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The North Star - Issue XXVI, May 2023


"Lighting The Way To The Truth"

Editor's Note

Welcome to the 26th edition of The North Star, the premier magazine publication for all the news The North Pacific has to offer!

I am very pleased with the reception of the last edition! I took a risk pitching a completely new design format, which has seen TNS turn into more of a magazine style publication for foreign updates, designed using Canva, and I am very excited to say that I have been selected as Minister of Communications under Delegate Gorundu for the term to come!

This means that I will be able to experiment even further with the publications that we put out, including efforts to put together a new edition of The Northern Light, as well as dusting off the Northern Broadcasting Service for some well-needed radio shows. I'm really looking forward to working under Delegate Gorundu this term and proving that the Ministry of Communications deserves a permanent place in the executive.

Over the years I have had the very distinct honour of serving as Minister of Communications on multiple occasions and it is truly one of the most rewarding roles one can fill in NationStates. Turning all of the stuff we do in our spare time on this fictional browser game into captivating stories to tell throughout the region and across the NS multiverse is what I am in this position to do, and I am very excited to see what we can accomplish.

In this edition of TNS, we cover the results of the most recent general election, which saw Gorundu elected as World Assembly Delegate, Chipoli elected as Vice Delegate, and Skaraborg elected as Speaker of the Regional Assembly. We also cover the return of the Ministry of Communications and the most recent iteration of the Lennarts awards run by Culture. Included is an interview with elected Vice Delegate Chipoli, discussing his term ahead.

I hope you enjoy the 26th edition of The North Star!

Minister of Communications

General Election Concludesby Sacred butterfinger

The North Pacific's General Elections have drawn to a close, opening the curtains on a new term. As you might know, we elect three officials in the General Elections. A Delegate, Vice Delegate and Speaker, each holding their own set of responsibilities. Who did we elect, what are they going to do, and what do their positions entail? Let us take a look at the winner's platform and try to analyse and predict the coming future of TNP.


Delegate Gorundu has emerged as a determined and capable leader during these challenging times. Assuming the position unexpectedly, Gorundu has taken swift action to address pressing issues and forge a path forward for the region. With a clear vision for TNP's future, the Delegate aims to build a stronger community, promote active engagement, and tackle the numerous challenges that lie ahead.

Over the past few months, TNP has faced a series of formidable challenges, from the technological setbacks that rendered key tools unusable to a crisis that led to the resignation of the previous Delegate. In the face of adversity, Delegate Gorundu has displayed resilience and determination, heading the charge to fill the leadership void and reaffirm the region's independence.

Under Gorundu's leadership, a military operation was conducted to secure a World Assembly Delegate in The Wellspring, the first active Frontier in the post-Frontiers update era. Recognising the potential of The Wellspring, the Delegate envisions establishing closer relations with the growing community, allowing it to develop its own identity and attract newcomers organically. By encouraging a strong government and community within The Wellspring, Delegate Gorundu seeks to aid in its sustained growth and success.

Delegate Gorundu acknowledges the pressing need to revitalise TNP's recruitment efforts in the face of diminished population growth due to the Frontiers/Strongholds update. Emphasizing the importance of telegram recruitment, the Delegate plans to implement all available methods, including stamps, API, and manual recruitment. To make manual recruitment more efficient, a dedicated tool will be sought to streamline the process and incentivise recruiters through contests and rewards. The aim is to maximise TNP's recruitment potential while also exploring the effectiveness of new telegram templates.

Delegate Gorundu recognises the interconnected nature of TNP's ministries and the need for coordinated efforts to address various domestic affairs. To overcome executive staff stagnation, the Delegate plans to optimise the Ministry of Home Affairs' recruitment tools, focusing on specific telegrams and refining the mentoring process. Moreover, a comprehensive review of the region's technology issues will be undertaken, with the government actively coordinating with talented coders and administrators to ensure the development of necessary scripts and tools.

In the pursuit of accountability and transparency, Delegate Gorundu intends to expand upon the Northern Notes, utilising them as a platform to communicate government activities and relevant updates to TNPers. Additionally, the revival of regular ministerial reports and the introduction of Delegate reports will provide the region with a comprehensive understanding of the government's achievements and challenges. Through these initiatives, the Delegate seeks to maintain an informed and engaged community.

Delegate Gorundu's campaign outlines a comprehensive vision for TNP's future, spanning various facets of domestic and foreign affairs. With a strong emphasis on building a vibrant and resilient community, the Delegate's plan focuses on recruitment, accountability, transparent communication, and the development of TNP's Frontier. By actively engaging with challenges and fostering innovation, Delegate Gorundu aims to lead TNP toward a brighter and more prosperous future.

Vice Delegate

The role of the Vice Delegate in The North Pacific holds significant importance in ensuring a smooth functioning of the region, supporting the Delegate in their responsibilities and most importantly the security of the region. As chair of the Security Council, the Vice Delegate is tasked with keeping TNP secure from external and, most likely, internal threats. Chipoli, the newly elected Vice Delegate, brings a fresh perspective and a dedication to serving the community during their four-month term.

With an initial endorsement count of 774, Chipoli has steadily gained endorsements, now maintaining a total of 907. Although currently ranked 7th among the Security Councillors, Chipoli's commitment to the role promises to bring positive change and contribute to the region's growth and development. Working closely with Delegate Gorundu, Chipoli aims to make their term the best it can be.

One of the crucial tasks for Chipoli during the transition period has been declassifying various threads in the forums. With over 20 threads to address, Chipoli expresses confidence in completing most of them by the end of their term. Additionally, there is a considerable backlog of around 4 years' worth of discord logs to be declassified. Chipoli plans to tackle this task incrementally, focusing on a term or two at a time. The effort to declassify forum threads has already begun, and the endeavour to declassify Discord logs will soon follow.

In terms of World Assembly (WA) membership, The North Pacific currently has approximately 1,472 WA member nations. This number reflects a slight decrease from the previous week, likely influenced by the recent F/S update. However, the endorsement counts for both the Vice Delegate and the Delegate are on the rise, indicating growing support and engagement from the community. The graphs showcasing this upward trend provide a positive outlook for the region.

Chipoli concludes their Vice Delegate report by expressing gratitude to Delegate Gorundu and the rest of the Security Council for their assistance in settling into the new role. With the hope of a successful term and a commitment to accomplishing great things, Chipoli encourages all community members to endorse both themselves and the Delegate. Anticipating more positive developments in the coming weeks, Chipoli signs off, wishing everyone a fantastic week.

As the Vice Delegate assumes their responsibilities, the region can look forward to their contributions, collaboration with the Delegate, and a commitment to serving the interests of The North Pacific. The Vice Delegate plays a crucial role in maintaining stability, fostering community engagement, and supporting the region's overall progress.


As the Regional Assembly of The North Pacific commences its new term, the position of Speaker holds great importance in ensuring smooth operations and effective governance. Speaker Skaraborg, who has been elected for a second time, brings a wealth of experience and a clear vision for the future. With a track record of a successful term and a commitment to efficiency and expansion, Skaraborg aims to lead the Regional Assembly to another period of stability and progress.

Reflecting on the previous term, Speaker Skaraborg highlights the achievements and acknowledges the invaluable contributions of the deputies who served alongside him. The checks were efficiently conducted, and votes were properly counted and conducted, ensuring the smooth functioning of the Regional Assembly. Skaraborg extends his gratitude to Bobberino, Cloud, Sil Dorsett, St George, and Treekidistan for their support and assistance throughout the term.

Looking ahead, Skaraborg outlines his goals for the current term. One of his primary objectives is to expand the Speaker's office by appointing new deputies, including the return of a past speaker. By increasing the number of deputies, Skaraborg aims to provide more opportunities for nations to actively engage in the region's governance and contribute to the overall success of the Speaker's office. The speaker emphasises that serving as a deputy is not only a learning experience but also an excellent way to further involve oneself in the region and lend a helping hand.

In addition to expanding the team, Skaraborg is determined to complete the Speaker's guide, a valuable resource for future deputies to understand the mechanics of the office thoroughly. By providing comprehensive guidelines, Skaraborg aims to streamline the transition process for new deputies and ensure the continued efficiency of the Speaker's office.

Furthermore, Speaker Skaraborg expresses his intention to collaborate closely with the admins during the term. By establishing a strong relationship, the Speaker's office can adapt swiftly to any necessary updates and address potential issues promptly. Skaraborg mentions the importance of resolving the problem related to API-telegrams and demonstrates a proactive approach to maintaining the functionality of the office.

In terms of the Deputy Appointments, Skaraborg announces the selection of eight deputies for the current term, including both re-appointments and new appointments. The absence of a strict schedule allows deputies to take on responsibilities based on the needs and priorities of the office, further enhancing the efficiency of operations.

Speaker Skaraborg's dedication to efficiency, expansion, and collaboration sets a positive tone for the upcoming term in The North Pacific's Regional Assembly. With his experience, clear objectives, and commitment to providing opportunities for active participation, Skaraborg aims to ensure a period of stability and progress. As the Regional Assembly moves forward, the Speaker's office, under Skaraborg's leadership, remains a pillar of effective governance and continued growth.

Communications Returns!by Kaschovia

Since my return to NationStates in early March, one of my key goals was to bring the Ministry of Communications back to life. I had a plan, not from a nostalgic reminiscence of years gone by, nor because I particularly knew exactly how it would play out, but from the desire to write again and to prove that this ministry deserves to exist. After the Wellspring grew in a phenomenal fashion, I knew writing an article and putting together the next issue of The North Star, complete with coverage of the upcoming elections and an interview with then Acting Delegate Gorundu could be the perfect way to prove the potential of the ministry for the term to come. I can confidently say that it worked, with almost one thousand reads and over a hundred upvotes on the April edition alone. Following the successful release of TNS XXV, I was approached by Gorundu to serve as minister and lead the revival of the ministry over the next four months. When he won the election and appointed me to the position, I felt incredibly honored to be in charge of the effort and was more determined than I had ever been to make it work.

Laying down the paths of progress and reinvigoration were the first steps I knew we needed to take. Introducing modernized designs of our publications through more approachable platforms such as Canva gave The North Star a sleek, new look, and will allow swathes of designers to exercise their creative energy for the benefit of the ministry, while our new staff credit and rewards system will ensure the work put into publications by staff is recognised through monthly awards, card giveaways, badges, and much more. We have a new found ambition to put together high quality radio broadcasts, and have been discussing internally the possibility of setting up our own Spotify platform to host our shows as well. This is further supported by a new leadership team featuring deputies Robespierre, Bobberino, Nutmeg, and Caius. All the riveting stories, scintillating dramas, and otherwise standard regional affairs will be placed stylishly in the spotlight of NationStates, adorned with new designs and a dedication to quality with this team at the helm.

These initial changes will provide Communications with the best chances of solidifying its presence in the executive for terms to come.

My goal for the next four months is simple: enjoyment in production. By making the process of putting together publications as enjoyable as possible, the levels of creative production are already showing signs of recovery from the period of inactivity we are leaving behind. The first Northern Broadcast Service radio show in months has been recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel at higher quality than ever, plans are being made to publish the first issue of TNL in over two years, and The North Star has already made its entrance back into the regular production schedule.

Within the internal rewards tracking system, 2075 staff points have already been earned by ministry staff, with three broadcast participants, multiple articles claimed, two staff members of the week awarded, and the monthly staff awards presented. But this is only the beginning. This term is likely to see three more editions of TNS, an issue of TNL published, at least two more broadcasts posted, and over 20,000 points earned between all members of the ministry.

If you would have told me that the Ministry of Communications would be making a return to the government late last year when I was serving as Minister of Culture, I wouldn't have believed you. For the longest time, the ministry had struggled to find the initiative and organization it so desperately lacked to justify its own existence, but that is about to change. In this new era of Communications, and in such monumental context within the wider NationStates world following the introduction of frontiers, it is more important than ever that The North Pacific earns its presence as frontrunners and innovators in the media scene. It is my intention to turn this ministry into one of the most productive and enjoyable places in the executive, for new writers, editors, and broadcasters alike to channel their passion and spirit into what we publish.

My approach to the job has shifted from the consistent releases we have managed in past terms, to a focus on balancing production output, quality, and enjoyment of the process. I returned to activity in The North Pacific at an unprecedented time in NationStates history, and so an unprecedented approach to our priorities, work ethics, and processes must be taken in order to adapt to the times. There is a whole world of stories out there waiting to be written, and it is through a fresh perspective of the purpose of the Ministry of Communications that those stories will come to life. I'd like the revival of Communications, most importantly, to serve as an example of one very simple fact: nothing is beyond reach when you have the passion for it. There is no limit to creative potential when you really love whatever you're doing, and it is with this sentiment that I truly and with all the pride I can feel, welcome the return of the Ministry of Communications.

The Lennarts Awards 2023by Lionsroar

This year, we saw the welcome return of The North Pacific's premiere awards show, the Lennarts! The awards were started in 2013 by then Minister of Culture and Entertainment Lennart (also known as Avalon) and have since become a tradition for us to celebrate the best of the best, share funny speeches, and bring the community together in appreciation of our fellow TNPers. With fourteen awards up for grabs, including TNPer of the Year and Rising Star, the nominations began on April the 21st and closed ten days later. Over seventy nominations were submitted across all categories, but only four nominees could make it through to the final voting round for each award, so it was down to voters to decide who would make it through. After the initial voting period on the forums, the nominees to make it through to the final voting round had been chosen, and the stage was set for one person to take home each award. The final voting round lasted from the 21st of May to the 28th, and saw 464 votes cast across the various categories through an online form. Once the voting had closed, the responses were tallied, and the results published.

The following were the award categories this year:

The North Pacifican of the Year

NPA Soldier of the Year

Regional Assembly Member of the Year

Rising Star Award

Golden Heart Award

Vault of Knowledge

Father Figure of the Year

Most Active

Quote of the Year

Best Flag

Best Tourist Destination

Eikbyrnir Award (Best RPer)

Roleplay Article of the Year

Character of the Year

The Winners

TNPer of the Year, won by Madjack

One single person, who could by themselves represent the whole region. St George was instrumental in the steadfast response of the government as Minister of Foreign Affairs to recent diplomatic situations, and is now serving as Minister of Culture as well as an Advisor to the Delegate. St George has made endless contributions to other areas of the region and continues to show us all how TNP should be represented on the global stage.

He commented: "I am honored by the win, but you all should have voted for Pallaith. No one has embodied what it means to be a TNPer more than them in the last 12 months, if not longer."

NPAer of the Year, won by ROM

ROM is the definition of a great soldier and leader. Over the years, ROM has participated in hundreds of operations, taking charge of a good number of them. His leadership and consistency are qualities that have always set him apart, and as he starts another term as Minister of Defense, his impressive track record is only bound to continue. The North Pacific Army is one of the most historic organisations in the region, responsible for creating many of the legendary generals that have led our military forward, and our winner is no exception. Congratulations to ROM!

RA Member of the Year, won by Pallaith

Pallaith needs no introduction. Five time Delegate of The North Pacific, commended by the World Assembly, and a contributor to many our most important conversations within the Regional Assembly, it makes complete sense that he has been voted as our Regional Assembly Member of the Year.

"I'm appreciative that people saw fit to give me an award, and think the work and the effort was worthy of recognition. I'm proud of those bills I worked on and how they've moved the region forward. Thank you to everyone who voted to give me the nod. As I said when nominations ended, I personally felt Comfed deserved this more than I did. I wrote some big bills in the last year, but those aren't always the same from start to finish, because the RA debate does change them and they start to become less your specific vision and more of a collective one. And Comfed is someone who stands out to me, he participates in pretty much every debate, and his contributions have changed these bills. I definitely think that deserved recognition. I know I can write, I know this process and can get a solid bill moving, but it's always a great thing when we have more people involved and these bills take a shape with more hands in the process. And Comfed also tries his own bills, and there's a lot of attention to that work from him that I think is the spirit of this. But don't get me wrong, I appreciate the recognition and am honored to receive this."

Rising Star of the Year, won by Chipoli

Chipoli has risen through the ranks of the region since early 2022 at a speed matched by few others in TNP's history, having recently been elected Vice Delegate after serving as Minister of World Assembly Affairs. Chipoli has a bright future in our community, and we are all excited to see what's to come next from him.

"I feel honored to win the Rising Star award! It really shows that all my hard work throughout the past year has really paid off. I've always wanted to make a difference in TNP, and I am very pleased that I have done exactly that. I would like to thank everyone who has believed in me throughout my time in TNP, and to everyone who voted for me to win. I will look to continue making a difference in our region!"

Golden Heart Award, won by Ethnon

Marcus Antonius, known also as Ethnon, has shared his welcoming, warm, and wise presence with us for many years and has spread positivity wherever he goes, and whatever he does. He is absolutely deserving of this award.

"Well I'm absolutely chuffed to win a Lennart, not one but two! I've been nominated for Lennarts before on a couple of occasions but this is the first time I've won one. I would like to thank all those that nominated me and voted for me. It's a good thing I didn't win 'the best flag' as well, though I came second in the qualifier round, people would have been shouting 'fix!' 'fix!' I know I'm in my senior years and regarded as a 'Father/Grandad' figure, but to think that there are nations who believe that I'm a perfect person to follow and idolise, someone to take an example from and who serves as a scale, for everyone to measure themselves up to.​ Is very moving. And then those nations who also believe that I'm the kindest person in TNP, who they love and talk to, who find spending time with is always a delight are always happy to see me online.​ I always take people as I find them and treat them as I would prefer to be treated. Love you guys and thank you very much!"

Vault of Knowledge Award, won by Zemnaya Svoboda (Eluvatar)

There are few who could say they're as well-versed in the ways of NationStates as commended Game Administrator and Court Justice Eluvatar, also known as Zemnaya Svoboda in The North Pacific. For many years, Eluvatar has been a source of great knowledge and wisdom within the community, and has earned their place in the history books as one of TNPs very best. Two of our other winners, St George and Pallaith, were close second and third for this category, but our winner won by 10%, so congratulations to Eluvatar for an extremely deserved victory!

Father Figure of the Year, won by Ethnon

Someone to take an example from, take a leaf out of their book. Someone who is a great guru, and who serves as a scale, for everyone to measure themselves up to.​ Marcus Antonius (Ethnon) has already won our Golden Heart Award, but it is clear that the community felt he deserved one more, taking home the Father Figure of the Year Award! He won this category very confidently, taking exactly 50% of all votes cast, with Pallaith earning 32.4% and Siwale coming third with 17.6% of the votes.

Most Active, won by Aerilia

If there's one thing I know about Aerilia, it's that they're pretty much everywhere, all of the time, whether it's in the OOC subforum spam threads, or on the RMB. Aerilia has over 50,000 posts on the forums, with that number rising day by day, so I'd say this award is very deserved in the hands of our winner. Our most active members make our region a community, and a place where anyone feels welcome. Aerilia has been a constant presence within The North Pacific, and is known positively by many. Congratulations to them, and I hope their activity never falters!

Quote of the Year, won by Palutenia (Koopa)

We all love a good quote. Whether it brings a tear to your eye, or makes you laugh out loud, it's always fun to celebrate some of the gems we've seen over the last few months. Our winning quote by Palutenia certainly fits the bill:

"Ok so a fork does not work as well for combing hair as The Little Mermaid made it look."

Brilliant. Well done Palutenia!

Best Flag Award, won by Lionsroar

Another thing we all love to see is a well-designed flag! With over 9000 nations in The North Pacific, we're bound to see some amazing designs. There were a couple of great nominations for this award, but Lionsroar took home the award with the following vexillological marvel!

Best Tourist Destination, won by Kyoki Chudoku

The North Pacific has been home to a vibrant and diverse roleplaying scene for many years. The following awards are dedicated to some of the best RPers the region has to offer, with the Best Tourist Destination going to Kyoki Chudoku! This award is for a place you read about, and will remember for a long, long time. Whether it's magical fantasy world, futuristic city, country lead by a bloodthirsty dictator, or even a singular building - this story world is simply unforgettable.​ Well done to Kyoki Chudoku!

Eikbyrnir Award (Best RPer), won by Western Vapia

As part of the roleplaying awards, one person won the most votes for the Eikbyrnir Award, called "Best RPer of the Year" back in the days, nominees for this award are outstanding in this field. They combine the best ideas, with very professional writing. They make all of their work with a lot of passion, and you can easily tell how much work they've put into every single post they made.​ For this year's awards, congratulations to Vapia for winning the award! We look forward to seeing more of what Vapia can do in the RP scene.

Roleplay Article of the Year, won by Illusia and Neverendia

Have you ever read an RP post, and thought a whole book could be written around it? Have you read a factbook so good, you keep coming back to it every week? Have you recently read a story, that you keep rereading over and over again? This award is for the best of these - the Article of the Year, the best of the best story writing in NS!​ Congratulations to Illusia, for their Royaume Roleplay series, which has won the award for this year's roleplay article of the year.

And the curtains close...

Thank you for joining us at this year's Lennarts Awards!

All of the credit for organising the event goes to the Ministry of Culture, who tirelessly counted the votes, set up the nomination threads, and put on another spectacular show.

Congratulations to all of the winners, we can't wait to be back again next year!

Co-Authored by Kaschovia

The Spotlight 34: An Interview with Vice Delegate Chipoliby Kaschovia

Kaschovia: Hello! My name is Kaschovia, and welcome to the 34th edition of the Spotlight, the interview series where we speak to some of The North Pacific's best and brightest about the current affairs of the region. With the recent general elections concluded, it is my delight and honor to welcome our new Vice Delegate Chipoli!

Chipoli: Hello, everyone! I hope you all are having a great day.

Kaschovia: It's great to have you on the series, Chipoli. I am sure all of our readers will be very interested in what you have to say following your election victory. First off, how does it feel to have won the election? You can officially say that you're the Vice Delegate of The North Pacific. Did you ever think you'd hear those words?

Chipoli: I didn't expect to be in this position when I announced that I was running, but here I am. I initially ran to test the waters and give myself an idea of what running in an election is like. I did much better than I expected, by winning when I didn't expect to, and I am quite pleased with how the election has gone. I've always had a dream of pursuing higher office in TNP, but I certainly did not expect it to be this soon. I am very grateful to everyone who has supported me throughout this whole process, and things can only go up from here. I'm excited for the upcoming term and I can't wait to show everyone what I can do.

Kaschovia: You've done a great job of putting yourself forward! It is clear that many people view you as right for this position, and I am sure you will prove that to them. I agree with you that your rise to the position of Vice Delegate has been much faster than many you have come before you. Could you tell us about your journey in NationStates so far? How did you get to this point, and what do you think separates you from others?

Chipoli: I first discovered the game NationStates in March 2020, mere days after COVID restrictions were put in place. I didn't participate in the government very much. I mainly answered issues and posted messages on the regional message board. When you don't get involved that much, you naturally start to lose interest. After a 2 year period where I didn't think much about the game, I created the nation we all know as Chipoli in March 2022. I've always wanted to make a difference in the community, and I quickly got involved in the executive staff, most notably WA Affairs. I quickly rose through the ranks, and I was appointed as Deputy Minister in June that year. However, after our minister at the time struggled with activity issues, I was appointed as Minister of World Assembly Affairs 2 months later, after being a standout in the ministry. Unfortunately, the timing wasn't great, and I was held back by my own activity issues. I was let go after the start of the new term. This failure motivated me to get back to where I was. I became one of the most active and hard-working players in the region (as someone said, describing me). However, breaking into the cabinet was tough, and I decided it would be a good idea to put my name on the ballot for the upcoming Vice Delegate. I thought it was worth a shot, and believed the experience would be good for me. However, what I didn't know, was that I would emerge as the frontrunner in the election, and I ended up winning it, which brings us here today.

I believe the one trait I possess that separates me from others, is that I will always work as hard as possible to ensure the region's best interests are being met. Regardless of the obstacles I face, I will strive to improve The North Pacific as much as I can. As Vice Delegate, TNP needs a strong player who has plenty of desire to take the region as far as he can, step by step, every single day. That's who I am. I want nothing but the best for this region. I will work hard for this region because TNP is my forever home, and I want it to be the best region it can be. And it is not at its very best yet. It can still get better. I will continue working towards a better future until I no longer can.

I am also willing to listen to anyone with any ideas. Regardless of whether you are the delegate or an issue answerer, I am always open for a chat. I look to connect with the gameside community to make sure their best interests are being met, something I feel like most people do not do. I also believe being transparent with the community is the best way for it to build trust with the TNP government. With that in mind, anyone reading this can contact me if they have any questions regarding my role or anything really.

Kaschovia: What a story! This is what makes The North Pacific special in my opinion, the opportunities given to up and coming players are limitless, and you are a testament to that, going from the position of minister to Vice Delegate in about a year. A common theme amongst those who advance as fast as you are those mentors who guide us along the way. Who has that been for you in The North Pacific? That one person who has given you the right advice when you needed it?

Chipoli: I've come to many people for advice in the past. Our former Delegate Pallaith, commonly known as Ghost, gave me my first big chance in TNP as MoWAA. Ever since then, he's been a big help in my NS career up until this point and has certainly helped me, especially in my first few months in TNP, when I was a small fish in a big pond. He's helped me settle into every role I've gotten and assisted me in overcoming any challenges I have faced. He always answered any questions I had (which was quite a lot) and has always been very supportive of me. There's a reason he is the current advisor to the Delegate. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor.

Kaschovia: I must also agree. Pallaith has been one of the most supportive and reliable mentors to me throughout the years too. Now, on to the topic of your upcoming term as Vice Delegate. Tell me a little bit about your platform. What are your primary goals for the next four months, and how do you intend to achieve them?

Chipoli: As Vice Delegate, my top priorities include gaining endorsements, providing timely Vice Delegate reports, managing the World Assembly Development Program, processing security checks for new citizens, and continuing declassification efforts for forum and Discord records, which are, as you know, the basics. Additionally, maintaining a high WA member count is crucial for regional security, and I'll work with the Security Council to encourage participation and address potential threats.

Furthermore, I'm deeply committed to community engagement because I believe that it's key to ensuring the stability and security of our region. Engaging with the community more often builds trust and confidence in the Security Council's ability to provide regional security for The North Pacific. I'll utilize radio shows, surveys, and Security Councilor engagement programs to raise awareness and interact with the community. By working closely with citizens and actively seeking feedback, I'm confident that we can create a safer and more stable region for everyone.

In general, I look to maintain a well-rounded approach that focuses on stabilizing the region's security while also actively engaging with the community.

Kaschovia: Those are some really great plans, and I look forward to seeing how your term develops. I spoke to Gorundu in my previous interview about how quite a few of our most important tools are down such as the Endorse Page, the WADP, and some other things. Will you be actively communicating with the Tech Guild on those matters this term, and how highly are you prioritizing your involvement with those matters? I understand they can be technically challenging for almost anyone but their creator, but as it is such an important part of the Vice Delegate's responsibilities, I must ask.

Chipoli: I believe the WADP tools need to be fixed as possible, or a replacement is found. The WADP Program is a huge part of the Vice Delegate's role. The WADP tools are currently not functioning, which means the WADP Program cannot work. I am no expert in coding myself, but I will do my best to work with the Tech Guild to find a replacement or a solution to the WADP Tools, so the WADP Program can return.

Kaschovia: It's good to hear you'll do your best to work with the Tech Guild, we have an opportunity now to put in place the foundations for greater understanding of the tools going into the future. I'd like to speak a bit more about your vision for the Vice Delegacy. What are you going to do differently to Vice Delegate's of the past, and why? Which areas require the most improvement?

Chipoli: To start, I will have to find a replacement for the WADP tools, as mentioned earlier. Past Vice Delegates have always used those tools to run the WADP Program, but that is something I currently do not have access to and will work with the Tech Guild on a replacement. I will also have the challenge of maintaining the regional security of The North Pacific's territories and tracking their endorsement count for the first time after the Frontier/Stronghold update. Additionally, I will place more emphasis on the community while equally focusing on the basic tasks of my Vice Delegacy, whereas my predecessors chose to focus on one particular area.

If I had to pick an area to improve, I would say the declassification of discord logs. For those who do not know, the Vice Delegate is required by law to publicly release all records of the Security Council past a certain point. My predecessors have only gotten up until 2018 with this effort, and to my knowledge, this practice has been neglected over the past few terms. I look to declassify even more logs and ensure that they get up to date.

Kaschovia: It's good that you have your priorities in order, the responsibilities of the Vice Delegate can be quite particular, but as the votes have proven, you're trusted to fulfill them! So, you've been in office for about two weeks already... what have you enjoyed within the office already, and what you haven't you enjoyed so much?

Chipoli: One of my favourite parts of the Vice Delegacy is getting to know people, especially in the Security Council. I think it's important to build a connection with the community so they can learn about the individuals who are in charge of protecting their region's security. I have most certainly been doing my best to make these connections, and I have been thoroughly enjoying them. I also have enjoyed some of the tasks, such as processing citizenship checks, as it brings me a good feeling that comes with admitting new citizens to The North Pacific. Many people have described the Vice Delegate job as being quite boring, but I've found it a quite enjoyable experience thus far.

However, while I believe declassification to be a very important task of the Vice Delegate, it can be quite tedious and time consuming, and is certainly on the less fun side of the spectrum. But yet, I take pride knowing that I do these tasks and continue to keep TNP safe.

Kaschovia: It's really nice to hear that you're enjoying so much about the position so far! But in terms of working directly with the Security Council, is it a position you think you'll eventually apply for?

Chipoli: My experience with the Security Council has been quite good so far. They seem like a great group of individuals and it has been a pleasure learning from them and working with them, and I certainly don't want that to end once my time as Vice Delegate comes to close. I think it is a very real possibility that I will apply to the Security Council and I can definitely see myself among their ranks one day. Handling regional security is a very important job, and I believe my skills would be of use to the SC (in the future that is).

Kaschovia: That's really great to hear! I think you'd make a great addition to the SC. As this interview now comes to an end with the next question or two, what is one thing you'd like to tell the region? It could be about anything. The term is only just starting, but I think you've shown all the signs of a great Vice Delegate, what do you want The North Pacific to take away from this interview?

Chipoli: Well, I'm glad you asked. I'm well aware that some of you may be hesitant in trusting a relative newcomer to the region being the chair of the Security Council. I believe I have stated this in my recent NBS broadcast, but I'll say it again here. My goal for the next four (or is it three already?) months will be to prove that I was the right man for the job, and at the very least I will be a serviceable Vice Delegate. I don't have the track record of some of our past Vice Delegates, and I do believe I have something to prove this term. I will look to lead by example and be an exemplar to our newer members of our region, and will prove that you can succeed in higher office, whether you are new or old. For those who did vote for me, I will do my very best to repay your confidence. I will perform my duties as faithfully and reliably as I possibly can. I don't think I've showed my true potential to TNP yet, and I can't wait to show my skills to you all and leave this region in a great place, security-wise. Hopefully, we'll have a great term!

Kaschovia: Well, it's been absolutely wonderful interviewing you Chipoli! I hope you've enjoyed answering my questions as much as I have enjoyed asking them, and I wish you all the best of luck for the term ahead. I am sure you're going to do a great job. Thank you for joining me for the thirty-fourth edition of the Spotlight interview series!

Chipoli: Thank you very much Kasch! I wish you the best of luck as well.

Thank you for reading!

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