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Carcassonne: June Update

June Update

6th of Lacidor in the 9th year of the Glorious Revolution

Government of Carcassonne

His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor Gulliver Pembroke, Protector of the Glorious Revolution

The Ecclesia:
Citizen-Speaker Epithemia
22 citizen-legislators

His Imperial Majesty's Government:
Minister-President Pauline Bonaparte
Chief Procurator Necroa
Minister of Culture and Engagement Dhofar

The Senate:
Pauline Bonaparte

Over the past 30 days, Carcassonne has grown to nearly 600 nations! In that time we have rolled out multiple new programs, laws, and RPs we would like to tell you about.

On May 16, the Ecclesia approved the Constitution of Carcassonne. This document enshrines the political system devised from Carcassonne's birth in early April. The Monarch, Gulliver Pembroke of Marxosia, serves as head-of-state and WA Delegate, and the Minister-President, Pauline Bonaparte, as head-of-government. In addition, the Constitution provides for the Senate to be given powers to ensure the security of the Monarch. The Ecclesia, Carcassonne's legislature open to all citizens, serves as the legislative branch. Finally, the Constitution reserves to the Minister-President the ability to appoint judges and magistrates when necessary.

Following the adoption of the Constitution, Pauline Bonaparte appointed Necroa as Chief Procurator, a role that will allow the holder to prosecute crimes when they occur. Dhofar was appointed as Minister of Culture and Engagement. The Ecclesia has also been busy; it has passed legislation defining endorsement caps to safeguard His Imperial Majesty's position as Delegate, and is discussing Electoral and Criminal Codes, as well as deciding whether to adopt a new flag and coat-of-arms.

His Imperial Majesty authorized the creation of two related, but distinct organizations. First, the new Legion of Honor serves as a chivalric order open to any nations endorsing the Emperor and the Senate. Second, the Emperor promulgated a Proclamation of an Army of the Crowned Republic, which will serve as the nucleus for Carcassonne to enter the gameplay arena.

Finally, Carcassonne has seen its RP community grow more quickly than any other aspect of our region. A new Worldbuilding Council, comprising Roighelm, Ytupuera, and Pauline Bonaparte, has put together a list of guidelines, rules, and advice for new RPers joining our Discord. The RP community is also discussing creating a football tournament for our region. Highlights from open RPs include a historical thread about Qigezhou sending a treasure fleet around the world and the creation of a multilateral free-trade alliance called the DRM.

If you are interested in joining Carcassonne, citizenship is open to everyone who either has a WA nation endorsing the delegate, or notifies the delegate of what that WA nation is if it cannot be moved to Carcassonne. You can also join our Discord server Linkhere! We look forward to checking back in next month!