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Kingdom of 5 Nakano

Kingdom of 5 Nakano
Waraneno se ni shuu Nakano
Kerajaan 5 Nakano

National flag and national emblem

National Motto:
"1 Raja dan 5 Ratu"
"1 King and 5 Queens"

Himne lima ratu
Hymn of the five queens

Territory of 5 Nakano marked with green color

Status: Constituent country of Loush Land Union

Capital City: Lyne
Largest City: Lyne

Population: 128,000,000

Official Language(s):
Loush, Indonesia

National Language(s):
Japan, English, Chinese, Russia

Ethnic Group(s):
Asian, European, American, Loushian

Mika, Itsuka, Sotyuba, Sichika, Nona

Demonym: Nakanoan

Republican-Monarchy, Loushinism with one party multi coalition rule

Monarch figure: Wutaroo
Central leader: Agatha Maosyra Hen'gan

Legislature: People's Union Congress

GDP(Per capita): $10,000
GRP: $28,989,000

HDI: 10,12

National Currency: Noutz [NZ]

Time Zone: UTC -9 to +10

Date Format: DD/MM/YYYY

Drive Side: Left

Phone Code: +155

ISO 3117-1: 5N

Internet Service: .nk

5 Nakano

5 Nakano or officially the Kingdom of 5 Nakano, Kingdom of 5 Nakano is a kingdom that has 5 queens who are very influential at home or abroad, 5 nakano is a fairly new kingdom and has become a constituent country of Loush Land