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N-Day⁶ - September 25-26 2021 - SINGER faction

Pictured right is the flag of SINGER and - by extension - Go West.

After the almost-resounding success of We Still Like Mike Atherton in August 2017, I thought "why not do it again?" And so I did, moving 64 nations into Go West and then into a new faction called SINGER. It had some initial success in defending against, and striking, the Verchy Defense Coalition (Grishahakkaverchynot's puppet faction) after it decided to target a ton of nukes at Finlarvat. Later on, it managed to finish the demolition job, annihilate a nation residing in Lewisham's Potato Alliance-supportive Chips and Crisps faction and the only member of the Red Moon of East Asia faction.

Its downfall, however, was not caused by jacuzzis but by the Potato Alliance, who decided to hit SINGER at 1am BST - three hours into N-Day - for no apparent reason. (I insist that I was only stockpiling so many nukes to eradicate the VDC.) Despite delivering 5,959 out of 6,400 possible units of radiation during their onslaught, they somehow left sixteen nations alive; I was able to keep all sixteen alive between 1:50am and 3:30am, before my final nation in SINGER was destroyed by the Potato Alliance at 8:40am. Not that it mattered: the Alliance finished bottom and the Crabs of the Apocalypse swept the top eleven.

SINGER was fairly prominent, much more so than WSLMA: landing a score of -5,962 (the nineteenth-lowest in the world, out of 564 factions), 2,258 intercepts (the eighth-most in the world, mostly as a result of trying to protect my puppets from the Potato Alliance onslaught), 438 strikes (the fortieth-most in the world) and an arguably perfect 6,400 units of radiation (the twentieth-most in the world). Its 64 nations also made it the 22nd-largest faction in the world, even if I couldn't use all of them.

Fun fact: Faction descriptions can contain no more than 2,000 raw characters. My attempt to make the top line of my faction's description in fancy Technocolor put it above this threshold; after attempting to reenter it in non-coloured font, I accidentally forgot to close it off to members of Go West only, allowing Babuteste to enter - and subsequently move into the Potato Alliance after I reminded them that SINGER was for my puppets only. Although I genuinely don't believe they meant any harm...

[b]SINGER: the Solo Initiative for Nuclear Goalsetting and Entertainment with Radioactivity[/b]

[list][*][u]WHO?[/u] SINGER is an independent faction by - and exclusively for - puppets of [nation=Tinhampton] (please contact that nation, or Tinhampton#7402 on Discord, with any queries).
[*][u]WHAT?[/u] Our military specialists make nukes. Our strategic specialists make shields. Our economic and intel specialists make whatever they feel like making.
[*][u]WHERE?[/u] The dust.
[*][u]NON-AGGRESSION PACTS AGREED WITH:[/u] [url=]RAILGUN[/url], [url=]Loradioactive Desert[/url].
[*][color=red][b][u]FINAL UPDATE:[/u][/b][/color] SINGER collapsed after The Transcontinental Union was destroyed at 0840 BST - almost eight hours after the Potato Alliance first set out to destroy it. Thank you for your service.[/list]

[i]Our flag is green and gold to honour [nation=Tsuki no Hana], a friend of Tinhampton's.[/i]