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Forest Map


Forest Regional Map



Continental Map
Where most of Forest's land area is located, as well as most of it's nations and the Errinundera Natural Reserve. Sometimes called "Old World Forest".
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Mapped Nations


Oceanic Map
The warmer part of forest, filled with monsoons, unusual fauna and unending oceans. This division of Forest is mostly still untamed wilderness, and is sometimes called "New World Forest".
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Mapped Nations

86-land |Anachronolandia | Bunkaiia (as Safiloa) | Difinbelk | Difin-Per Ubelk | Forest Virginia | Gorthias | Ithersta | Lupus Canis | The most serene republicans (as Serenissima) | Octopus islands | Uan aa Boa | York Zionia

Overseas territories: ATSVEA | Belevia | Isbjorn Maerenne Bava Paerani (as Isbjorn) | Ordand | Roless


Other Maps

Continental Forest subregions

Maesvar:This swampy subregion is so ancient, some of it's trees are said to be older than humanity itself. It is home to the Errinundera regional reserve and bathed by the Devdan Ocean, both homages to Forest's founders.

Andorśchord:A northern and icy subregion, which is the most densely populated in forest both in terms of nations and in terms of mountains.

Abeshaast and Greater Belevia:Previously two separate subregions, now fused into one. The Belevic Ocean connects Continental and Oceanic Forest.

Hyarlaurilosse:The warmest subregion in Continental Forest, and the southernmost if islands aren't considered. This subregion is notable for it's charming abundance of goldflowers.

Mosak Pulgorinzei:Sometimes referred to as Middle Forest, this subregion contains the largest sea in Continental Forest: the Carnation Sea.

Oceanic Forest subregions

Tyanet:The only subregion in Oceanic Forest which doesn't contain any islands, and the only one connected by land to Continental Forest.

The Puloanyar:Home to several archipelagos and a diversity of societies and cultures, as well as a number of plants and animals completely extinct elsewhere.

West Pangamotu:The bigger continent in Oceanic Forest, largely covered by tropical rainforest. It is separated from East Pangamotu by the largest sea in the entire region, the Kakamotu sea.

East Pangamotu:A continent of varied climates, flora and fauna, going from moist jungles to cloud forests to arid deserts.

Jutsa's Statistical Maps

I've spent too much time looking at and recolouring these map. I'm probably never gonna update most of these xD

If you have any questions, do please let me know. I'm aware some of the maps are a little daunting at first. I have a small FAQ at the end - not that they're necessarily actually FAQ, but sometimes what I'd expect to be FAQ.

MSR-Cartography Era Maps:

Jutsan-Cartography Era Maps:

The links below were all made in June 2021.

Link to everything from the original update: LinkHere


1) "What do the 2 and x2 mean?" Second-highest and second-lowest ranked, respectively.

2) "There are multiple Xs" tie. Looking at you 0 Disposable Income nations

3) "What the heck is going on with those colors?" Okay yeah it's a mess. So the black-white bar shows how intense a color should be based on its statistics, whereas the color map shows said statistic. If you have a lot of the green stat, a little of the blue stat, and none of the red stat, you're going to look like a slightly blue bright green or teal. If you have a little of everything, you'll look grey. If you're dark red, you are low in every stat but are a bit higher in the red stat; redish grey is neutral in all but slightly better in red; pale red is high in everything but especially red; and neon red means you're great at red but terrible at blue and green. Again, it's a bit messy, but it's how I set up tristat comparison. :P

4) "Will you make more maps or update existing ones?" Violet knows.

5) "How do I contact you with more questions?" Just telegram me. I don't mind. ;)

6) "Why did you chose to compare these sets of stats?" Arbitrary. Also if I could have more than 3 colours (which is already a mess as it is) I would. q-q

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get on the map?

Well, it's not very complicated, the only requirement is your nation must have been in Forest for at least 15 days. If you fit the requirement, just telegram Roless! It does help a lot if you have a picture of your map, even if it's just a doodle on a napkin, but you don't need an image or even a defined shape (I can make one for you if you want). There is, however, an application that you should fill out in your telegram:

Nation Name: Especially relevant if you want your name on the map to be different from your username
Location: In which part of which map. Ex: "north of X nation", "southeast of the Oceanic Map", etc...
Size and Shape:This is where an image would come in handy, even if it's just a sketch. Note, however, that I might lightly alter the coastline of your nation to better fit the map's artstyle.
Cities and Notable Features:Particularly: Where is the capital? It's also relevant to inform things like where the mountains are, how many (if any) are there, what the bodies of water are, where are non-capital big cities located, etc...

Can I change my nation once it's on the map?

Yep! Let me know what changes you want, and they will be added in the next map update, unless they affect other nations too, in which case you should check with them first.

When Is the map updated?

The map should be updated around the first of every month, but keep in mind that if your map request is sent just before then, i may roll it over to the next map update.

How can I join the cartographer team?

Right now, you can't, but soon it will be possible. If you're interested in joining, the only real requirement is to either know how to use Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator or some other vector art app or be willing to learn how to use it. That and liking maps, I suppose. If you fit those requirements, let me know and you'll (probably) be added to the team soon.


Historical maps of Forest

Jutsa-era dispatch

ATTENTION: This factbook is strictly for archive/referential purposes and is no longer maintained. To view the current Forest map:


The Old World (Continental):

Current Maps (Update Dec/23/2021 + Minor Jan/31/2022):

The New World (Oceanic):

Current Maps (Update Dec/23/2021 + Minor Jan/31/2022):

Anachronolandia | Arieland | East Ayrirgica | West Ayrirgica | Bunkaiia (Safiloa) | Democratic United Jair Tizu Rome (Jair Tizu Rome) | Felous Theneld | Forest Virginia | Gorthias | Jas Slotan Ond | Lupus Canis | The most serene republicans | Myordas | Octopus islands | Tzericanopia | Uan aa Boa | United Almastopentalarskyth | Winnipesaukee | Xia Osom Eth Awska
Territories: ATSVEA | Isbjorn Maerenne Bava Paerani (Isbjorn) | Ordand | Roless

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How can I get on the map?

Just let me know! Telegram me what you'd like. It can either be a picture (of any quality) or a text specification, or even just "Hey do whatever you want with me I just want on the map" (Can be either map, both maps, or let me decide)

Here's a general application:

Nation Name:
Size and Shape:
Cities and Notable Features:

Nation Name: This is what you want your display name to be. Your actual NS name will still be in the Members List underneath the map (should I remember of course)
Location: Anywhere, anywhere on a specific map, rough approximation, or a picture that you've drawn yourself
Size and Shape: Anything, rough approximation, or a picture. Coastal changes are permitted.
Cities and Notable Features: Anything, general description (At the very least where your capital is) or picture. Refers to anything found on the legend, although other possibilities are discussable.

Can I change my nation once I'm on the map?

Absolutely you may! Just send me a request much like the above and I can adjust the location, borders, coasts, and terrain as you wish.

For flag changes, I update those automatically when I come out with a map update.

For statistical map changes, well, I don't do those terribly often so I'm afraid you'll have to sit tight for those, hehe.

When will the map update?

Good question! Depends on when I or another cartographer (if there is one) has time, really, although we're trying to create a "3-month" rule in that the map won't be updated or anything for three months in an effort to avoid burnout. (Personally I like to sneak updates in a bit more often than that, but that's the general rule of thumb.)

Could I become a cartographer?

You absolutely may! We're actually looking for more cartographers, and in fact a head cartographer to boot! (Their job would be implementing other cartographers' edits as well as recruiting new ones.)

However, before you do, I absolutely recommend answering the following (ideally both privately and in-telegram):

1) Do you know Inkscape? If not, are you willing to learn it like I did before becoming cartographer? (Or do you know another vector-editing program that can share files with inkscape without hassle?) If the answer to all of these is no, then I can help you through it until you're comfortable with being named cartographer.

2) Are you willing to keep up with everyone's demands? It's a lot of fun, but can be time-consuming and tedious, particularly if you're not familiar with inkscape. Technically updates only need happen every three months or so, to prevent burnout, but I personally can't wait that long ;)

3) Are you absolutely positive you'd have the time to do this? This happens with a lot of folks intrigued in becoming cartographer - they simply don't feel they have time to be one. That's not to say you need to be super active, however; the only one who really needs plenty of time on their hands is the Head Cartographer, since jr. cartographers have more time to edit and make alternative maps on their own time as they please.

If the answer to all of these questions (or a part of these questions) is "YES" then telegram myself, Kepler-0085, or another Forest shelf member about possibly joining our team!

Bonus Maps:

Link to PREVIOUS MAP (& Climate Maps) here: page=dispatch/id=1267182

Historic Maps Sept 2021 - December 2021:

Continental Update Nov/10/2021:

Continental Update Sept/17/2021:

Aeterno Tranquillitas | ATSVEA | Appendia | BEKM | Inner Bele Levy Epies | New Bele Levy Epies | Outer Bele Levy Epies | Bilsa | Blon gre | Brellach | Calenmor | Cameroi | Canaltia | Chan Island | Chilledsville | Coranova | Crowacia | The Cypher Nine | Daarwyrth | Domination industrial enterprises | Einswenn | Entitize | Errinundera (Regional Wildlife Preserve) | Eryndlynd | Esterild | Facp | Feladria | Forgotten Beauty | Frieden-und Freudenland | Gandenia | Garbelia | Girelna | Greentree Islands | Groenwald | Hyon Delta | Hyrule and Lorule | Isbjorn Maerenne Bava Paerani (Isbjorn) | Jutsa | Kaiseland | Kannap | Kawastyselir | Kepler-0085 (Kepleria) | Kuch | Lompe Steen HAHA | Lura | Luvas | The order of malah (Malah) | Middle Barael | Ming Intordia | Mobs Chir Imple | Mount Seymour | Mowte | Mozolephies | Mozworld | The New Bluestocking Homeland | New ladavia | Novian Republics | Ordand | Palos heights | Paplia | Plifte | Porg Easka | Ransium | Rivienland | Roless | Ruinenlust | Sapnu puas | Shimerta | Taco Respublic | Thrything | Turbeaux | United Dou Fre Ryu | Valenverio | Verdant Haven | The Void Territories | Wantevolo | Ypogegrammeni

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Octopus Islands-era dispatch

Maps of Forest

by Octopus islands

The Old World

The New World

The Old World: Climate Map

The New World: Climate Map

Climate Key
The climate map uses the Köppen climate classification system. You can read more about it Linkhere. Climate groups are classified using a two or three letter name, and some have common names.
Every color represents a different (or a few different) climate group. Each climate name has a Wikipedia link to that climate's Wikipedia page.

A or Tropical Climates
Dark blue: Af or Linktropical rainforest
Blue: Am or Linktropical monsoon
Light blue: As/Aw or Linktropical savanna
B or Dry Climates
Red: BWh or Linkhot desert
Pink: BWk or Linkcold desert
Orange: BSh or Linkhot steppe
Light orange: BSk or Linkcold steppe
C or Temperate Climates
Yellow: Csa/Csb/Csc or LinkMediterranean
Pale green: Cwa/Cfa or Linkhumid subtropical
Bright green: Cfb/Cfc/Cwb/Cwc or Link oceanic
D or Continental Climates
Sky blue: Dsa/Dsb/Dwa/Dwb/Dfa/Dfb or Linkhumid continental
Dark green: Dsc/Dsd/Dwc/Dwd/Dfc/Dfd or Linksubarctic
E or Polar Climates
Light gray: ET or Linktundra
Dark gray: EF or Linkice cap

FAQ: Why didn't you include every climate type as its own color?
This map is based off of real-life weather phenomena. Using the latitude on the side of the map, I determined wind patterns and ocean currents. Then, using that, I determined climate based off of local temperature and precipitation. This is why I won't let you change your climate without changing location, even if you ask nicely.
However, in the real world, it's much easier to make such a map, as you simply take weather measurements from around the world. This allows you to define many more climate types that have much smaller variation. I simply cannot determine enough variables to figure out how every single type would be placed, so I just picked the major ones and lumped the smaller ones in.

Read dispatch

2017-era dispatch

NOTE: Before asking questions about the map, please read the entire section below titled How to Get on the Map. If you don't find answers to your questions here, please telegram the cartographer, Bruination, instead of asking on the regional message board (RMB).


Forest's regional map is one of the largest on NationStates and differs from most in a few key ways. It is not an opt-in map on which nations must request inclusion. Nations are automatically added as long as they meet certain criteria based on the nation's participation in the region. Forest's map has two main functions: Firstly, it uniquely serves as a timeline of when each nation first arrived in Forest, with the earliest arrivals positioned to the west and the latest to the east. Secondly, it illustrates every nation's relative population, with more populous nations occupying more land area. The land and coastline evolve with each new update, as nations arrive, grow, or depart. The map is not primarily a role-play tool, although it can be used as one.


The original map series of Forest was begun by Santa Joanna in February 2012 and continued until September 2014. After a year with no further updates, Bruination began work on reviving the regional map with a new layout and style, while honoring the traditions set by Santa Joanna of using the map as both a timeline and a representation of population size. The first edition of Bruination's series was released in November 2015. By June 2016, the map had grown to depict 151 nations, the highest number on any known regional map on NationStates at the time.

The Latest Map of Forest
12th Edition, November 14, 2016

Click Image to See Full-Size Map

Changes in This Edition:

  • Added (18)
    Arbb, The misty pine forests, Euna, Purabella, Tishanda, Rhabano, Eumangi, Scorlewald, Monpiterre, Nouvelle bouef, Darklands, Le parlement des arbres, Vesquire, South sylvania, Bondaisia, Hazelonia, Cosireshire, Icarea

  • Expanded (21)
    Mount Seymour, Prettycity, Woodland partisans, Wise witches, Nimros, Mireille bouquet, Stereotypia, Okefenokee swamp, Peppsiland, Ulfstead, Belgianadia, Eryndlynd, Gil zardon, Mag meall, Terumbrae, Agadin, Democratic republic of europa, Tempo Amore, Aengloland, Chan Island, The Moths

  • Removed (11)
    Delionera, Oecos, Shilmesta, New Lvsitania, Idryll, Lebowskiberg, Walquiria, Leafapolis, Nonus The Hobo, Crasterram, Elfendel

    Total Nations: 171
    Previous Edition: 164

Featured Thematic Maps


The "Subregions" of Forest
September 24, 2016

By Mount Seymour


The Greenest Nations in Forest
August 20, 2016

By Mount Seymour
Data collected by Doxovia
Calculation Info

How to Get on the Map

Please read this entire section before asking questions about the map.

If you don't find answers to your questions here, please telegram the cartographer, Bruination, instead of asking on the regional message board (RMB).

Every nation that moves to Forest has the opportunity to be automatically added to the map. Asking to be put on the map is not the way to get on it. The map eligibility criteria is designed to reward and encourage active participation and longevity with inclusion on the map, meaning nations that move to the region and remain inactive are unlikely to be included.

Map Eligibility

After joining Forest and remaining in the region for 30 consecutive days, a nation will be evaluated for map eligibility based on the following:

At the time of evaluation, the nation must have signed in within the last 15 days AND meet one or more of the following criteria:
1) It is a WA member and has endorsed the regional delegate; OR
2) It has contributed to discussions* on the regional message board (RMB) in the last 30 days; OR
3) It has registered for the Linkoff-site forum and has posted at least once in the last 30 days; OR
4) It has at least 1 billion citizens and has addressed at least 12 issues in the last 6 days.

* This is the most subjective of the criteria. Generally it means RMB posts with content and value. One good post may have enough, whereas a dozen posts of little substance may not. Spam is highly discouraged.

Once a nation is determined to be eligible, it will be marked for inclusion in the next map update, which may occur some weeks later. (Map update frequency currently ranges from about 4 to 8 weeks.)

During the wait to be included on the map, take some time to read Forest's newspaper, the LinkForest News Leaf, or even write an article! Contact Forest's publicist, Frieden-und Freudenland, for more details.

Second & Third Chances

A nation will immediately be given a second 30-day waiting period, followed by a second evaluation, IF:
1) It fails to meet any of the above criteria at the time of its first evaluation; OR
2) It departs or ceases to exist (CTEs) for any amount of time during its first 30-day waiting period and then returns.

A nation will immediately be given a third 30-day waiting period, followed by a third and final evaluation, IF:
1) It reaches 1 billion citizens after it failed its second chance; OR
2) It requests a third chance (but not a fourth) by sending a convincing telegram to the cartographer.

If a nation fails its third and final evaluation or departs or CTEs during its third waiting period, it forfeits its opportunity to get on the map.

Removal from the Map

Once a nation is already on the map, future changes to the above criteria will not affect it. A nation will usually only be removed from the map for one or more of the following reasons:
1) It ceases-to-exist (CTEs) and does not return within 60 days; OR
2) It departs Forest for another region and does not return within 10 days; OR
3) It requests removal.

A nation that has been removed from the map for CTEing or departing is treated as a new arrival if it returns to Forest, with a new set of three chances to become eligible again. However, at the cartographer's discretion, a nation that has been added and removed repeatedly may run out of chances to be re-added again in the future.

How the Map Works

In order to leave much up to the imagination, there is no reference to an exact scale or latitude. The scale in the bottom left corner does not specify a unit of length and is purely decorative. The position of an equator and/or polar circle(s) can be imagined anywhere on the map or not at all. An individual nation can be considered large or small; hot, cold, humid, arid, or highly varied. Features such as mountains, rivers, small lakes, cities, and transportation networks are also left absent for this same purpose.

As a Timeline

The relative longitude (east–west position) of a nation is determined by the date of its oldest known activity in the region. The exact point used to arrange each nation is its westernmost point. In the example image to the right, the 3 vertical lines represent the longitude of the westernmost points of nations A, B, and C. Nation B was in the region before nation A, and nation C arrived after both. The timeline is not to scale, however. It only shows the relative order. While nations A and B have westernmost points closer together than nations B and C, that does not necessarily mean the dates of their arrival are closer in time. Note that there are a few nations that are slightly out of order due to requests for a landlocked or island position that made it difficult to put them at the right longitude.

As a Measure of Population

The table on the right serves as a general guide for how a nation's population determines the size of its land area. After a nation's population reaches the next category in the table, an attempt will be made to increase its land area to fit within the next land area category. This is the trickiest part of updating the map, as it requires reshaping nations and their surroundings. The feasibility of increasing the land area of a nation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. At times this may require waiting a while for the surroundings to better favor expansion, such as when a nearby nation departs the region. At other times, nations may be expanded onto water or into nations that are large enough to lose a bit of land without falling out of its land area category shown in the table.

* Land Area units: Since the image is drawn as a vector graphic (SVG), these numbers don't represent a specific unit until the image is given a fixed scale, i.e. converted to a raster graphic (PNG). At the scale at which the map is currently uploaded, 1 unit equals 49 square pixels.

What Can Be Requested

Size and longitude are determined by the above described functions of the map and cannot usually be requested. The only requests for size that may be granted are for a nation to be represented smaller than it otherwise would be. However, there are still a number of other things a resident can request for their nation: relative latitude (north–south position), general shape, whether it's landlocked or coastal. Examples of specific features that can be requested include a bay, peninsula, cape, isthmus, lake shore, island(s), etc. All ideas about a nation's context and shape and any existing maps of a nation are welcome to be shared with the cartographer, Bruination, to guide him in shaping it. In the absence of any specific requests, the position and shape of a nation will be up to the cartographer's discretion.

Map Animation
Editions 1–12 (Nov. 23, 2015–Nov. 14, 2016)

Archive of Past Maps

Bruination Series(2015–Present)

Link11th Edition, September 23, 2016

164 Nations

Added (14): Bad hair day zombies, Mesa Golden, Isbjorn Maerenne Bava Paerani, Tremessim, Zwangzug, The Half Moon Mountains, Perdox Nia, Draught, Ruinenlust, Mimisbrunnr, Terumbrae, Distant Winds, Ursus Arctos, Atlxianu
Expanded (17): Navell, Communal Ecotopia, Bearadise, Asghef, La Rana Toro, The Mockingbird, Sethian, Aifur, Dogon, Baiana, Alpine Republics, Us harpies, Treepublic, Forceana, Unhuman Reserves, Venca, Night Vale Landia
Removed (12): Romanax, Mastralos, Galapagos Preservation, DarkLife, Murmuria, Rakuencia, Udippia
Other: Some nations that have ceased-to-exist (CTEd) have now been memorialized as Regional Preserves as an alternative to returning them to the sea.

Link10th Edition, August 4, 2016

157 Nations

Added (18): Composted Orange Peels, John Senat, MariannaLand, Eryndlynd, Tomathinia, Caelestra, Plantaelia, Unhuman Reserves, Tsuga Canadensis, Venca, Night Vale Landia, Montmorencia, Turtlesturtlesturtles, Naasseners, Pacaraima, Paxadentia, Belgianadia, Yuumura Kirika
Expanded (23): Idryll, Errinundera, Dogon, Baiana, Zephyr Grove, Frieden-und Freudenland, Prettycity, Doxovia, Flooby Nooby, Lebowskiberg, Woodland Partisans, Khromanapolis, Okefenokee Swamp, The kingdom of Jewelland, Bruination, Beauty of Nature, The Haunted Woods, Dazed Butterflies, Elfendel, Murflonia, Daior, Discordiae, Crasterram
Removed (12): Eco2k, Aiadis, Socialist Bohemoravia, Sungreen, Huakahako, Avaridor, Eco darwinists, Guman, Skogens vrede, Port Peyton, Gansolandia, Beaverriver

Link9th Edition, June 12, 2016

151 Nations

Added (17): Awazi, Beauty of Nature, Romanax, New Lvsitania, Nimros, Doxovia, Us harpies, Treepublic, Prettycity, The Hippy Union, Calenmor, Forceana, Crasterram, Khromanapolis, Body and Soul, Discordiae, Galapagos Preservation
Expanded (18): Walquiria, Icalli, Yeland, DarkLife, Tremarctos, Yern, Nation of Eurasia, Mastralos, Leafapolis, Maple Hollow, Sethian, Aifur, The Vegan Commune, The Socialist Pure Land, Oecos, Mount Seymour, European Social Republic, Reconquered Spain
Removed (5): Special Circumstances, The Hill, Diplocaulus, Altruismia, Kung Fu Penguin

Link8th Edition, May 16, 2016

139 Nations

Added (9): Chan Island, Special Circumstances, Alpine Republics, Murmuria, Woodland Partisans, Zephyr Grove, Flooby Nooby, Okefenokee Swamp, Lebowskiberg
Expanded (7): La Rana Toro, Memeplex, Mag Meall, Democratic Republic of Europa, Morgrim, Tribe Ravenclaw, Earth Worshippers
Removed (2): Nordanland, Laelendell

Link7th Edition, April 30, 2016

132 Nations

Added (20): Yeland, Mastralos, Idryll, DarkLife, Sethian, Gansolandia, The Haunted Woods, Illiniana, Yoshi, Byzonaea, Aifur, Port Peyton, Mount Seymour, Oecos, Beaverriver, Aengloland, Dogon, Shilmesta, Baiana, Brellach
Expanded (15): The Mirshism Cult, Bearadise, Caracasus, The Vegan Commune, The Socialist Pure Land, Guman, European Social Republic, Reconquered Spain, Topaia, Ventus Aeternam, Stereotypia, Ulfstead, Bemberna, Chula, Latusgardd
Removed (12): Oberonn, Metroqolia, Catalasa, Vivatrex, Sinaasappelsap, The Elba, Bearsendland, Anarchist Resistance, Regional Cartographer Office, Hollietopia, The Brink of Extinction, Eastcorner
Other: Conoistre & Yern relocated to islands; Corrected spelling of Ventus Aeternam.

Link6th Edition, March 24, 2016

124 Nations

Added (14): La Rana Toro, Huakahako, Elfendel, The Mockingbird, Basella, Aiadis, New Internationalists, Sungreen, The Socialist Pure Land, European Social Republic, Reconquered Spain, Nation of Eurasia, Leafapolis, Walquiria
Expanded (12): Shalotte, Sam I am, Yern, Taco Respublic, Eco2k, Maple Hollow, Tremarctos, Wise Witches, CoolDayna, Asghef, Araneidae, Ashrah
Removed (14): Republic of blaine, The Ash Tree, Wolvenia, The Ecological Right, Psychedelic zebras, Malzur, The laid back hippies, Iliocostallis, Msitu Kongwe, Zephyr Grove, Splawslandia, Faunastia, Blue DG, Peameal
Other: More bodies of water named after prominent former members: Bay of Splawslandia, Teufel Hunden Sea, Sea of Basking Turtles, & Lake Gub Kur Gana Dadag.

Link5th Edition, February 19, 2016

124 Nations

Added (4): My Comfortable Bed, Daior, The Hill, Icalli
Expanded (12): New Chechovenia, Ironic Remarks, Bruination, Eco darwinists, Froenburg, Dazed Butterflies, Kegars, Hollietopia, Altruismia, Rakuencia, Mag Meall, Democratic Republic of Europa
Removed (5): Great Lakes Metropoleis, Goopsy, Hyastick, Lexbourg, Aurum Mundum
Other: Gulf of Dawn Tiger changed to Dawn Tiger Straits and several more bodies of water named after prominent former members: Gulf of Tree Nation, Goopsy Bight, Gulf of Chaoeos, Iievius Bay, Gulf of Sacred Sequoia Trees, Outubro Bay, & Sea of the Aura Guardians.

Link4th Edition, January 31, 2016

125 Nations

Added (15): Yern, Rakuencia, Eco2k, Great Lakes Metropoleis, Avaridor, Maple Hollow, Bearsendland, Laelendell, Tremarctos, Mag Meall, Land o Birds, Democratic Republic of Europa, Guman, The Vegan Commune, Sam I am
Expanded (9): Socialist Bohemoravia, Free Bears in the Wood, Nordanland, Topaia, Frieden-und Freudenland, Ventus Aeternam, Catalasa, Stereotypia, Ulfstead
Removed (5): Eco-terrorists, Mars Base One, Centaurs, Janlandia, Redwood Wood Wood
Other: Several other nations changed shape as their neighbors disappeared or expanded.

Link3rd Edition, December 28, 2015

115 Nations

Added (8): Agadin, Island Number Nine, Oberonn, Altruismia, Iliocostallis, Anarchist Resistance, Skogens vrede, Msitu Kongwe
Expanded (14): The night garden, Zephyr Grove, Ransium, Kawastyselir, Autonomousness, Belinos, Blue DG, Wise Witches, Regional Cartographer Office, Asghef, Family Bear, Siberian Taiga, GRO-Environment, Bearadise
Removed (7): Wayonn, The Apes, Venhova, Spectre land, Caloviso, Aokigahara Forest, Forest Swamp
Other: Map expanded eastward. Aurum Mundum repositioned after typo led to initial placement too far east.

Link2nd Edition, December 3, 2015

114 Nations

Added (12): Morgrim, Wolvenia, Regional Cartographer Office, The Brink of Extinction, Malzur, Asghef, Catalasa, Stereotypia, Kung Fu Penguin, Ulfstead, The Ecological Right, Socialist Bohemoravia
Expanded (0): none
Removed (1): The Yogic Nation of Muchkarmanow
Other: Southeast coast reshaped

Link1st Edition, November 23, 2015

103 Nations

This was the first in the series, so everything was new.

Thematic Maps:

LinkThe "Subregions" of Forest, September 24, 2016 —Credit: Mount Seymour

LinkChoropleth: Ransium's "Greenness" Index, August 20, 2016 —Credit: Mount Seymour, data collected by Doxovia

Santa Joanna Series(2012–2014)

LinkSeptember 5, 2014

LinkDecember 27, 2013

LinkAugust 12, 2013 —Credit: Basking Turtles

LinkJune 14, 2013

LinkJune 7, 2013

January 19, 2013

LinkDecember 23, 2012

LinkNovember 17, 2012

September 26, 2012

August 7, 2012

April 30, 2012

April 19, 2012

April 5, 2012

March 11, 2012

February 7, 2012 —The Oldest Map of Forest

Thematic Maps:

LinkChoropleth: Defense Forces, September 20, 2014

Choropleth: Economy, December 29, 2013

LinkChoropleth: Lifespan, December 27, 2013 —Credit: Basking Turtles

LinkWA Nations, June 7, 2013

Commemorative 100 Nation Map, March 31, 2013 —Credit: Ransium

Forest from the Air (3D Map), March 4, 2013 —Credit: Hesperika

Choropleth: Eco-Friendliness, August 24, 2012 —Credit: Naturesocialistic Aryaland

Choropleth: Safety from Crime, August 7, 2012

Choropleth: Religiousness, August 3, 2012

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Continental Map:
Oceanic Map: