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The Holy Book of 🅶🅾🅳

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Below is trash, don't read it

The Holy Book of 🅶🅾🅳.

Chapter 1, The Beginning.

Before there was land... before there was a world... before there even was "something" there was another world... a world different from ours, a world without morals, a world without hope... this world had people worse than what somebody could imagine, rude and ruthless. this world lasted for many decades and costed many lives, war was widespread and kingdoms fought for control all the time, but the world war machine couldn't contain itself and the world was submerged in fire. Civilization survived... but as a society didn't recover from its past means, they still committed the same heinous acts... eventually, some people got tired of it... and then.

Chapter 2, The Prophet.

Colin Advance Wars was the first to from the holy truth... he began to question, what could that be? he had heard voices in his head since he was a kid, but he didn't know what it was... until one day in a journey to some meadows, he discovered the truth... a higher being existed. 🅶🅾🅳 existed... he went into a coma shortly after... in which he learned all of it... 🅶🅾🅳 told him the following: I created this world... however it is ungrateful... it has betrayed me... and humanity is a sin in itself... we need to reborn humanity... recreate the world... he also told him about the sin of the Z and Q and about an evil... incoming... an evil known as "Haberdei"... he was going to come... to destroy society... he told Colin that he needed to be strong... and he needed to go... go to the mountains of Family!

Chapter 3, The Journey.

Colin Advance Wars after hearing the truth... wandered and went into the search of the holy land of Family.. he told the truth to the people who came across with him, people like Kemalia. he decided to follow colin in his travels and both traveled to the holy land... but they crossed a problem... Kemalia's homeland was being destroyed by raiders... he asked Colin if he could help to restore his land, Colin agreed. they went into Lands of Myth and restored it.. it was happy and it seems to think in the world could improve, maybe 🅶🅾🅳 wasn't right, maybe the world had salvation, but then raiders came and kicked us out... Kemalia was never seen again... after it... Colin was broken.

Chapter 4, Rebuilding.

Colin learned the truth... this world was doomed and he then saw a vision... it was 🅶🅾🅳 again... he told him about that he didn't have to fail him again and he couldn't question him and then he stated "never say no" that was kept on his mind forever, Colin then continued his journey and moved into Polish Hill and he meets very important people for him, this society wasn't like the others... they were nice and even had a benevolent king which gave Colin help in his mission, the people didn't even use money! it was a perfect society, but then he remembered about the terrible events of Lands of Myth and he decided to continue not without assistance from General murdock which also had visions of a 🅶🅾🅳, but this time he mentioned a name... Sar... Sar.. he called it Sar.

Chapter 5, The End of the Journey.

General murdock and Colin had many things in common and both enjoyed the journey, he talked about how the world was terrible except for Polish Hill, which was a perfect community... Colin then asked him... if he believed the world could be saved, he said... maybe... but only Sar could do that, they were nearer and nearer every day... and then they saw a mountain Choco Mountain they had to go to the top as 🅶🅾🅳 instructed... they went with great difficulty... and they lasted at least 20 days, there was no food nor water... but something kept them alive when they reached the top... they saw a light... a light... it was 🅶🅾🅳.

Chapter 6, Final Battle.

🅶🅾🅳 came to Colin and said... child you made it so far and so well... I shall tell you my secret name... he was called Federation of Sarawak he told us that we had to pull a needle in this mountain, that needle would restart the world a perfect world... in his opinion, a world in which the mistakes of humanity wouldn't be repeated. Colin asked where the needle was? and god said... HABERDEI... HABERDEI HAS IT, DESTROY HABERDEI.. then as a final test 🅶🅾🅳, released the forbidden one into existence.. he was Haberdei, we fought hard, but General murdock didn't make it... when we finally destroyed him and sent him to The Rejected Realms... 🅶🅾🅳 said "As instructed you survived, now pull the needle and shape the world.

Chapter 7, The New World.

After the new world was created and the old was destroyed, it was shaped in it's image, Choco Mountain now was a nation, General murdock was back to life this time with it's army of crusaders and Colin Advance Wars lived with Kemalia and Federation of Sarawak plus many other nations, it was a new future... a new beginning, but humanity hasn't been cured.. but this time 🅶🅾🅳 has hope in it, after all this world is perfect and we need to preserve it, so we now teach this truth to the people of Nationstates, so they can learn about how all came to be.

Chapter 8, Eternal Darkness.

Years of prosperity reigns in the New World where His believers, followers lived in happiness, total equality, endless freedom, a perfect society in the image of 🅶🅾🅳 finally ends as a combination of disease, death, despair, war, crimes, sins, extremism called The Great Anarchy created by Haberdei as a revenge toward to 🅶🅾🅳 floods the New World and its Holy Colonies. The result was quick but painful, The Great Anarchy claimed the lives of the Holy Believers of Wakeism. Messiah Colin Advance Wars, Holy Crusader General Murdock, and Kemalia were the last ones to rot leaving Federation of Sarawak finally alone in His own shattered realm.

Chapter 9, Sasha, The Unexpected Traitor.

Sasha advance wars... sister of Colin, foil of the faithful... During the great cataclysm of The Great Anarchy in which the sin slowly began to overtook Battleship and beyond. Sasha began hearing voices... voices similar to those which great prophet Colin heard back in the old world. But these voices weren't that of the merciful, honorable 🅶🅾🅳. It was the vices. The vices that were dooming Battleship and the holy realm of our savior to failure. Progressively the voices intensified, day by day. Feeding Sasha lies of becoming something greater than herself. Sasha eventually cracked under these ideas, and so she decided to carry out the so-called "final act" which was getting rid of Colin and destroy 🅶🅾🅳's holy work. To accomplish this, Sasha sneaked into Colin's room and stabbed him in the kidneys, then to prevent him from defending himself. She threw his injured body into a freezer, just so she could be sure that he would die. Shortly after this, Battleship sunk and the holy colonies did as well... forever plunging the world in darkness... or so it seemed.

Chapter 10, The Divination.

Colin didn't actually die, instead he fell into a coma. Similar to the one he had in the old world, and as in that world. Colin was enlightened once more. 🅶🅾🅳 in his infinite mercy had saved him and told him about the future... the enemies we've made, the future, and the final goal of Wakeism, divination. The ascendance to a higher realm of existence. In which the body would be shed and we would become pure knowledge. The truth personalized. We would be one with 🅶🅾🅳, and he one with us. This goal however has a major roadblock... one called SAUD. The SAUD search for the destruction of Wakeism at all costs, trying to establish a secularized totalitarian state, but most importantly the destruction of the Holy Flare. A mineral that will come to the shattered world to transform it, and allow humanity to ascend into a higher plane of existence. With this knowledge, Colin eventually emerged to form The Third Order. The Brotherhood of 🅶🅾🅳.

Chapter 12, The Third Order (The Brotherhood of 🅶🅾🅳)

Thanks to the efforts of Sarawak, Colin was freed from its prison and emerged from the sea. Forming what would be known as The Brotherhood of 🅶🅾🅳. With its HQ in Temple Prime, Colin will await the arrival of the Holy Flare to kickstart the events... that will mark humanity for years to come.

Chapter 13, The Battles for The World To Come.

The world will find itself at war for this new mineral. The corrupted will fight its arrival, but we the faithful embrace it. The future to come is uncertain, but something is clear the SAUD are the new incarnation of the ancient evil known as Haberdei, and we will have to defeat it once and for all.


The Revelations.

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