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RP Application

Native RP Name of Nation: Repubblica Svizzera-Sarda
English RP Name of Nation: Swiss-Sardinian Republic

Desired Map Location: Swiss-Sardinia (Purple)

List desired territories: Switzerland and Sardinia in the 19th century

Capital: Zurich

Largest City: Turin

Type of Government: Semi-Direct Democratic Federal Republic

Head of State: President Matteo Leon

Head of Government: President Matteo Leon (Both Head of state and Government)

RP Population[1] - 7,500,000
Languages - Sardu/Sardinian (official), German, French, Romansh, Neapolitan, Sicilian
Ethnicities - Sardinian, Swiss, French, German, Italian (all states on the Italian peninsula)
Religions - None (official), Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, other

Currency: Swiss Franc

Military Overview:
Total Personnel (Preferably separated into Active and Reserve) - 120,000
Total Manpower[5] (Optional but recommended) -
Nationality of Equipment - Prussian/Swiss-Sardinian

Brief History: Basically the Swiss combined with the Sardinians in the Sonderbund War uniting the two nations in the early 1800's. The Swiss gradually gained influence and changed the government to a Semi-Direct Democratic Federal Republic and inventing the modern banking industry holding the biggest and most used banks in Europe. The population has been being taught Sardinian so the major language spoken is Sardinian/Sardu however many citizens speak multiple languages especially as you go farther north,