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Creekside Chats #2 - The First Week

Presented by the Office of the Vice Delegate

Creekside Chats #1 - The First Week

Hey, fellow Wellspringer, come, take a seat. Itís cooler creekside!

I canít believe itís been a week since taking office! I distinctly remember in the middle of the elections period, getting antsy to finish up everything. Now weíre heading into week two of being in office!

A few things this week. Firstly, a happy pride to all who identify as LGBTQ+. We take this month to not only celebrate, but recognize those who gave all to ensure that people were free to identify however they wish to, openly and without judgement.

In the Wellspring, we have made great progress towards getting our initial goals accomplished. In short order, I will be announcing the endorsement cap for the region (so join the world assembly!), and beginning enforcement of that cap. Just like joining the world assembly and becoming a wanderer, an endorsement cap helps us stay safe against invasion.

The culture in the Wellspring is also popping off!!! Weíve got discussions of a regional Roleplay going strong, and our Warden of Internal Affairs, Yasou, has been incredibly productive in bringing everything together! If youíre interested, consider joining the discord to participate in making history!

Thatís all I have for tonight, keep a look out for the next Nations Not Endorsing List, and the endorsement cap!!

USS Merrimack
Vice Delegate of the Wellspring