethics Committee of the SCPF - Association President

The Greater Commonwealth of England - Association Secretary

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