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The Red Standard: Official News of The Communist Bloc - May 30, 2023

Good morning / afternoon / evening!

Please welcome our newest comrades: Thacovia Socialist republic of mountairio Chirum Tomi Peongyang Alaska and canada

Voices of the Bloc - Manual Recruitment Celebrations

By: Belarusball (Belarusball)
17 May 2023

On April 27, 2023, the Manual Recruitment team have finally passed one million total recruitment telegrams sent! To celebrate this achievement, TCB’s regional Discord now has a sticker to represent the Bloc’s manual recruitment culture. What culture? You might ask. To that: TCB has a flourishing recruitment culture. From table-flipping cats and tomato-throwing tankies, to table-eating voids and popcorn-tossing holy recruiters, we definitely have THE best recruitment culture in all of NationStates.

On May 17, 2023, the Jar of Dirt has been seized and redistributed to not only the manual recruiters that do so much to help are region, but the entire TCB server as a public ornament, so that this day will be remembered forever. The Jar didn’t come easily, though. There were many challenges along the way, such as the consumption of a certain void’s face, countryball mortification syndrome, screaming matches inside the Manual Recruitment volunteer hallway, and broken bones from slipping on spilled popcorn.

But in the long run, that didn’t stop us from getting what we wanted: the divine Jar of Dirt, holy object, greatest thing to ever exist; it unites us all under the umbrella of Bloc growth. Whether it’s for medals or awards, for stars or for custom roles, or purely for the sake of clicking buttons, one thing’s for sure: we’re all working towards a common goal.

The Jar.


Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk! And a message to all of our wonderful manual recruiters: Keep it up! We appreciate your work tremendously!

Friendly Neighborhood Minister of Information

By: Nawmenia (Namwenia)
17 May 2023

Howdy all –

This is our first The Red Standard since I’ve taken over as Minister of Information. And the Ministry has been working on some important things that I’d just like to touch base on really quickly before getting onto the good stuff.

First, we’ve published a Master Dispatch that serves as hopefully a solid resource of information for new and existing citizens of the Bloc.

Second, we are working with the office of the First Minister on an exciting program to poll our citizens. Look for more on that later.

And third, we’re working on producing monthly updates from all of our ministries so that you, our citizens, have up to date information on what our ministries are accomplishing and how you can help. Stay tuned in the next few days for the first June update.

That’s all for now – hope you enjoy this and the rest of this month’s TRS.

Red Standard Crossword - May 17

3. This Japanese word for bunny is also Sailor Moon's first name
4. This anime/manga series has over 1000 episodes / chapters and is still going!
6. Gotta catch 'em all
7. Notice me...
8. Classic anime series that led to the meme "Get in the robot, Shinji"
10. Popular post-apocalyptic sci-fi cyberpunk anime film from 1988

1. uwu
2. Classic manga from CLAMP: ______ Sakura
5. In Dragon Ball Z, Saiyans are generally given pun-based named for this food group
9. Boruto's Dad

You can solve the crossword Linkhere!

After solving this month’s anime themed crossword, upload a screenshot of your solution to an image-hosting website, and then telegram the link to your uploaded image to Namwenia! The first person to solve the crossword will receive an Epic card as a prize, and all solvers will be mentioned in the next edition of the newspaper.

Last issue's crossword's first solver was: Of The Ursalian Federation
Other solvers were: Equai, Soviet Kem, Cretanja, and Ivartixi

Let the Mighty Tremble – The Ticket

By: Euchora (Euchora)
May 11, 2023

What follows is a poem created by Euchora. We hope you enjoy it.

It was an ordinary train station
Some passengers were waiting for the train
At its entrance, all full of frustration
A poor Kid was standing in the heavy rain

There, before him, stood an irate Guard
With a terrible smirk upon his face
He pretended to be reading a chart
But he really was staring at blank space

The Kid was pleading to be let in
But the Guard was being shifty
He pointed at something on a bulletin
"Ticket price to Happiness: 69.50"

Despite the pleads, the cries and tears
The Guard insisted on the same
The Kid didn't have a ticket
And it was pointless to complain

The Guard was deaf;
The passengers were deaf;
The whole situation
Didn't fit an "if"

The certainty was there, seen by all
A contrast stark between two figures
The one, a Kid without hope
The other, a soulless procedure

The Kid found shelter by a window
Under a shabby roof with a hole
All hope had vanished in a moment
Just like the dark steam engine smoke

The Kid thought that that was it
The trip to Happiness was vain
The poor were destined to suffer
While the wealthy, smiling,
boarded the train

Just then a woman saw the Kid
And, abruptly, she stopped walking
Her grave young face was suddenly lit
By the Sun, and she started talking

She asked the Kid, "Is something wrong?"
The Kid responded crying, "Is it?
They wouldn't let me on the train
But I've no money for the ticket"


She was a person young and noble
It showed in everything she did
The whole story the Kid told her
And she had listened to it

She then said, "It's not your fault
To think your Happiness is gone
But all that's lost, let truth be told,
Are people chingy to the bone"

"For Happiness does not reside
In houses of wealth and excess
It lives in friendship and inside
The most familiar of faces"

"Unhappy shall these wealthy reach
A land of solitude and sorrow
While we'll construct a staircase
to reach
The glowing bright star of tomorrow"

"Here is some food, and take this ticket
It's not for that deceptive train
It's for a whole new, better worod
I hope that I shall meet you there"

With that she left; the Kid stood up
Breaking the chains of the Past
The liberation was salvating
The hopes were up again, at last

Since then have many years passed
I was that kid; I dreamed of equality
But I was not alone: I met a lot of people
We shared that dream and made it a reality

That life can actually be fair
I see now clearly through the prism
My starting point was despair
My destination - Socialism.

Regional News

International News

  • Our Ministry of World Assembly Affairs has been hard at work! Check out the most recent recommendations for the General Assembly.

  • PRAF recently was involved in some tag raids! Read up on the raid reports here and here

  • The Ministry of Culture has started a new game of Diplomacy! Telegram Kingdom of Voidstania if you're interested in playing.

  • The Legislative Committee and People’s Assembly have passed a few new pieces of legislation including the Ministry Account Act 2023 and Stamp Act Amendment 2023. You can review the full archive of TCB’s laws here


Current Events
Keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming events here and on Discord!

  • Want to have your own article published for the whole Bloc to read? Submit a guest article Linkhere!

  • PRAF continues to grow and remains highly active, if you wish to participate and join TCB's military join the PRAF today here!

General Bulletins


  • If you’re not endorsing our delegate Kethania, you should do that straight away! Every endorsement on our delegate protects our regional security as well as amplifies our voice on WA resolutions. If you are not, you are limited to 10 endorsements yourself. You should also endorse our vice delegates, Marxmeans, Pajonia Shamian, and The Workers Union of Habsburg-Lorraine!

  • Become a citizen! This allows you to participate in regional politics, pick your representatives, and join the Regional Discord server. More information can be found here.

  • Check out the Law Archive. It is an easy way to navigate and keep track of all our laws. This document is updated as new laws get passed.

  • If you are interested in getting involved, consider participating in one of our volunteer programs. Citizens can become volunteers by inquiring in the LinkRegional Discord. We greatly appreciate the work all our volunteers do!


  • Want some endorsements? Run the Revolutionary Endorsement Program! It's simple and doesn't take very much time. Endorse comrades, get endorsed back. Alternatively, post the following to the RMB:

    [nation]ink_cloud[/nation], rep
    Our RMB bot, created by Kethania, will give you a list of nations to endorse.

  • We have published the Master Informational Dispatch. This should be the first place you go if you are looking for information on TCB or NationStates. It contains links to every major resource, and it is listed on the WFE.

  • We're always interested in having residents of TCB participate in the region. If you have an idea for a fun cultural event, an interesting news article, or any other way you'd like to contribute to the region, telegram a Minister to make your suggestion!


  • The Ministry continues to work on their a list of leftist resources! This is an ongoing project, and if you think there is something missing from this list, please telegram or DM the Minister of Information. That is Namwenia here and mdmrn#8702 on Discord.

While run by the Ministry of Information, The Red Standard does not necessarily reflect the stance of the current administration. Please contact the Minister of Information, at Namwenia or on discord by DMing mdmrn#8702.

This article was authored by Namwenia.