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The Unities Military Hardware

Unity Military Assets
Military Hardware

Standard-Infantry Kinetic Energy Pulse Rifle

As with most Kinetic Energy weapons, the rifle has the advantages of Ballistic and Energy-Based weapons combined. Capable of taking down unarmoured and unshielded targets with ease if a shot hits its mark.

Because of its Hybrid Nature, the rifle experiences very little recoil and has a clip of 120 shots while firing three shot bursts. The rate of fire is 120 Pulses a minute.

Standard-Infantry Combat Armour

Made of a material found only within the Gate of Eden, Standard Combat Armour is effectively as durable as what many races would call 'Power Armour' with the exception that it lacks proper shielding. The armour itself could survive a distant shot from the average 21st century tank but the armour would be all but useless after that and the occupant would have several broken ribs and possibly punctured lungs.

The armour has two attachable abilities. The first being a deployable shield-wall which is essentially indestructable but is only three meters in length and two meters in height. The second is a cloak but rarely ever sees use.

Rhino Heavy Tank

Equipped with a Twin-Linked Kinetic cannon, the Rhino Tank is one of the most powerful vehicles in the Unity and is manned by 4 Acolytes.

Loyalist Assault-Command Mech

Capable of building bases and defensive/Offensive Structures during combat. It is equipped a single Kinetic pulse cannon and a Heavy construction Drone launcher, always piloted by a Loyalist and when destroyed it triggers a small kinetic cataclysm (Special bomb that rips atoms apart).

Acolyte Engineering Mech

A weaker variant of the Loyalist ACM, follows orders from the ACM. Has no self-defensive capabilities and has a single Construction drone launcher.

Tyrant Assault Mech

Equipped with a Heavy Kinetic cannon and piloted by a single Acolyte.

Defiler Light-Assault Mech

Equipped with a Kinetic Auto-cannon and piloted by a single Acolyte, usually deployed in pairs.

Megalith Heavy Spider Mech

Crewed by 20 Acolytes and two loyalists, the Megalith is capable of deploying "Eggs" containing Rhino tanks or Defiler light-assault mechs or even acolyte engineering mechs. Equipped with two twin-linked Heavy Kinetic Cannons and a single AA-Missile launcher.

Summoner Mobile Artillery

Built for support, the Summoner is manned by 4 acolytes and has a long range Kinetic mortar cannon.

Trident-Class Naval Frigate

Equipped with a forward mounted single Heavy kinetic cannon and a rear mounted Kinetic Flak Turret, Crewed by 40 Acolytes.

Siren-Class Naval Cruiser

Equipped with a forward mounted Twin linked heavy kinetic cannon and center mounted AA missile launcher with an Aircraft Repair and Refueling platform. Crewed by 45 Acolytes.

Galaxy-Class Naval Battleship

Equipped with a Rear mounted heavy Tri-Kinetic cannon turret and a Forward mounted heavy Tri-Kinetic cannon turret aswell as two side mounted Kinetic AA flak turrets and Torpedo defence systems. Crewed by 60 Acolytes and 1 Loyalist.

Command-Class Naval Air-Craft Carrier

Equipped with concealed side mounted Kinetic beam turrets and a AA Pulse generator. Also equipped with 2 Fighter hangars that can hold up to 24 aircraft each. Crewed by 80 Acolytes and 1 Loyalist

Anemoi Space Superiority Fighter/Bomber

Used in Space and Atmosphere for fighter roles and Bombing roles, Equipped with a tri-barrelled kinetic pulse auto-cannon and piloted by one acolyte. Only used by Revenant carriers.

Adepte Light-Gunship

Used for Air-To-Ground support roles, it is equipped with a twin linked light Kinetic Auto-cannon and is piloted by two acolytes.

Overseer Gunship

Used for Air-To-Ground Support and Assault roles, it is equipped with 4 Twin linked light Kinetic Auto-Cannons, a Forward firing single barrelled kinetic pulse cannon and a concealed rear mounted light kinetic pulse turret. Piloted by 3 Acolytes.

Troop Transport Capsule

Basic Shell capable of surviving in space, can hold up to 6 Acolyte Commanders and 12 Slave Troops.

Missionary Transport

Used for transportation of Vehicles such as the Loyalist ACM, Tyrant Assault Mech, Defiler Light-Assault Mech, Acolyte Engineering Mech, Summoner Mobile Artillery, Rhino tank and Troop Transport capsules. equipped with a single 360 degree Kinetic Pulse turret and piloted by up to 4 Acolytes.

Capsuleer Technology is what allows Unitiy Spaceships to be piloted by 1 Person
and up to 4 people, maximum, depending on ship size or Mental capacity.

Capsuleer Escape Pod

Collaborator-Type Defence Platform

Equipped with 32 Kinetic Pulse Turrets and 16 Kinetic AA Flak turrets, crewed by 120 Acolytes and 240 Slaves.

Cathedral-Type Starbase

Equipped with 64 Kinetic Pulse Turrets, 32 Heavy Kinetic pulse turrets and 32 Kinetic AA Flak turrets, Crewed by 240 Acolytes, 480 Slaves and 4 Loyalists.

Jove-Class Wormhole Generator

Unarmed and Unmanned, Controlled by a Sophisticated AI.


Unarmed and Unmanned, Contolled by a Sophisticated AI and is equipped with a Cloaking Device.

Indoctrination Nanite-Grenade

Used specifically for covert operations alone due to the difficulty of producing these grenades, Indoctrination Nanite Grenades will not absorb someone into the Unity but will produce a similar effect.

Instead of them wanting to serve their government the victim will do everything in their power to oppose the government by either political take over (if the victim is a member of the government) or a rebellion (if the victim is a part of the general populace) but they will be subtle in their actions, the only way to detect these people is if they are specifically checked for nanites along their spinal cord, brain stem and the brain itself along with a psychological profile check.

Sleeper Agents

Sleeper Agents are members of the Unity but at the same time they are not. Using Nanites to manipulate and control a person, the Unity has developed the perfect spy.

These Agents are not trained or recruited, instead they are randomly selected and turned into agents whenever. This of course would put every government in the Multiverse at risk of cultural domination but the Unity itself is unable to field more than Five thousand nanites at a time due to their complexity.

A Sleeper agent is unaware of their allegiance to the Unity, giving them the perfect Alibi, but also answers to the Unities commands.

Kinetic Cataclysm

The Cataclysm itself is essentially a nuclear explosion without the risk of radiation. These can be deployed by either destroying a Command-Assault Mech, destruction of a Unity vessel or a Missile Warhead.

The Weapon of Mass Disregard

As part of the increasing thread of 'Godmod' entities rising up at alarming rates, the Unity has developed a weapon capable of phasing the entity into another sub-dimension that will disallow said entity to interact with the Unity in any way possible. The Unity will willingly give this technology to anyone who requires it.

Important Note : Due to the Unity being a collective and having a ridiculously large population, Crewing vessels is not an issue aswell as armed forces as the Unity itself knows most if not all combat techniques allowing any body to perform them if said body has the physical requirements.

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