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The Refugi Awards

Refugi Awards

It's Awards Season in Refugia and you're invited! Join us in celebrating some of the achievements of our fellow Refugi. You will be able to nominate and vote for your friends in 7 different categories, with the winners receiving a prize of honour.

The rules

1. Nominations will take place from 20th-25th September, and voting from 26th-30th September.

2. You can nominate as many people for each category as you'd like, although you can only vote for one.

3. You can nominate and vote for yourself!

4. Nominations can be sent via telegram to Tiralta or via DM on Discord (I'm Catherine in the CalRef discord ^^)

The prize

The winners will each be given a unique 24 hour position in Refugi government between 1st and 7th October. During this time, they'll be able to create a poll of their choice (keeping it clean and friendly, of course) to be enshrined into the records of Refugia forever!

The nomination categories

1. Vexillologist of the Year
Maybe it's purple, maybe it's constantly changing, maybe it just looks pretty, but I want to know who you think has the best flag.

2. Creative Genius
Whether it's strong branding or just plain funny, tell me who you think has the best motto or pre-title in Refugia!

3. The RMB MVP
This one goes out to those who are funny, who give good advice, and who bring you back to our Regional Message Board over and over again. Who makes the best contributions to our RMB?

4. Commendable
This one is for someone who you look up to - whether that's their dedication to a specific stat, their detailed factbooks, a cool card collection, or anything else you like! They don't have to be the best in the game, just someone whose consistent efforts you find inspirational.

5. War and Peach
It's true, we're all a little bananas here. But who's most likely to start the next Fruit War?

6. Mischief Maestro
Why be lawful when you can be chaotic? The Hallowed Halls of the World Assembly beckon - who is most likely to disrupt them with an unhinged proposal next?

7. Universal Dictator
And for our final category, we'll keep it simple: who's most likely to completely take over the universe?

I'm looking forward to receiving all your nominations!