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The Thalmor

The Thalmor are the elite agents of the Summersetian dominion a powerful and extremely religious government group that have embassy's in nearly every nation. they come as Highborn justiciars and justices and are seen with platoons of loyal soldiers sometimes with prisoners who disobey their religious laws, the Thalmor are very wealthy even very low ranking soldiers are given hundreds of thousands of septims for their service and loyalty and its known that all the justiciars live in utter luxury even when traveling or setting up camp they are allowed to take three luxuries and as much money as they want. both the justiciars and soldiers are sworn to their god Auriel and the Highborn king and will fight to the death if their superiors order them.
the ranks the Thalmor are:

1st Thalmor captains

2nd Thalmor heavy infantry commanders

3rd Thalmor elite commanders

4th Thalmor elite generals

5th Thalmor Auriel class generals

6th Thalmor justiciars

7th Head commander of Justiciars in Summerset

8th Chief high command of the justiciars in all colonies and countries

9th Grand high commander chief and high command council leader of the entire of the Thalmor and its soldiers, and officers, and justices, in every country, colony and in Summerset

10th Highborn queen and king