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How to Copy a Disptach

This tutorial will show you how to copy an another nation's factbook.

You need: an existing factbook, an blank dispatch, a factbook you want to copy
1. Open a random dispatch from your factbook and click the edit button on the bottom right hand side of the page 
At the top there is the url of your factbook. Note the ID of the example factbook: [b]228140[/b] 
Keep the window open you will need it.

2. Open the factbook you want to copy. Then find the Factbook ID.
In this example it is circled as [b]97589[/b]. 

3. Copy the ID of the the other nation's factbook 
4. Paste the copied ID over your factbook's id
Make sure it has the ID from the other's factbook and click enter.

5. If you had done this correctly you should see coding from the person's factbook, however you aren't done yet. Create a entirely new factbook and copy everything onto there. Edit when needed and publish!
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