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A Guide to Different Issue Types

[url=]1. The normal ones[/url]
[url=]2. Issues that get unlocked by Population[/url]
[url=]3. Issues that get unlocked by Issue option[/url]
[url=]4. Issues that get unlocked by a Statistic[/url]
[url=]5. Easter eggs and other special ones[/url]


Ever wondered why you get some issues but never get the others? Or why some are rare and others are common? Below I'll attempt to provide an overview of the different issue types and the methods to unlocking them. Basically there are 5 types.

[b][size=120][anchor=Type1][/anchor]1. The normal ones[/size][/b]

These make up most of the issues you get. They are randomly selected and placed in your inbox. There are no preconditions to satisfy to get them. From my estimate, 9 out of 10 issues on NS are of this type. 

Examples:[list][url=]#008: Nudists Demand Time In Sun[/url]
[url=]#024: Budget Time: Accountants Excited[/url]
[url=]#034: Don't Puff On Me, Say Non-Smokers[/url][/list]


[b][size=120][anchor=Type2][/anchor]2. The issues that get unlocked by population size[/size][/b] 

The second type of issues are those that are unlocked by your population size. The process is automatic, you will get these issues when you reach a certain population milestone. 

[url=]#241: A Capital City For @@NAME@@? [/url](Let's you pick a capital city, unlocked when you reach 250 million)
[url=]#242: Follow The Leader[/url] (Let's you pick a national leader, unlocked when you reach 750 million)
[url=]#243: A Question Of Faith [/url] (Let's you pick a national religion, unlocked when you reach 1 billion)[/list]

If you choose to dismiss these issues when you first got them, or picked the wrong option that you regret later (for example, if you selected not to build a Capital City when given the choice). You will still be able to get these issues. Once they get unlocked, they act just like normal issues. They will be randomly selected and placed in your inbox until you've filled up your Capital City, Leader, and National Religion fields.


[b][size=120][anchor=Type3][/anchor]3. Issues that get unlocked by an issue option[/size][/b] 

The third group is determined by your actions. You won't get them automatically. They are triggered if you picked a certain issue option beforehand. It's best to illustrate with an example.

[box][b]#034: Don't Puff On Me, Say Non-Smokers[/b]
[u]The Issue[/u]
There is a growing call within @@NAME@@ to abolish smoking in public areas.

[u]The Debate[/u]
1. "I'm in full support of this motion," says man on the street Konrad Wu. "I'm sick of being stuck behind smokers, sucking in their pollution! They can light up in the privacy of their own homes, if they want."
Result: smoking is banned in public areas.

2. "What's so special about their homes?" says anti-smoking campaigner Tim Mombota. "The government has a responsibility to stop people from hurting themselves -- it's the same reason we should make them wear seat belts in cars. Sooner or later, they end up in one of @@NAME@@'s hospitals, sucking on taxpayer-funded healthcare. Not that that's why we should ban smoking.[color=green] [u]We should ban it because we care."[/u][/color]
Result: an underground movement of cigarette smokers has sprung up in response to a government ban.

3. "Get your hands off my fag!" wheezes long-time smoker Pete Nguyen. "I've been smoking for fifty years and it's never done me any harm. Helps me concentrate, it does! The government should back off on trying to tell me what I can put into my own body. Telling a smoker he can't light up in a restaurant is discrimination, pure and simple. If you want to put a stop to unfairness, stop that."
Result: eight year-olds can be seen lighting up in public areas.[/box]

If you picked [u][b]Option 2[/b][/u] to ban smoking completely, you will unlock issue #139 below.

[box][b]#139: Drug Debate Hits The Streets[/b]
[u]The Issue[/u]
Tens of thousands of citizens have taken to the streets demanding the right to smoke whatever they want, wherever they want.

[u]The Debate[/u]
1. [color=green][u]"Ever since smoking was banned, I've been a gibbering wreck,"[/u][/color] laments Kathleen Brown, handing you a cup of strange-smelling tea. "You just don't understand - I need to smoke! And sometimes I need to roll a little bit more than tobacco....(etc, you get the idea, this option to unban smoking, is a direct consequence of the ban you picked from option 2 in Issue #034)

For most cases, the unlocked issue will be randomly delivered. Since there are over 360 issues as of this writing, a random chance is approximately 0.27 percent. (there is only one exception to this rule, which is issue 361. In this case, you will get the follow-up Issue 362 the next day)

Examples:[list][url=]#002: Reclaim The Streets![/url]
If you picked option 1 to ban all cars, you will unlock [url=]#073:@@NAME@@ - Without Cars, Going Nowhere Fast.[/url] 
[url=]#118: Need For Speed?[/url]
If you picked option 1 to abolish the speed limit, you will unlock [url=]#272: Slow Down, You’re Going Too Fast.[/url]

[url=]#005: Child Casino Shock[/url]
If you picked option 1 to outlaw gambling, you will unlock [url=]#108: Gambling Interests Offer High Stakes.[/url][/list]


[b][size=120][anchor=Type4][/anchor]4. The issues that get unlocked by statistic[/size][/b]

The fourth type of issues are those that get unlocked only if you have reached some pre-determined statistic. They are, in a way, similar to the issues that get unlocked by population (Capital, National Leader, and Religion). The only difference is it is not automatic. You will have to swing your nation one way or another to get to them. 

The general idea is that the options you picked in daily issues will affect your nation in different ways. Some will increase your Economy, some will increase your taxes, etc. The changes can be seen from the 'Government' indicator pie chart (which shows spending allocation), the various trend graphs, and the nation analysis link ( These stats can help unlock hidden issues. 

Examples: [list][url=]#110: Too Low On Laws, Say Citizens[/url] is only unlocked if your nation has become an "Anarchy" (high stat on Lawlessness)
[url=]#135: A Taxing Dilemma[/url] is only unlocked if your nation's taxes exceed 70 percent.
[url=]#287: Maxtopians Demand Return of the King[/url] is only unlocked if your nation has high stat on Culture .[/list]


[b][size=120][anchor=Type5][/anchor]5. The easter eggs and special issues[/size][/b]

The last type of issues are the easter eggs and other special issues. Doing the easter egg ones will get you a special "badge" on your nation's main page. There's a total of 7 easter egg issues out there. The methods to get them are different in each case. They are combination of types 1 to 4.

For a FAQ on how to get them, see discussion here:

Besides Easter eggs, I've also mentioned "special issues", these are very rare issues like [url=]#132:World Assembly Woes[/url] , which you will only get if you are a WA nation, and commemorative issues like #077: World To End, Or Possibly Just Mark Anniversary (This was a One Year Anniversary issue sent out in 2003. It has now become an Easter Egg issue)

That's all folks!
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