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Partnership for Sovereignty Recommendation: Vote FOR “Against Destructive Raiding Practices”

Against Destructive Raiding Practices

Voting Recommendation: FOR

Reasoning: The Security Council Proposal: “Against Destructive Raiding Practices” condemns raiding practices meant to harm regional communities and calls upon militaries not to engage in such practices.

This proposal criticizes raids that do permanent or near-permanent damage to regional communities, including banning natives, closing embassies, and passwording or refounding the region. These actions, as the name suggests, do extensive damage to sovereign regions. Beyond violating their regional sovereignty, destructive raiding devastates the region building work of natives and disrupts positive, constructive communities, along with their contributions to the wider NS world. The Partnership for Sovereignty stands firmly against such practices, believing that they hinder regional self-determination and make NationStates as a whole less capable of sustaining productivity and growth. Native forced out of their region by these practices often end up leaving NS entirely, taking their talents with them, leaving the NS community weaker. Those who engage in destructive raiding practices are not just harming their targets, but NationStates as a whole, making those practices wholly condemnable.

Furthermore, the Partnership for Sovereignty wishes to emphasize that our support for this proposal in no way is meant to excuse non-destructive raiding practices. The Partnership for Sovereignty believes that all raiding practices, being a violation of regional sovereignty, and thereby inherently damaging towards regional communities, to be unacceptable. Excepting invasions of regions that are OOC problematic or regularly invade other regions, all raiding practices ought to be condemned. Despite the proposal’s limitation of its critique to explicitly destructive raiding practices, the PfS believes it is nonetheless a crucial proposal to establish a legal basis against harmful military practices. Although it is not exhaustive, “Against Destructive Raiding Practices” is an excellent start towards condemning raiding and the damage it does to both regional communities and NationStates as a whole.

The Partnership for Sovereignty finds this proposal to be crucial in supporting innocent regional communities and encouraging a more productive and positive NS, as it provides a well-deserved, if limited critique of harmful and destructive raiding practices.

The Partnership for Sovereignty recommends a vote FOR the SC Proposal: “Against Destructive Raiding Practices”.