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The Red Standard: Official News of The Communist Bloc - September 18, 2022

Red Standard Crossword - 17 September


4. An act of asking for information
5. Largest species of Pterosaurs known
7. TCB's mighty military
8. Electronics as applied to aviation
9. Unit used to measure the length of something


1. A hard white or colorless mineral consisting of silicon dioxide, found widely in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.
2. An aquatic shelled mollusk or crustacean, especially one that is edible
3. The name of the body of an airplane
6. Large, oval, and brown seed of tropical palm

You can solve the crossword Linkhere!

After solving the crossword, upload a screenshot of your solution to an image-hosting website, and then telegram the link to your uploaded image to UFROE! The first person to solve the crossword will receive an Epic card as a prize, and all solvers will be mentioned in the next edition of the newspaper.

Last week's crossword first and only solver was: Greater Lenoland
Last week's first maze solver was: Gongantina
Othe solvers were: Violene Islands

Voices of the Bloc - The Kuznetsov Family IS NOT secretly controlling our government.

By: Lavender (Peace and Love but Better)
17 August, 2022

AS A LONG-STANDING MEMBER of The Communist Bloc , I have witnessed innumerable bogus accusations by members of our glorious pan-leftist community that the Kuznetsov family has been covertly puppeteering our duly elected government. I have begrudgingly elected to write this article for our glorious Red Standard with the hopes of debunking this PREPOSTEROUS and long-standing MYTH. I find it truly a SHAMEFUL BLEMISH on our GLORIUS community that such lies need to be addressed. Firstly, and most convincingly. Kolya Kuznetsov, a founding member of this well-respected family group, maintains a role in our glorious discord entitled, “NOT A MONARCH.” This INCONTESTABLE evidence speaks for itself. To put it simply Kolya Kuznetsov is not a monarch and therefore could NEVER in ANY way, shape, or form, control any facet of our government from behind the scenes. Secondly, our beloved admin and former First Minister, Ant Kuznetsov, “super very pinky promises,” that as in admin, she would NEVER CONCEIVE of such a terrible reality where we secretly control the puppet government. It is with this UNBIASED and ACCURATE evidence that I conclude my case. Simply put, the Kuznetsov family SUPER TOTALLY PROMISES that we NEVER HAVE NOR WILL control your puny government for our own benefit.

My fellow TCBers, I hope you read this article, which has ben written to the HIGHEST standards, and ask yourself: Who do you trust? I know who I trust, and that’s the powerful, beloved, infallible, and long-standing Kuznetsov family.

Written by
Lavender Kuznetsov-Penrose

(Note from the editor: The above article is a satire referencing a joking aspect of TCB's culture and should not be taken as serious political commentary.)

Red Standard Chess Puzzle

White to play and mate in 3

Feel free to use this Linklink to solve the puzzle.

After solving the chess puzzle, telegram the solution to UFROE! The first person to solve the chess puzzle will receive an Epic card as a prize, and all solvers will be mentioned in the next edition of the newspaper.

Let the Mighty Tremble! - Principles of Communism Pt V.

By: Aquila (Eriadni)
23 June, 2022

Welcome back comrades to our guided reading of Friedrich Engels’ Principles of Communism!

Today we’ll be looking at questions 6 and 7, which concern the historical working classes and look at the slave. As before, I’ll expand on certain extracts from the text below.
Question 6: What working classes were there before the Industrial Revolution?
Answer: According to the different stages of the development of society, the working classes have always lived in different circumstances and had different relations to the owning and ruling classes. In antiquity, the working people were the slaves of the owners, just as they still are in many backwards countries and even in the southern part of the United States. In the Middle Ages, they were the serfs of the land-owning nobility, as they still are in Hungary, Poland, and Russia. In the Middle Ages, and indeed right up to the industrial revolution, there were also journeymen in the cities who worked in the service of petty bourgeois masters. Gradually, as manufacture developed, these journeymen became manufacturing workers who were even then employed by larger capitalists.

Journeymen were skilled craftspersons in a sort of apprenticeship. They would be employed in the service of a “master” craftsperson for several years whilst they learnt their trade. Journeymen were expected to travel to find work, hence the name. Serfs were primarily agricultural labourers bound to certain estates of land. Engels examines the serfs in a later passage of this work.

Question 7: In what way do proletarians differ from slaves?
The slave is sold once and for all; the proletarian must sell himself daily and hourly.
The individual slave, property of one master, is assured an existence, however miserable it may be, because of the master’s interest. The individual proletarian, property as it were of the entire bourgeois class which buys his labour only when someone has need of it, has no secure existence. This existence is assured only to the class as a whole. The slave is outside competition; the proletarian is in it and experiences all its vagaries.

This is a good analysis of the differences between slave and proletarian. Note the passage detailing how the proletarian is property of the entire bourgeois class.

The slave counts as a thing, not as a member of society. Thus, the slave can have a better existence than the proletarian, while the proletarian belongs to a higher stage of social development and, himself, stands on a higher social level than the slave.
The slave frees himself when, of all the relations of private property, he abolishes only the relation of slavery and thereby becomes a proletarian; the proletarian can free himself only by abolishing private property in general.

Again, a good distinction between the two. Slavery represents a specific social relation where one person may own another entirely. The relationship between the proletarian and the bourgeois exists because of the existence of private property and capitalist production. Therefore, the emphasis on the abolition of private property as the proletariat’s path to liberation.

Tales from Afar - The Liberation of Haptu

By: Lowe (UFROE)
16 September, 2022

The nation of Haptu had for many years had been under an oppressive regime, which exploited the nation's people and resources for the benefit of the elite capitalist rulers. After prolonged suffering the working class of Haptu decided they needed to take action as their conditions grew more and more dire. A communist revolution was staged by the proletariats of Haptu in order to topple the authoritarian and oppressive regime.

The United Federation, a capitalist powerhouse, against the best interests of the Haptuan people funded a countercoup in order to establish a new capitalist government, one which would bow down to the United Federation. The nation of Praxia decide they would not stand by, and promptly declared war on the new capitalist regime of Haptu in order to defend and protect the proletariats of the nation and aid in their revolution.

Soon other nations joined the war effort such as UFROE, The Antarian Commonwealth and Nokhchi-cho joined the war effort while other nations such as Keaben, Quakatistan and Soviet Kem provided foreign aid to the cause.

Praxan forces landed in the beaches near the village of Draroza where much heavy fighting took place, but eventually the Praxan forces were victorious and pushed back the PCF forces back to Draroza. As Praxan troops prepared themselves for their assault upon Draroza, allied forces landed in the beaches further south. The UFROEian Expeditionary Force landed 40,000 of its 100,000 total ground troops in the initial advance, as their other 60,000 landed in the beaches after they were cleared.

Immediately UFROEian aircraft began bombarding the city of Praroza, a heavily fortified stronghold of the PCF near the Haptuan coastline, which supplied the nearby PCF forces in Draroza and Fort Kerth with ammunition and food. Taking over the strategical city of Praroza would allow for coalition forces to set up a base of operations withing Haptuan soil and would lead to the capture or destruction of a large portion of resources critical for supporting the local combat efforts of the PCF. An assault upon the city began with infantry troops having multiple skirmishes just outside the city with PCF forces as the air fleet deployed by UFROE rained hell down upon the PCF's fortifications.

The bombings carried out by UFROEian warcraft and warships made it virtually impossible for large amounts of reinforcements to reach the PCF forces stranded in Praroza or for any large amount of the supplies stockpiled there to leave the city safely. PCF air units tried unsuccessfully to regain air control of the skies above Praroza resulting in the loss of over 90 PCF aircraft. As the battle for Praroza raged on multiple armored units were refueled and prepared for battle, and in the second day of fighting UFROEian forces made extensive progress in gaining full control of the city as their armored units punched through the defensive lines of the PCF forces and attempted to reach the heart of the city of Praroza where military installations held most of the ammunitions and food supplies which were much needed for PCF forces in Draroza as the Praxan troops there would soon begin their attack.

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  • There have been no major raid/defense operations since the action against The Free Bloc quieted down, although raiders and defenders continue compete against each other during tag raids as usual.

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  • Allied region The Black Hawks has published their own account of the raid on The Western Commonwealth, which we encourage you to read and upvote here!

  • Defender regions 10000 Islands and The Gray Wardens have signed a treaty, indicating further cooperation between two already-close regions.

  • N-Day, a NationStates wide minigame in which regions are given the opportunity to nuke other regions is coming up soon. TCB will be sitting out this year due to lack of interesting opportunities in the war for us, but there are regional plans for the sitewide minigame which will come after N-Day!

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This article was authored by Lowe and edited by Iota .